137 thoughts on “Fundy U Flashback: Room Job Demerits”

  1. AAAH! Finally!

    Seriously… that was actually one of the few things I didn’t get demerits for, and I am anything but a neatnik.

  2. Notice this slip crries Code 001!

    The very first form they decided to produce….

  3. Hello, my name is Suzy and I’m a student at PCC. I am 21 years old, can vote, legally drink, my mother was married with two kids at my age, and I just got in trouble for not making my bed. ๐Ÿ˜•

        1. You can rent a car when you’re younger than 25, you just usually have to pay extra.

        2. Don’t forget the flamethrowers! I think it is funny that it is legal to own flamethrowers in the US.

        3. Can I put two flamethrowers on my vehicle? One to get tailgaters and the other to tell the person in front of me that the speed limit means “the lowest tolerable speed”?

  4. For me, my desk was always a problem.

    My desk is still a problem. Thank God I do not have demerits for desk messiness!

  5. Cleanliness and Neatness are next to Godliness.
    – Eli OT Ness*

    *Eli OT(Old Testiment) Ness: Prohibition Era Room Inspector known for carrying out the letter of the law. His gang of Room inpsectors became known as the Untouchables for their nit-pickiness and penchant for writing demerits for the slightest infraction of the rules both written and unwritten.

    1. Actually, in the dictionary, cleanliness is next to cleavage.

      (Originally pointed out to me by the daughter of a fundy pastor.)

  6. I’ve probably said this here before – I could have gone straight from fundy high school to a fundy college and been just fine. Thankfully, I went to a secular university – after a semester there, I couldn’t imagine following these types of rules. I wouldn’t have lasted a month.

  7. I think the following verse applies:

    Luke 6:45 – A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil stored up in his heart and does not make his bed.

  8. I really wish someone would get hold of all of these types of forms and put them in a central repository so we can fill them in ourselves as a parody.

    Then again, we hardly need to satirise this stuff, it’s pretty much done for us…

    1. I used to collect every demerit slip I got and display them as a badge of honor. The deans liked to threaten me about it, but they weren’t willing to stop me. I wish I’d kept them, I think I had completed the set of all the officially coded slips.

      1. I think I had to have an illegal blender already in order to get one of the coded slips! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wonder if I can exchange them for some PCC quartet CDs?

      2. I lived on a hall where we were constantly pressured to put name signs up on our dorm room door with our names, majors, years, etc. Everyone on the hall had them except us. We were cool and different . . for a short time.
        Then one of the authority person in the dorm (honestly, after 4 years in the dorms, I still can’t remember all the different positions of “leadership” there were. Hall leader? PC? APC? Floor leader? Dorm sup? Anyways. . . she told us we had to put name signs up by the next day.
        We put our names on the back of demerit slips and stuck them on the door. She was not entertained.

    2. I was row monitor a few times and once my friend wrote in his name and the date etc. and wrote his infraction was “doing the Macarena.”

      1. There may not be enough demerits in the universe to cover that infraction. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  9. Were the showers/toilets in the rooms? I remember a post about the need for the guys showers to be cleaned, after each one was done. Glad I had my own bathroom in my dorm (it was a converted hotel)’!

    1. At PCC they had where the bathroom was shared among 2 to 4 roommates, or shared between 2 rooms (up to 8 “suite mates”). 1 person was responsible each week for either all of the tasks on the list, or some rooms would split bathroom duty & room duty and only be responsible for half on any given week.

    2. In Bradley we usually had 4 to a room and shared a bathroom with the next room (also having 4 people). 8 girls in a bathroom. Never got an end room, curses! I think in Griffith they only had 3 girls to a room because they were smaller. I think they still shared bathrooms between connecting rooms though.

  10. Chances are the guy was actually still asleep in the bed. Even if you had no morning classes, you had to make your bed by 7:35. You could lie atop your covers with a blanket, however. And once your room was checked, you could climb back under the covers. Talk about letter of the law.

    1. I had floor leaders that would write you up for laying on top of a made bed, and depending on who you had in DC they often would back up the floor leader regardless if it was the rule or not, if you chose to fight it.

