Friday Challenge: Unfinished Business

Zhongxian Changjiang Bridge building

Today’s Friday challenge is think back to something that was left undone in fundamentalism. That thing you always wanted to do and somehow never did. That thing you wanted to say and never found the right time. The dream that never quite came to pass.

What’s your unfinished business?

178 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: Unfinished Business”

  1. I have unfinished business of not telling the police (and my parents) of what the head of the ACE of western Canada did to us on those “road trips”. I have not told anyone, except now, my SFL family. This was 30+ years ago and it still messes with me. One consolation is that the molester is now confined to a wheel chair and the mog who did not believe my friends who came forward “is no longer with us…”

    Jesus said “to pray for those who have wronged us” (paraphrasing), but honestly I cannot pray for those 2 people. 😐

    1. (((ktmrc8)))

      Praying you get the support and care you need to get through this. No need to protect the reputation of evil men.

      Will you be telling your parents and the police now?

      Now that this post is a few days old, many will not be reading it. I suggest you start a new post on the forum side, so you can get some SFL support.

      You are courageous for coming forward.


  2. I had an awesome dream a few years ago. In the dream, I was watching a play in a community college We could see an elderly woman in a closet on the stage.

    Suddenly I was in the closet with her on the stage. Outside the closet doors, there was a man and a woman, one with a large hiking stick. The elderly woman wanted to leave the closet, but she was afraid. The man and woman were threatening the old lady with the stick. The lady was frail and trembling with fear. I was so angry.

    Suddenly, I slammed open the closet door. I grabbed the stick from the man and snapped it in two over my knees. “Well, I hate you!” I yelled. “And I’m going to break your stick!”

    Then I woke up. I felt awesome!

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