Getting Mad At Catalogs

You would think that if these catalogs bothered this guy so much he would ask them to stop sending them. Then again, some folks do seem to thrive on outrage.

The video description says “I will boycott ANY professing “Christian” catalog that sells pro-Catholic materials.” And I’m sure they’re really feeling it, pal. Well done.

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  1. Ok, I have a confession. I am a former Fundi turned…….Catholic. Please dont throw me out!There is so much I find great on this site and I relate to it so much. As far as this clip I was just embarrassed as many of my former beliefs about RC I once held. Im not here to defend my choice but I read this site religously (like my obnoxious use of puns?) and it really puts my past in perspective, and I realize I was not alone in the way I felt I had been duped and coerced into my former ways. It also puts it inperspective because we have to see humor in it to see it for what it is: Absurd! Life is good and Jesus is everthing!

    1. And with your spirit, Sue!

      Welcome from another former fundy turned ring kissin’ papist 🙂

    2. Welcome, Sue!

      I think most of us SFL regulars are on friendly terms with Catholics and even with the Catholic Church. It’s just interesting to see all the paranoid, ill-informed raving some Fundies do about “Catholicism,” as our friend here likes to call it.

      1. I’m a Presbyterian who works for a catholic hospital. Everyone is over it but the fundies.

  2. I think both the NIV translators and the RCC would be surprised to learn that the NIV is a Catholic Bible. But this guy on the Internet says it, so it must be true!

    1. Maybe he has it confused with the NAB (New American Bible), which is, in fact, a Catholic-sponsored translation of the Bible.

      I mean, it’s the same Bible, but the NAB is, indeed associated with the RC Church and used by many Catholics.

      1. NIV NAB there is no need for any facts here. let’s burn both cause neither on is “my bible” stuff fundies think

    2. This is a real hoot when you consider:

      1) The Catholic Church is the ORIGINAL Western-Rite church; all the other churches split off from it.

      2) The only reason this Yahoo has a Bible to BE-LEEEEEVE in is that the bishops of the Catholic Church (and the Orthodox Church — they were one at the time) prevented all the Shirley Mac Laines of the time from rewriting it in their own image back when years AD were in the low three digits.

  3. Dear SFL Readers:

    To my openly anti-intellectual friend:

    You describe several catalogues as ‘totally just openly Roman Catholic now’ [are RC publishing houses inherently sinful now?].

    Which protestant reformers didn’t embrace a sacramental theology? Just say ‘NO’ to lying, friend. Moreover, our Lord instituted this supper on the night in which he was betrayed. Have you a problem with that?

    The NLT, NIV and other translations are not Roman Catholic Bibles. Perhaps you’re thinking of the New Jerusalem Bible. And it does just fine at many places.

    And Bible selling is wicked nonsense? Wicked new versions? Would you care to answer to the Almighty for blaspheming his word?

    On a related note, no scholar has ever enunciated ‘Sinaiticus’ as you do. Where did you learn Greek? If you haven’t, and if you can’t use the textual apparatus, how can you determine whether or not any given translation is wicked or not? How does your conduct differ from those that Jude said speak evil of things that they do not understand?

    Some see the salvaging of this codex as God’s providence. Where were you when YHWH laid the foundations of the earth? Are you competent to judge these things?

    Border on sin? How do you reconcile this with the Biblical injunction to live in peace with all men, so much as possible? How do you hold your position in obedience to Ro 12:18?

    Books, so many things, tracts, lots of good stuff – you recycle this many times. What have you read about kingdom, hermeneutics, or on a Biblical perspective on ethics, liturgics and the like? Nothing?

    Books, so many things, tracts, lots of good stuff – you recycle this many times. What have you read about kingdom, hermeneutics, or on a Biblical perspective on ethics, liturgics and the like? Nothing? As you flipped through your Baptist catalogue, 6:04-06 displays books for sale by one Samuel C. Gipp. You say: ‘excellent material!’