        1. The ones that were good people really stand out when the goal is to filter goodness out of staff/emps/”leaders”

        2. That was the one thing that frustrated me most about Fundy U. The administration always found the most unChristlike people to promote as leaders. It was Jesus who challenged the rule-keeping Pharisees to be more humane in their application of the Law.

    2. Oo I remember that. Amazing what memories you repress til they all come flooding back with a trigger. I never had morning classes..loved sleeping in! 8:45 was my shower slot and chapel was my first class.

  11. I am assuming that you would have roommates. How was it determined who would get demerits for things like clutter, trash not taken out, mirror dirty? Would everyone get demerits, or was it someones assigned job? If it was an assigned job what if that person was sick or out of town?

    I went to a private non-religious college and we had room inspections, but they were once maybe twice a semester for fire safety violations. Ninety percent of the time my bed was made and my room was neat, not because I’m a neat freak (far from it), but because I respected my roommates enough to make it nice.

    1. Room duties were rotated by APL/PL assignment (room leader). Most would rotate weekly, and the assignments would be posted as to who was responsible any given day/week. Some rooms would assign all tasks on the form to 1 person for a week, others would split bathroom & room duties up. Each person was responsible for making their own bed though.

      1. We had to post room assignments. The communal bathroom was managed according to room, and we’d have to post those assignments, too. The assingments’d change every week.

  12. Dear Pensacola Christian College:

    I didn’t make my bed this morning. I wasn’t sick or in a hurry. I just didn’t want to.

    And you can’t make me do it, and you can’t give me demerits.

    Ha. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  13. Yes!

    Because making students be neat and responsible will absolutely ruin them!

    1. There’s a lot of assumptions that this will indeed “make” students neat and responsible.

    2. Or, for those of us that had to work overnight at the DC or print shop, we had to wake up in three hours to make our beds, which not only failed to make us neat or responsible, it did make us EXTREMELY irritable.

      1. For 2 semesters I worked M/W/F/Sa at 4:45 AM in Food Service. That semester I got demerits several times because when I left the room at o’dark thirty in the morning the job was done. Then my roommates would wake up and make a mess, very annoying.

        I did manage to convince my APL that I had a good reason to miss prayer meeting at 10:30 PM because I was so exhausted. I never did get demerits for that. Only used that excuse a few times, the rest of the time my roommates would wake me up and I would be totally zoned out during prayer meeting.

        1. That happened to my wife, too. She had roommates who didn’t like her for whatever reason that would purposely mess up the room after she’d left so she would get fined. Nice, Christian, place. ๐Ÿ™„

    3. These are people who are supposedly old enough to go to war, vote for President, and drive a car. But they are paying good cash money to be treated like military recruits by people who couldn’t lead a platoon to a bar.

      If this is supposed to be teaching them something (and again, college tuition for this basic stuff, why?) then somebody hasn’t noticed that they are adults already. If they have to be punished every time they don’t make their beds at this age, what exactly were they doing for the previous 18 years?

  14. My ex would have loved this system, I swear he would have urged this be filled out every single day in our happy-little-rose-covered-cottage-with-the-white-picket-fence-yeah-right. ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜ก

  15. Late in my time at BJU I was so disgusted with the whole place that my solution to the daily bed making was to simply take the blanket off the bed and through it in my closet (which was never checked) leaving a nice, neat bottom sheet and pillow…never had anyone say a word

    1. when I was at BJU one particular Hall Leader was told he couldn’t give out any more demerits for an entire semester. He had been giving guys demerits for mismatched or frayed socks, asking them to pull up their pants legs when they came to chapel. He was also known for finding strings hanging down from the bottoms of pant legs.
      And he had the most annoying Australian accent to boot. I have nothing against Aussie accents or Aussies, but somehow it doesn’t combine well with self-righteous blather.
      When he finally got married, he and his mousy wife would walk around campus holding hands 24/7. My friends and I used to marvel at their ability to go through the salad bar holding drinks, trays, and salad bowls . . and NEVER let go of each others’ hands, not even once. I guess since they were married, the letter of the law permitted and they were going to take all the advantage they could!
      Incidentally, this was the nephew of a certain important pastor in town, and the leader of mission prayer band.

