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  1. i think it’s fitting that my 1st comment would be on a post about temple considering that’s where i graduated from high school.

    1. Well in a nutshell “Dr.” Sexton is the biggest hypocrite there is. For example: anyone who doesn’t agree with his is labeled a Calvinist and kicked out of THE Crown College, while he embraces Calvinists in England where they have any extension school. He claims he wants God’s will for each of the college students, while on the other hand claiming God’s will is for everyone to listen to him. He believes you are destined for hell if you have facial hair, don’t wear a white shirt to church, or if you ware flip-flops. He has created a “memorial” for “Dr.” Lee Roberson (aka idol worship), because Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga is now evangelical instead of following the old paths of his fundy kingdom. To top it off he is buddy, buddy with “Dr.” Jack Schaap.

      1. I’m sure that there are bigger hypocrites… I find it hard to believe that he thinks facial hair or wearing non-white shirts destines one for hell. It’s generally asserted that white shirts are considered more conservative than colored ones. Having said that, the Bible speaks of modest dress for men and women, but I don’t recall it mandating conservative dress, or that more conservative dress = more godly. In addition, it would be hard to justify a no-facial hair policy from the Bible.

        I believe this is the man who is trying to set up a new independent fundamental baptist group, so he’s probably prone to overlooking more (so-called) errors than he did previously.

        1. My last fundie pastor, an HAC grad, told me I could not properly understand the Bible because of my beard. It is only a short step to claiming hellfire for that. He also claimed Jesus was clean shaven.

        2. Yep, Jesus was clean shaven… right up until the moment during the passion week when the soldiers needed a beard to start pulling out.

      2. Talk about “Idol worship.” Every year at Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, NC the college (really just the leaders) puts on an elaborate “Founders Day” celebration worshipping (oops I mean “honoring”) Ron Comfort for starting the college. I understand recognizing someone for something they’ve done, but EVERY YEAR having a big hoopla!? Come on.

        Also before I “graduated” we were being prepared for a new addition to the school—an Evangelist Legacy Center. I couldn’t believe that a cash-strapped school like ABC (asking for money all the time) was going to spend their limited resources on a project like that. Basically it will be a shrine to “evangelists” of years past (and some current, ex. Ron Comfort of course).

  2. One does realize that picking pickled peppers is impossible. Peppers are not pickled until after they are picked.

    Nothing like saying a bold face lie with such confidence though….

    1. One doesn’t pick pickled peppers off the bush, but if you had a large vat of pickled peppers, it would be possible to pick out a peck of your favorites.

  3. I’ve got the tools to do an autotune remix. I think I could do a nice job with a vocoder robotic voice.

  4. I’d never heard of the guy either, but a quick Google search reveals that David Cloud has had issues with him.

    Oh wait, that’s everyone. Never mind… 🙄

    1. Yeah that’s everyone alright. I don’t think David Cloud approves of anyone or anybody. All he tells is what’s wrong with everything, never that there’s anything right. 😕

  5. I used to love reciting this when I was a kid! Always good for a chuckle as are most tongue twisters, and @Admiral911 they don’t have to make sense or be true… 😛

    1. bwahaha, I had always heard that one as
      I slit a sheet,
      a sheet I slit,
      upon a slitted,
      Sheet I sit.

      Either way it leads to hilarity for those who try to say it three times as quickly as possible. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  6. If he is friends with Jack Schaap, the more militant IFB types will hate him, since the perception is that Jack Schaap is not KJVO, and the KVJO extremists want everyone to say that the KJV is inspired.

        1. Sorry, sims. Just offering proof that there is a positive relationship between Schaap and Sexton. Attending 2010 Pastors’ School is supportive of Schaap.

      1. The two contrasting styles of extreme smarminess there are sort of mesmerizing.

      2. Check out Sexton’s website baptistfriends.org, if you can stand it. Schaap also spoke at temple in April 2011.

      3. Why does Sexton insist on wearing out of style double breasted suits? I think it’s because Lee Roberson used to wear them and that’s the source of his power!