    Evangelist Gipp maintains a website [ ] with such outstanding @$$-clown titles as these:

    ‘I Wish Obama Was Black’
    ‘Anti-Bullying Hypocrisy Exposed’
    ‘The Murder of America by Via the US Auto Industry’
    ‘Blessed (or Cursed) by Godverment’ [no typo].
    ‘How to Behave In Church!’
    ‘Welcome to the USSA’ [on the Communist Party takeover of the US].
    ‘The War being Waged on America’ Right Now’
    ‘Are Homosexuals Superior To You?’
    ‘It’s Time For Holy War!’ [Jihad]?
    ‘The Murdering of America’ [Diatribe against one-worlders]?
    ‘Is Colored Skin “Thinner” than White?’
    ‘It’s Up To You! Are You Up To It?’ [Bush’ election gives US 4 years]!
    ‘How I Know Global Warming Is A Lie’

    This is a small sampling of the mindboggling measure of outstanding Christian literature our brother recommends, which reputable firms won’t sell [I wonder why]. So we are thrown back to the point he is supposedly rebutting: where is the good literature? You say at 7:10ff that you rely on that catalogue. How many of the books behind you are of the ilk that Mr. Gipp writes? Do you call that ‘educational?’

    I’d like to know what Roman Catholic publishing houses market their materials in the two catalogues you discuss. Were they RC materials at all, or did you grasp on the picture and tell us what you wanted to say? I bought a copy of the new RC catechism for study purposes. I think I have a better basis for assessing what the RC tradition teaches than a guy who refuses to use a catalogue that sells them.

    Roman Catholicism is a system that says, ‘we are right and everyone else is wrong.’ This differs from IFBs–how? And IFBs have no temporal don’t use power to destroy people? That explains why we’ve had in recent days people admit that they built up their business until they could survive without patronage from IFBs.

    You, my friend, cross the line. You stand in open violation of the ninth commandment. You did that from the first when he made his ‘totally just openly Roman Catholic’ remark. Your point is not established. And even if Roman Catholic materials were published in said catalogues, they would not for that reason be demonic. So there.

    Ignorant and dishonest, you represent your stated cause very poorly.

    Christian Socialist

    1. Christian Socialist, I am wondering if you are ignorant and dishonest, or just ignorant. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you are just ignorant and actually mean what you say when you call anti-Communist literature “ignorant and dishonest?” Many leftists really are that anti-intellectual and just not sane, thinking, educated people. But many leftists put on a false facade of being ignorant when they really do know how evil and degrading Communism is. Just out of curiosity, do you really believe the stuff you believe in out of pure ignorance, or are you as evil and selfish as Communists really are and actually know the failure of the philosophy, yet still chose to push it?

      1. Dear Mr. Jenkins:

        My remarks referenced the posted video. Whereas your remarks relate to neither, I see no basis upon which to reply. Keep up the struggle for justice, comrade!

        Christian Socialist

        1. Christian Socialist, I was trusting your remarks to help guide the conversation. Right now my system is messed up and I haven’t taken the time to watch the video. You mentioned that some books being mentioned were anti-Communist which of course is good. Then you mentioned things such as Ruckmanite literature, which is wacko. Your posts are confusing in that we almost got the impression from your remarks that you were calling anti-Communistic literature bad. We all know that man-made global warming is a leftist conspiracy theory not based in truth and a lie invented for political purposes. Thank you for reiterating that fact. Upon first glance I mistakenly thought that you were actually a proponent of the global warming conspiracy theory. Please excuse my faulty misunderstandings.

        2. Dear Mr. Jenkins:

          A careful reading of my Oct 22, 4:30 post discloses in the opening lines the specific basis for my reference to the speaker’s dishonesty.

          The video speaker dismisses the catalogues in question as ‘totally’ and ‘openly’ Roman Catholic. No evidence cited establishes this. Nor is it clear that the items referenced are Roman Catholic. And if they were, Roman Catholics would not for that reason recognize this catalogue.

          Careful reading of said post shows that at 6:04-06 [video timeline], the speaker recommends a catalogue with works by author Samuel C. Gipp. I ‘googled’ Mr. Gipp’s page and reported on titles I found there.

          Such titles are the product of undisciplined minds; disciplined minds know this at a glance. Attempting to pick a fight over Communism, you exposed yourself. You did so again by referencing global warming as a ‘man-made … leftist conspiracy’ concocted for political reasons.

          That in itself has conspiracy theory traits. Global warming is a man-made idea, you say? Well! So are the Pythagorean Theorem, Boyle’s Law, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and much more. Why would you assume that global warming proponents are either knaves or dupes?

          Conspiracy theory indeed!

          I left fundamentalism in my early 20s. I heard of Ruckman only after arriving here. I knew of SC Gipp only on watching that video. Unless SC Gipp is deemed a ‘Ruckmanite,’ you’re confusing my post with another. This is my first post on this thread that mentions Ruckman.