        1. I spent a summer at the PDC too–between my junior and senior year! THat was the summer we worked mandatory overtime because we were understaffed . . . I would go in to work at 8:30 in the morning and get off at 8:30 at night. My wrists are still sore just thinking about all those hours with that scanner attached to my wrist! And oh, the coworkers–what a motley crew ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I swiped a large supply of blank demerit slips while I was at Fundy U. I used them to further my own amusement. I would leave them on people’s beds with weird violations that they had supposedly incurred. More than once, people believed that the demerits were genuine.

      1. I know I’ve seen fake demerit slips for things like “improper tie knot”, and “toilet paper under” type things. Those were always hilarious. I can’t say what fake ones AoW came up with obv.

      2. My Fundy U distributed their demerits through the campus mail system. They would come folded and stapled, very easy to imitate. I would hand out demerits for dating violations, parking violations etc. My favorite was to wait until the dorm inspections had passed, mess up one of my friends beds and then leave demerits for an unmade bed. This never failed to get a rise out of people. I always told my targets after I let them stew for a little bit. I can’t think of some of the other things I did but I did a lot with my demerit slips. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  17. My best roommate & I would often use the baby powder bomb method to slow down the aggressive rule enforcing hall leader on room checks. Sometimes they’d swap and we’d accidentally bomb the good one. I don’t know how he never thought to write us up for setting the baby powder bomb, I know we’d use the excuse that if he’d knock like he was supposed to he wouldn’t get hit with it, and I think that confused him enough to avoid whatever demerits were associated with that. It also gave you a second or 10 to wake up or to fix anything on room job that you hadn’t gotten to before he entered.

  18. I live in perpetual clutter — my desk at work looks like a war zone — and I hate dusting. I would have accumulated hundreds of demerits had I studied at a fundy university like this!

  19. Dear Darrell:

    Snob Clones Perversity had an ‘out of bed’ by 7:01 am rule. When the bell rang at 7:00, you had 1 minute to get on your feet. The instant the 7:01 bell rang, our door swung open [my room was at the end of the corner by the stairwell].

    I had this APC [Assistant Prayer Captain — i.e., reichadistration spy] who habitually rolled out of bed with his blanket around him, and plopped on the chair. He did this every morning for months…

    One morning he couldn’t rise. Half asleep, he kicked and thrashed and finally rolled toward the wall side of the bunk. He banged his head. The bell rang, the door swung open and he was caught!

    Later, it was learned that during the night, SOMEone used a needle and thread to stitch his cover sheet and blanket to the mattress. This evil plot discovered, his demerit was revoked [injustice at Snob Clones? Naaaah!]. But at the next dorm meeting, it was announced that the use of chair-cocoons was forthwith outlawed.

    At Snob Clones Perversity, days end as they start.

    The bell rang at 10:59 pm. One minute later, all lights were to be out, and there was to be no noise. At exactly 11 pm every night, doors were opened to confirm that this was so.

    Brilliant fellow he was, our luminescent Assistant Prayer Captain devised an ingenious means to cheat the system. He had this electric clock with a built in light which activated when you pressed a button. Each night, when the room light was extinguished, Mr. Genius arranged stuff around the clock to activate the little bulb. Technically, it was a clock, not a nightlight. But it did allow just enough light to read, providing that your material was close up. He did this every night. But that wasnโ€™t his mistake.

    This APC also had a palm-sized human skull. If wound up, would chatter and make this loud clacking racket. The skull was always somewhere on his desk.

    Whether or not Tom noticed before โ€˜lights outโ€™ that the nose of his clacking skull was nudged precariously against his clock I cannot say. But that night, when he reached over to arrange his clock and books as usual, his skull began clacking and bouncing over his desk top. Not daring to be caught out of bed, Tomโ€™s arms lunged repeatedly in the direction of the reverberating clacking as a fully-wound skull broke the silence of night. It was of no avail.

    Tomโ€™s efforts knocked the skull to its side. It was no longer content to march about the desktop like a good, little sentinel. Unimpeded by gravity, Tomโ€™s malfeasant skull now spun rebelliously on its jaw-bone, clacking triple time.