        Also, when they say cliche stuff like “pray that God will do something in our hearts….” they sound like they’re saying something really deep and important..when they’re not really saying anything at all.

        1. Lee Roberson only wore navy blue double breasted suits. Always. Had to be navy blue (I think exception was for funerals).

        2. Double-breasted suits have never entirely gone out of style. David Letterman often wears one on his show. Personally, I think they look classy. The same with fedoras, which are making something of a comeback these days.

        3. My understanding is that Clarence Sexton actually inherited Curtis Hutson’s wardrobe and wears his old suits so he can be filled with the power of God when he preaches!!!

    1. Schaap has his Crazy Eyes on in this clip. Personally, I could do without seeing all the man patting.

      1. Yeah, I’m all for pda but somehow watching them do it, there is a creepiness factor that I can’t put my finger on. 😯

        1. That’s because these guys don’t touch as a gesture of affection, but of dominance.

          The way they do it, putting a hand on you or an arm around your shoulder means, “I’m controlling you.”

      2. Try what I just did: Watch the clip with the sound turned off. Just watch their eyes and their hands. Their bodies tell a different story from the words coming out of their lips.

        1. I never watched it with the sound, because I didn’t feel like putting my earbuds on. Sexton’s smile seems false, and he seems patronizing to Schaap.

    1. It means he will say he is really, really sorry before the court hands down his sentence.

    2. Why, the same thing it meant when uttered by George WMD Bush, except he called it “compassionate conservatism.” It means fleece the sheep to provide funding for whatever the Prez or the MOG thinks is right.

    3. I don’t think it means a darn thing, they just thought it sounded godly. 😈 🙄

  7. Two questions. First: If the peppers are pickled, then would it be a sin to pick them in the first place? Second: If we are to avoid even the appearance of evil, and practice separation to the second or even third degree (I just made this up, at least to the third degree), then would it be biblical to even touch pickled peppers in the first place? Sounds to me like Peter Piper has a deep seated sin issue that needs to be dealt with at the altar.

  8. I have to say that this is the first time in a while that I listened to a fundy preacher without wanting to throw something. :mrgreen:

  9. I thought it was a Tommy Lee Jones voice over for a minute there.

    What a pleasure to watch a MOG video that is only 8 seconds long. Bless you!

  10. Picking Pickled peppers is not as easy as it sounds. It is easier to say than do. Sexton produces losers for graduates. I spent weeks with one who took over a ministry I was running. He lied to my face, said he would not turn it into a KJVO group. Then he made the 20 somethings start using only hymns. Totally destroyed the ministry.

      1. Of course, everyone except those who have departed while shaking the dust off their feet, including you.

      2. I’m not a looser. I’m not IFB anymore either. I have nothing but high respect for Dr. Sexton. When other Fundies wanted nothing to do with me, he did. Even knowing that I would not stay IFB.

  11. Awesome, Darrell. I didn’t want to click for such a long time. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to hear whatever it was, even if it did make a bit more sense than usual. What a reward for choosing to click!

  12. Boy, there was more “man patting” going on in that video than there than goes on in an episode of Sons of Anarchy. I like the show, but could do without all the man hugging and slapping. This video starts to send my twitch-o-meter off into the red zone.

    1. Yep. There’s more patting going on here than most TSA checkpoints and major league baseball games combined. =D

  13. In both clips he’s wearing the same God-given Pickled Pepper sales suit. *snickers*

  14. I visited Crown with a group for a music conference less than a year before my geographic and spiritual departure from Fundyism. Credit where credit is due, the students struck me as far less crazy than their southern cousins in Lattimore, NC, or their northern cousins in Menomonee Falls, WI. And in some ways I think dorm life there was less strict than at the Bob.

    Buuuuut…yeah, it’s still in the same vein of crazy.

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