          Before you start handing out expert council on alternative political systems, you might want to read at least one or two titles by the best exponents of said systems. You might also consider that your assignment of moral qualities to such systems [i.e., ‘anti-communist’ materials as ‘good’ or ‘bad’] is thoroughly Manichean and heretical. And no, I didn’t say that anti-communism is heretical. I am saying that the way in which you objectify and define evil is heretical.

          Mr. Jenkins, I don’t hide political philosophy; neither do I promote it here. Anyone on this site will affirm this. If you want to discuss such matters, I suggest that you search out a site appropriate to your interest. I’m just not biting.

          Christian Socialist

        3. “That in itself has conspiracy theory traits. Global warming is a man-made idea, you say? Well! So are the Pythagorean Theorem, Boyle’s Law, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and much more. Why would you assume that global warming proponents are either knaves or dupes?”

          Some theories are discovered as truths. Algebra, for example. Man-made global warming was not “discovered” by anyone. Anyone who is not a completely duped, sheltered leftist knows that man-made global warming was only “discovered” because it is a political invention of the left. No, it was not a discovered theory, it was a fraudulent political tool foisted upon the naive public. The ray of hope is that many have woken up to this fact and it is largely written off as a hoax. Sadly, the radical left is still pushing the theory. Many do it out of ignorance, and many do it out of their evil intentions in the hopes that it can still be used as a political tool to further their agenda.

          I didn’t mean to bring up an old subject too much, but I feel sorry for you that you seem to actually believe in man-made global warming. You completely fascinate me how you can live in this world and actually believe this bunk. Or, do you know it’s a fraud and are just pushing the idea to further the enslavement of your fellow human beings into your Socialist mantra?

        4. “Before you start handing out expert council on alternative political systems, you might want to read at least one or two titles by the best exponents of said systems. You might also consider that your assignment of moral qualities to such systems [i.e., ‘anti-communist’ materials as ‘good’ or ‘bad’] is thoroughly Manichean and heretical. ”

          Lady, I read enough of Hitler and Stalin in college. They were experts in their field, but that doesn’t mean I agree with them. By calling that other person “heretical” by daring to pass a judgement on a political system you totally throw yourself under the bus. I realize that you realize I’m a great person and can do no wrong because you believe all mankind is just wonderful and nice and loving and man can never do anything wrong. But by calling someone else “heretical” it’s almost as if you are passing judgement on them, which of course you don’t believe in doing. Because only the all-knowing and all-wise State can pass judgement on a person, and then only for rehabilitative reasons to correct them. Certainly no one could ever do anything “wrong.”

        5. Christian Socialist, I didn’t mean to come off as mean or unkind. Please accept my apologies if I did. I just find this site interesting and perhaps more ironic than anything else, with a bit of humor. We all come on here and laugh and make fun of fundies and constantly berate them for their “lack of scholarship” and other characteristics. I just find it rather humorous when we make fun of them for their odd characteristics when we are even much worse than they are for having the lack of scholarship to actually believe in wacko conspiracy theories such as man-made global warming, etc. If you want to believe in such wacky things, then that is your right and more power to you. After reading my comments I felt bad because I think I might have come across as unkind when I didn’t try to. I still think you’re terribly naive to believe in such outlandish conspiracy theories, but I don’t want to be unkind about it.

        6. Dear Shandurlki:

          As I see it, I’m not the one who is accepting the burden of demonstrating whacko theories, so you needn’t apologize on that count. But if you want to defend such positions as you name, I think that you do need to find a forum appropriate to your topic of interest.

          Manicheanism is heretical, and that belief system does objectify and locate evil in identifiable entities. I didn’t make anything that way. That’s how the Manichean heresy works.

          Christian Socialist

      2. Mr Jenkins, your too busy defending the “good ole US of A” against the ills of the world rather than looking around here and seeing that we are just here fellow-shipping, encouraging each other and given praise to God and rejoicing in what He has done for us. Either through communism, socialism, secularism, liberalism, capitalism and ifbism. God reigns over all.

        1. Fundy2, please see my above post and please accept my apologies for not understanding the posts. Of course we all are against Communism, weird conspiracy theories such as man-made global warming, and other such falderal. But I do agree with you that sometimes these evil things can actually be used for good in the long run.

  4. This line made me laugh/twitch: “Honestly, I think it’s gotten to the point now where it borders on sin if you buy something from these wicked catalogs.” (can’t remember word-for-word, around the 3:30 mark)

    1. I like how he proposed buying from a pagan as a solution. I’d much rather give money to someone who hates me than to a fellow Christian who disagrees with me in even the slightest way.