    The door swung open, the light switched on.

    โ€˜WHAT is going on in here!โ€™

    Whether it was the predicament, or the dumbfounded tone of the question, we all burst out laughing at Tomโ€™s predicament. Except Tom. The gig up, Tom got up to silence the skull. He had just gotten back into bed when it resurrected itself, sprang free from its confines and began clacking again.

    As the skull unclacked all its tension, Tom held it and muttered some unintelligible nonsense about โ€˜clockโ€™ and โ€˜trap.โ€™ I asked if he was blaming the clock.

    The room checker looked at Tom as if heโ€™d just stepped off a spaceship. He shook his head, cut the lights and left.

    I’m not aware if demerits followed this episode. But I do believe that it was then that people simply stopped wondering when weird stuff happened in connection with our room.

    Christian Socialist

    1. Dear SFL Readers:

      Sorry about the bold text. I thought I’d turned off that feature after ‘WHAT’ in ‘WHAT is going on in here.’

      Christian Socialist

        1. I’m old enough to remember when Scorpio’s method actually worked!

        2. Yay! Now if I can only remember this when I feel like yelling at someone and CAPS LOCK is just not enough.

        3. I think you can even do size like this:

          Size 1
          Size 2
          Size 3
          Size 4
          Size 5



          Some (or all) of those may not work, I’m about to find out.

        4. Hmmm. Experiment proceeding.



          Will it work. Or will it not. All I have to do is press Submit

        5. Looks like you have to define those more specifically, and I’m not that into HTML.

        6. BTW, I’m old enough to have taken typwriting class (not keyboarding), but it was on electric typewriters, so for bold we had to hit backspace and type the letter a second time. I think I’ve seen the mechanical typewriters where the harder you pushed the keys the harder it struck the paper, but I don’t recall ever using one. We even eventually got some of the fancier electric typewriters that had white out in them when you typed backspace would white it out, and I think they had an option for bold that would auto double strike each letter you wanted bold. Good times!

        7. HTML tags for <I>Italics</I> ; and I would’ve thought <U>Underline</U>

          We’ll see if Underline works.

        8. I just hope my PCC HTML prof doesn’t see that I’m this far out of touch when it comes to HTML! I miss my 90’s tags! ๐Ÿ™‚

        9. Dear SFL Reader:

          It seems that my typing blunder got all the attention. Does this mean that I’m ‘off the hook’ for tormenting the life out of my witless APC?

          Christian Socialist

  20. I am reminded of the BJU version of “Part of Your World” from the Little Mermaid:
    Look at these slips, isn’t this neat
    Wouldn’t you say my collections’ complete?
    Wouldn’t you say I’m the girl–the girl who’s done–everything?
    I’ve got call slips and room jobs a-plenty
    I’ve got tardies and absents galore
    Dress infractions? I’ve got twenty!
    But just wait, that’s not all, I’ve got moooore . . .
    etc, etc.

  21. Whenever things like this get brought up, the PCCites that I’ve talked to are always quick to roll their eyes and say something like “What’s the big deal about being asked to clean your room and make your bed?” Of course, so many of them never really get to a place where they themselves are treated like adults, so it isn’t a surprise that can’t see a problem with a college treating grown men and women like little children. I could understand periodic room checks to make sure there were no fire or health hazards (they own the building after all), but even my own parents had stopped telling me when to clean my room years before I went to college.

    And don’t forget that along with these “room check” demerit slips, the floor leaders always had regular blank slips with them as well. So anything they saw that they didn’t like could be written up (and they frequently did).

  22. Seriously, why do you go to such a school in the first place? If you go and remain there, then how is it you complain about the rules? At 18, you can leave home. You can join the military and undergo some rules that can land you in prison if you don’t obey. But you are paying money to go to these institutions. Are you being forced to go? What is going on? Personally, I would never interview, nor hire, anyone who went to any of these schools. Immature going in and immature coming out it seems.

