Fundyland Shutdown

Taking a cue from the recent headlines about the hardships caused by a partial government shutdown, today’s challenge is simply to complete this sentence:

Since the fundamentalist churches in my town shut down our community really misses ____________.

(Think hard)

165 thoughts on “Fundyland Shutdown”

  1. It’s been over 20 years since I attended an IFB church, so I thought I was safe. Until yesterday. Our pastor & his wife were away, so one of the deacons “preached.” Or, rather, he had something he was irritated about, and he cherry-picked a verse about grumbling, and vented. For 25 minutes.

    Apparently there’s been some disagreement over music styles. There was a meeting, and everyone in the meeting agreed on a compromise. No problem. Blended service.

    But he was bugged by the “grumbling,” and chose yesterday morning to castigate everyone, even those who knew nothing about the disagreements or the meeting (me, for example).

    Finally, he jumped to Revelation. We’re in the last days…there will be no more revivals…and very soon Jesus is going to have us at the Throne. He’s going to make us turn and look at those loved ones in Hell. And He’s going to show us how it’s our fault they’re there. Because we could have done more. We could have done more. We could have done more. Then He’ll wipe those tears away and usher us into Heaven.

    I listened to 3 x 52 x 16 sermons like that, usually at full volume. It’s been 23 years, and I left church with my stomach churning, angry, and close to tears.

    Okay, I’m done. I’ll take a deep breath and read a few passages about grace.

  2. The Wal-Mart and Chick-Fil-A employees who attended Basement Bible College. Where is Wal-Mart and Chick-Fil-A going to find replacements?

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