  5. This guy is condescending, pompous, know-it-all, snide, mean, unloving, rude, and an idiot. Before I left the IFB church I noticed that many of the big-name evangelists they had come in and preach were like this too. People like Shelton Smith and John Hamblin. They are always putting people down. ALWAYS. Did anyone else notice that? Catholics, people that went to movies, ecumenical preachers who wore khakis on Sunday mornings, the list goes on. They don’t have any respect or consideration for anyone who disagrees with them or does even one small thing different from the way they do things. They belittle anyone who believes something differently than they do, and they make fun of their choices (i.e. NIV “not inspired version”). I’m sorry–no, I’m NOT sorry, actually–that is childish and immature, and not something God does.

    I didn’t mean for this to become a rant, but I am sick and tired of this pious intolerance and the cruel, libelous put-downs that pervade the IFB movement (and possibly others, but hey I was born and raised IFB do that’s all I know).

  6. And I’ll bet this is a guy who is campaigning for a mormon and a catholic over a protestant and catholic.

  7. There is no way he has read all those books on the shelves behind him. He would have better reasoning skills than that.

    1. Dear hushai:

      Check out the titles in my post a few above this one. I caught one author’s name [Samuel Gipp] as the guy flipped through the Baptist catalogue. Gipp’s cite features urban myths and legends, conspiracy theory, crackpot titles and more. You could read thousands of such titles and still not have a disciplined mind.

      Christian Socialist

      1. The more you read by authors like Sam Gipp, Peter Ruckman, and Gail Riplinger, the less you know.
        — Or rather, the more of what you “know” is ridiculous nonsense.

        But it has to be true, right? It’s printed in a book.

        1. Dear Big Gary:

          The more you read … the less you know!

          I threw my head back and roared at that!

          Christian Socialist

      2. So CS,IF Sam is trying to convert somebody, is he winning “One for the Gipper”? 😀

        Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

        1. Dear Fundy to Reformed:

          Very clever! That made me laugh as well!
          As an aside, is the video guy ‘Sam?’ Does anyone know him?

          Christian Socialist

  8. Others have pointed it out, but this guy is a Ruckmanite, so he sees evil lurking around every corner….I don’t think he understands how general catalogs or mail order “bookstores” work.

  9. My former Fundy pastor preached against shopping at the local Christian bookstore for similar reasons – and just in time for his plans to expand the church’s bookstore which exclusively sold Fundy approved books.

    Convenient, no?


  10. Just my small comment as an ex-Catholic and current panentheist-Buddhist: the arrogance and ignorance of this “Type” is repulsive. Anyone who commends Chick Tracts is announcing that s/he is a lost soul. I still believe that the Catholic Church makes a solid case for a biblically-liturgical church, even though I no longer believe in that way.

    I would love to see this guy in a debate with a biblically-enlightened Catholic – or a “high church Anglican” or Lutheran – (cruelly),

    Not a very Christian or Buddhist attitude, I know, guess I’ll have to work on it 😉

    1. It wouldn’t be much of a debate, because his version of a Catholic (or Lutheran, or whatever other denominational Christian) is a straw man, bearing little similarity to actually existing people or doctrines.

  11. I once put my ex-fundie pastor on “Victoria’s Secret” mailing list. I wonder if he ordered anything for himself.

    1. I suspect that, after an exhaustive study of the catalog, he determined it was wicked and banned his congregation from looking at it.

      When the next catalog comes, he’ll have to do the same kind of investigation.

      He’s all about taking one for the team.

  12. Roman Catholic = Disgusting
    New Bible Manuscript = bad because the monks at the time said it was bad.
    I love his logic.

  13. Wow! I grew up in a strict IFB home, but my siblings and I ALWAYS looked forward to the CBD catalog, and yes, we as kids would save up money to buy books etc from them. We couldn’t care less about the catholic material advertised. To call it a sin to purchase anything from these catalogs would be the same as calling it a sin to purchase ANYTHING from ANYWHERE that sells anything you have a conviction against. This guy is wrong in that he brings reproach to the cause of Christ through calling something a sin (when it isn’t), demeaning anyone who doesn’t agree with him (didn’t he say that was one of his issues with the Catholic Church?), and promoting catalogs that preach things just as heretical as the others. Silly man.

  14. I get my candles from one of these catalogs (Autom). Is that sinful? they go in my camping gear, and it’s a great deal on a box full…

    (This is of course a rhetorical question- I don’t think God cares where I buy candles.)

  15. I don’t know who this guy is, but I instantly recognize the guttural, nasally, ignorant sounding vocals of my hometown. This guy is a native Philadelphian.

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