    1. You don’t understand the Fundy lifestyle. If the student has been brought up in Fundystan, he/she has been conditioned to believe that anything outside of Fundystan is evil and of the devil and not of the will of their deity. Perhaps the student didn’t grow up in a Fundy home and experienced the difficulties of the world and is looking for a structured, rule-oriented environment to provide the holiness he/she longs for.

      Also, some students might be kicked out of the family if they fail to follow the family plan of Fundy U. They are afraid of the world because they’ve been taught for years that anything outside of Fundystan is bad and they’ve been too busy going to church three times a week, going soulwinning, youth group activities, and the like to acquire any real-world skills like flipping burgers to be able to support themselves. Chances are a family like this is alienated from both sets of grandparents and other extended family members as well. There’s not much of a support system in place for them if they choose to go to State U or the military.

      1. Another thing is two Fundy kawlidges keep the rulebook away from prospective students — PCC and HAC. I don’t know about other places. So you truly don’t know anything about it if say, you’re the first person in your family or church to go there. Even if you’re not the first in the church to go there, those who have gone and are truly Fundies will never tell you the rules about never leaving the dorm with wet hair, or that only full pantyhose and not knee-high or thigh-high hose will do. Anyone who tries to tell you the truth about these places will be condemned and belittled.

    2. I was told that I had a choice of Fundy Us to attend. However, my parents made it clear that I would attend a Fundy U. I wanted to attend the local university but my parents threatened to disown me if I didn’t go to Bible Cawllege. So I picked the least crazy Fundy U on my parent’s list and went there.

      1. I actually attend an independent baptist church where about a 1/4 of the members attended or are affiliated with one of the schools u all mentioned. Your explanations explain some of the behaviors I observe which includes inability to make decisions, fearful of any changes, fearful of visitors who “don’t fit in” and also, inability to keep a meaningful job. The church is not fundy in the sense I have seen described thanks to a marvelous pastor who must have seen the “light” sometime in his life.

        Thank you for the replies.

        1. Also, many of these young people (along with the rest of the flock) are taught that their pastor is the fourth part of the Trinity. They are taught not only to not criticize the pastor but to adore him as he-who-speaks-for-the-Godhead-and-must-be-obeyed. How can you possibly go against that? Whether you believe the Bible to be perfect and inspired or not, you can’t go wrong believing the verse about training up a child — the stuff you’re taught as a kid sticks with you whether you want it
          or not.

    3. Yes, actually, many of us were indeed forced to go to these schools.

  23. For one semester I had the privilege of checking rooms at MBBC, making sure all the good little boys made their beds. One advantage was that we checked rooms during chapel, so once or twice a week it got me out of chapel. One day a I passed a guy on his way to chapel, while I was on my way to check rooms. He hadn’t made his bed, so he told me not to “write him up,” because if he got any more demerits, he would be “campused.’ So, I made the bed for him. I only lasted a semester at that job.

    1. That was kind of you to do that. They couldn’t have you being nice to people!

      1. Well, they never really knew about that. It was other offenses that caused me to loose my position,although they never did tell me what really did me in. I think it was a combination of things.

  24. Adolph Hitler demanded a made bed. He turned out OK!!! at least fundamentally wise.


    …Rauschning (275) claims that Hitler has a bed compulsion which demands that the bed be made in a particular way with the quilt folded according to a proscribed pattern and that a man must make the bed, before he can go to sleep. We have no other information on this subject but from his general psychological structure such a compulsion would be possible.

  25. I used to type these up when I worked in the Dean’s office. No joke. Hundreds of them, most likely thousands. I also did Christian Work Reports for a time. It was mind numbing at the time–now I am just embarrassed to tell it.

  26. “Room Job” just sounds so…. euphemistic.

    New Dean of Students: “Sister Dean of Women, what a Room Job<?”

    Dean of Women: “$30 …same as out in town Brother.”

  27. By my senior year, I had had enough of this kind of garbage that, when they made me an RA, I would have nothing to do with it. I told the guys in my dorm on our first night, “As far as I’m concerned, if I treat you like children, you’ll act like children, but if I treat you like adults, you’ll act like adults. So I’ll treat you all like adults until you prove me wrong.” Funny thing, they never did. They did everything they were supposed to do, and didn’t have to deal with the pressure that comes with an RA constantly breathing down their necks. I think I had to write three demerit slips the whole year (for legitimate things, not $#!& like not making your bed right or leaving your shoes crooked). No, I wasn’t punished. My dad is a big shot preacher and my uncle was one of the school’s major donors.

