162 thoughts on “Dire Warnings About Really Important Things”

  1. I thought of this post on SFL when I read the following link today. It’s about an assignment from ATI about looking at strangers and judging their heart attitudes based on what you can see on the outside.

    I baffles me that Christians can’t see how very UN-Christlike this is.


  2. Wow. I loved this. (The song, not the commentary) Oh man. Now I gotta go get right with God. (or is he still called Gid?) This person is very sad and a HUGE Pharisee. HUGE.

  3. When I was in the fundie churches I marveled at how shallow these isolated cloistered fearful people were. I could never understand why it would never cross their minds that lost people who would never darken the door of a church got to hear a beautiful song like this in a less conventional setting. Faith comes by hearing. God is so kind and wonderful and works his plan in His own way, not ours.

  4. Not one of the questions asked in the commentary part could be answered by anyone but those in question. I cannot say whether those people were worshipping in spirit and in truth any more than I can about those singing hymns in our church this morning. I cannot say whether those people were clapping because of God or Carrie Underwood, any more than I can say whether the attendees at any church are saying “Amen” to the Bible or the screaming of the pastor.

  5. The irony is that this is not the blues. He keeps calling it Vince Gill’s “Blues solo.” What the heck? This was not the blues. Lol.

  6. Funny, if you didnt see the video but just heard the song, it sounds just the the “godly” Southern Gospel music that IFB believe is straight from heaven. I guess country sounding music with Christian words written in Nashville isn’t so “worldly after all LOL…

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