222 thoughts on “Rambling Music Rants”

  1. Ah, arguments based on ridiculous generalizations, extreme stereotypes, and absolutely no practical knowledge of the subject being discussed. Clearly a man worth listening to. ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„

    His rant against churches who pay their musicians loses all wind if his church pays him any money to be their pastor (which I’m sure they do). After all, why should he need to be paid to serve God if no one else should be?

    Also, what was with the storm sounds in the background? Were they trying to make him sound dramatic? It didn’t work.

    1. By the way, does anyone have a link to that funny video spoofing the reasons why CCM is supposedly evil? Its the one with the animated “gangsters” and computer generated voices. I can’t find it on youtube…

  2. Hilarious! IFB’s want to keep you at the funeral party. Their brains explode when you bring up verses with other instruments or dancing in the Bible. I just found some great Christian hip-hop by Lecrae and other artists and it had a great biblical message. My Fundie friends would flip out if I mentioned it to them. Oh, wait, all of my so-called fundie friends stabbed me in the back and forsook me over other issues. I can see Jesus cursing these self-righteous, ultra-judgmental, and hyper-critical zombie snakes to their faces.

  3. When I listened to the echo in the video, I immediately thought of the scene in “Airplane!”, where Striker’s inner thoughts are audible and he says, “Now pinch-hitting…for the Dodgers…Manny…Mota…” XD

  4. Thanks so much for this post!!! I have not laughed this hard for a while! When will you post more from this guy? Surely in the past year he has said something bizarre or something!

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