  28. That is the pic I took as I looked through old boxes and found it in yearbook. Posted original on “you know you went to pcc if” Facebook page. Enjoy it.

  29. While at Liberty University, I had two RAs that despised me and my two roommates from day 1 (we never knew why). I was written up every chapel day for not doing my job, which was to clean the sink and mirror. Every day I would scrub and scrub trying to make sure there was nothing wrong with the sink and would come back to the room to find “reps” (demerits) for not cleaning well enough. Every time I asked them about it they would just say, “Well, it didn’t look clean to me”. It got to the point where I would announce to my room loudly before I cleaned the sink every time, and clean it up to 3 times, 3 different ways (soap, lysol, scrub brush) every morning before chapel. I once even took apart the pipe and pulled the several years-worth of hair and gunk out of it.

    One morning my roommates and I returned from chapel to find that the RA had made my other roommate’s unmade bed to avoid giving her reps, but had still written me up for the clean sink! It was CFAW Friday, I made a point to tell our CFAWer exactly what I thought of the school. She ended up going to college somewhere better. Lucky girl.

    1. get real . . . LU is a picnic compared to where most of us went to school! I’m sure it’s possible to have had a b*tchy person in authority at LU, there or anywhere–but it really bugs me when comparisons are drawn between LU and places like BJU or PCCC. Having experienced both, I can tell you it’s apples and oranges.

  30. The only time I got room job demerits was for dusting, and it was the only time I actually dusted my room. Yes, really.

  31. There are two slashes between “shower” and “toilet” instead of one. Fundies are so picky about appearances but never care to proof read. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ


  32. There were a few times in the year when I would just determine to eat a demerit in order to sleep later or because I didn’t feel like racing down the hall to empty the trash I’d forgotten about. One year, though, I had a really nice floor leader who, unfortunately, thought she was being kind to wake me up and let me know that she’d overlook it if I got up and did it right away. Yeeeaaaah, no. I’ll just take the d, thanks. *snore*

    I did actually avoid a few unmade bed (because I was still in it) demerits the semester I was in the college production. My roommate reminded my fl that I was in the play and rehearsal had gone into the ridiculous hours, and she was fine with that. That was pretty neat.

    The worst was failing white glove because of residue left by the shower cleaner.

  33. That reminds me of the lone semester I spent at The Opportunity Place. I started a few days late and didn’t have a chance to read through the student handbook. I didn’t bother to make up my bed as I was still trying to figure out where everything was, etc. Yep… got a demerit for it. Good ol’ BJU.

  34. Man, I’m so thankful I was spared all of this. My sister went to HAC, but there was no money left when it was my turn, so I got local community college. Now, as an adult, I’m returning to school, and just got into Columbia University. After being on campus there, it’s amazing how an actual, respectable Ivy League school treats all of their students like adults. Who would think a school could survive without demerits?

  35. Not sure if I still hold record for number of expulsions (2) from PCC or not.

    But, after my first expulsion the school’s Dean forwarded a letter, outlining how I would never become right w god, until I paid off all the money that I owed the school, for getting kicked out & not finishing out school year.

    Gullible beyond belief during that era (circa 1985), I worked the entire rest of that semester & summer, saving literally every penny earned, & never going out w friends, unless someone else graciously agreed to pay my way.

    Before the next school year started, I proudly sent PCC a check for almost $2,000, which was an insane amount of money for a 19/20 year old back then. But I went to bank & bought certified check & that hard earned money was mailed to PCC.

    Now back @ PCC, it took less than 3 months, before i was expelled the second & final time.

    Now at the age of 50, having absolutely no axe to grid w PCC, {heck, most of the people I knew back then at the school, have long been gone or retired}, there might be a few people out there that, would like to know exactly how/why I was expelled.

    If these dynamics hadn’t happened personally, there’s no way that I’d believe them either, so there’s no hurt feelings, if there’s some that read this post & simply don’t believe what they read.

    A very dear & close friend in college then, MaryBeth had invited me to go to lunch w her & her mother early afternoon one day at school, just after PCC chapel had ended.

    In addition to MaryBeth’s mother going w us to lunch, the guest speaker that, day in chapel was Dr. Curtis Hutson.

    Small world, MaryBeth’s father had once worked for Dr. Hutson via The Sword of The Lord near Nashville, and although I had never met Dr. Hudson personally, he was a close friend w my dad, {Evangelist Dr. Bobby Grubs}.

    So, MaryBeth went to Dean of Women & received written permission, for us to go to lunch w her mother & Dr. Hutson.

    The four of us went to local restaurant, Pasquale’s I think & had a great time.

    About 2-3 hours after returning from lunch, I was summoned from my dorm, by Dean of Men.

    They made me wait in Dean of Men lobby for over an hour, {a tactic often used to cause ‘rookie’ students, a time to sweat & worry about what punishment is about to befall them (guilty or not).

    Once I finally met w the Dean of Men and I pointed out that MaryBeth had written permission for us to go to lunch together as outlined earlier, and after the Dean of Men confirmed by phone that the Dean of Women had provided the formal written authorization, then The Dean of Man, phoned The Sword of The Lord Headquarters, to connect w Dr. Hutson, who just earlier that day had spoke in chapel.

    Dr. Hutson’s confirmation came the next day.

    Meanwhile, the Dean of Men had required that I remain w a dorm monitor overnight & shadow his every move, till I heard from his office the next day.

    Late the next day, I was called into the office, where the Dean of Men confirmed w me that, Dr. Hutson had called w the confirmation needed.

    However, after all was said & done, ‘the powers to be’ at PCC informed me that, since I had not personally acquired written permission from the office of Dean of Men that, they were expelling me from school… Period end of story.

    Noteworthy: My father (age 54) passed away 6 months later, after suffering a major heat attack, while changing planes in Nashville International Airport. And to this very day, MaryBeth & I keep in touch. My mother thought very highly of MaryBeth & vice versa. Mom passed away from cancer earlier this year (2/16/’13).

    1. So … they expelled you for going to a lunch for which they had previously given you written permission?

      Whose idea of justice does that comport with?

    2. Just think what a great education PCC students would receive if the administration spent HALF the amount of time and energy into actually teaching and mentoring as the time and energy they WASTE acting like Nazis.


      1. It breaks my heart to know that so many PCC students are spending 4-6 years, studying incredibly hard, to obtain a piece of paper that indicates they ‘graduated college’, when this school & a number of other ‘Christian’ Universities like them, are {knowingly} not accredited.

        Now, if a student has a crystal ball & knows that, they are going to remain in full time Christian service, working in an ever-narrowing field, of legalistic related jobs, where accredited education isn’t required, then the PCC type diploma will suffice.

        However, in my case, after a year or so of PCC credits, coupled w approx 3 years of TTU credits, I could take those credit hours and with $7.50, go buy a Diet Coke at Disney World. {On a side note, the hardest I ever had to study, was at PCC}

        I stopped fighting w the accredited schools, to accept those worthless credit hours, & enrolled from scratch, at almost 40 years old, @ The University of Alabama for a degree in Business.

        As a business owner, I had a personal goal of acquiring an MBA, but not a single {respectable} MBA or EMBA would consider application, without possessing an accredited degree.

        There are few exception, where graduate schools will accept students from an undergraduate university, where no accreditation exists, but usually, these involve advance degrees, whereby, students have other state & federal testing criteria that, can often confirm prerequisites, without receiving an accredited undergraduate degree {e.g. Law, Medicine, CPA etc.}

        Case in point, my now openly gay brother in law, was a BJU graduate & struggled to be accepted into a Big Ten University’sAdvance Accounting program, until the school learned that, he tested off the chart on several industry related tests (both state & federal), plus his high school SAT score was over the top percentile, of other students tested across the nation.

        I understand the rational for Christian schools (like PCC), not wanting to become accredited, so in theory, the state or government, has potential entry into the schools back door. But at the end of the day, these non accredited schools are charging students close to…, or over $10k a year, for a quality education {to acquire gainful employment}.

        So, at the very least, the schools that are not accredited, should disclose in detail to both student & parent, what a non-accredited degree will, and more importantly, will NOT accomplish.

  36. The Fundy U stories always invoke weird, “I kind of know something about that” feelings in me. I went to a small Baptist college, but it wasn’t full-on Fundy. We were, horror of horrors, actually Southern Baptist associated with the convention and everything.

    Any of the Fundy U stories make me go, “Yeah, my college tried to do something like that. But it was only three quarters as strict on paper and way less than that in practice.” Today provides a perfect example. We had room check. It had points lost for stupid stuff like bedmaking. But it was once a week, done in the evening, and while bedmaking was on the form, I never knew any of the RAs to actually cite someone for it, except in special circumstances that usually involved personal animosity or that once a semester that some actual staff person would come along. There was still that lingering animosity that the administration thought of us that way, but it was kind of muted because everyone knew it was kind of a joke.

  37. I didn’t go to any Fundy U (praise be to Jesus!) but my ex bf did. I use to get so mad when he would call and tell me what he got demerits for. One time it was for brushing his teeth at 11:01pm, because it was after “lights out”. He was 22 years old. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  38. You would think at Fundy U they wouldn’t lighten up a bit and let the students have some freedom like at a REAL COLLEGE CAMPUS.

  39. Plus, remember the words of the Great Dr. Hyles:

    “Don’t send your little Darlin’ down to Pensacola”

  40. My Bible College….We were treated as Christian adults. When you flunked room inspection, the dean would fine you money ($1, or $5). My RA would only inspect is he cleaned his room first. My dean once called me in (with some other repeat offenders)to discuss the spiritual concern he had for us. He loved us and I still love him to death to this day.
    I still remember the fools who still snuck out after hours right after we were given permission to go is we tell the RA where we were going.

  41. It’s been 29 years since being excommunicated from PCC for the second time.

    However, this past Monday 7.29.13, our family was spending a few nights in Pensacola Beach, so they asked if we could take a quick drive around campus.

    There were high school basketball camps taking place this week, so security was unusually lax, and we were able to drive on campus via a service entrance.

    Actually parked truck at Ballard & was let in lobby by camp staffer, and then was able to visit my old (currently empty) dorm room on second floor {1507}.

    There were tons of ‘glory daze’ stories that, the brains of our 22 year old son & 13-year old daughter, just refused to process.

    Separate elevators for guys & girls, shorts were forbidden, guys had to wear ties, and college aged girls and guys that were dating, had to keep a minimum open-space, between them of at least 6″…, at all times. {no holding hands, kissing or physical contact whatsoever}.

    As a matter of fact, when I first arrived at PCC and was going through an orientation period w all other students, one of the PCC professors w the same last name, introduced me to his 20-year old daughter, but when I put my hand out to shake hers, the most awkward of looks & hesitations took place. For almost a full minute, I assumed that the professor &’his wife were just teasing me.

    Absolutely no joking…

    And icing on cake (so-to-speak), was when Jeannie &I uncontrollably generated tears, from so much laughing, as our daughter absolutely refused, to believe that both, guys & girls were never allowed off campus, unless accompanied w another student (girls required total of three students).

    For one, having dressed for beach weather, I was the only one dressed in a manner that, could haved exited our vehicle, the rest had t-shirts & casual shorts w flip-flops.

    Our 13 year old daughter, refused to believe that, just because she had normal shorts on, had we dropped her off, to walk around campus that, in less than 5 minutes, she would have been approached by PCC staff or security & kindly, but aggressively, asked to leave {and/or escorted off} campus.

    I shared w kids, some of the rules, required for all students, and told them the story of how I was expelled from PCC on two separate times (’84 & ’85).

    PCC has always had an impressive campus, but it was a site to behold, seeing the Crowne Arts Center for the first time…, a $54 million building.

    [And in case there are those that may not know, PCC implemented an institutional policy, when it was founded that, the school/church, would never start construction on anything, until 100% of funds were in the bank to pay for construction project].

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