FWOTW: samgipp.com

Sam Gipp is no stranger to this site but it’s about time we made it official and featured his website o’ crazy as our Fundamentalist Website of the Week. Do enjoy the motivation posters and his plethora of books about the King James Version. Jesus is strangely absent.

There’s also an entire section of audio and video which you’ll do best to completely avoid if you have any love for either your eardrums or your sanity.


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    1. Took over a year and now that it has happened…I don’t know what to do.

      Sam Gipp has been around a long time. Does he sell Gail Rip linger books on his site?

      1. Congrats on your first first! Nothing quite like it.

        I’m not as familiar with Sam Gipp as a lot of you, he never visited our church in Michigan. But from what I’ve read he’s one of the fundiest fundies of them all and that ain’t no compliment. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    1. Wow… actually made second… ๐Ÿ™‚

      Can now say my week has been made… ๐Ÿ˜›

      Somewhat ashamed to confess I had Sam Gipp’s signature in my old KJV as a young teen. Used to give me bragging rights… Sad, sad world… ๐Ÿ˜ณ

      1. I have no idea who gipp is, I did however have hyles and Shelton Smith signatures in my old kjv. How sad indeed.

  1. The ‘Twisted Values’ part. Really? Everybody wants to be a victim? My only advice for Gipp is PUT THE CRACK PIPE DOWN! You are not a victim or being persecuted if you are a christian and someone says they don’t agree with your right wing views; your paranoia is showing. Not everyone who doesn’t go to church or who does not believe the bible are living immoral lives. No wonder they want to be separate and only ‘fellowship’ with others like them, then there is no one to give them that ‘are you kidding me?!?!’ look and they can feel all powerful in their delusions.

    1. I think we do encourage an atmosphere of victimhood in our society. I won’t get all soapboxy on that here, but everyone seems eager to clamor about how offended they are, and certainly my grievance is worse than yours!! ๐Ÿ™„

      But by far the loudest and first to cry “victim” are the super-conservative Christians. By and large they haven’t lived in a time or place that has truly persecuted them, but they claim persecution like a badge, in the richest most open country in the world. Meanwhile, they have television staions, radio stations, schools and colleges, plus just about every elected official claiming some brand of Christianity. If that’s persecution, sign my sorry butt up!

      1. I agree

        It is a big part of what is wrong inside and outside of the church today

        Most people prefer to blame either fundamentlaism or liberalism for their own shortcomings or problems

  2. In skimming his articles, all I see are grammatical errors and an arrogant someone who loves to tell everyone else they’re arrogant. I sure see the love of God in each and every one of his articles. ๐Ÿ™„

      1. I swear the original letter (I have a hard copy around here somewhere) mentioned that he even kissed his wife before they were married and didn’t regret it one bit. The fact that he even had to say that (and possibly delete it later) highlights the insanity in Fundystan. :/

    1. That was a VERY good article. Courting has never been my choice for my kids. Everyone I know personally who espouses it is entitled to their opinion, but 99% of them are whackadoodles on so many fronts. I feel sorry for the kids put under this pressure.
      I just took that “whoso findeth a wife” verse to heart and went out and found one. Almost twenty years of marriage, love her so much, having a blast in life. Wouldn’t trade it.
      I want the same for my kids.

    2. That was a good article! So few fundamentalists will admit the flaws of today’s “courting”, it makes me think that this realization on his part might have been the result of his own sons being mistreated by other other fathers (he mentions it a couple of times).

    3. I have to echo the others here — that was an excellent article!

      My only thought was that it’s great that he trusts his son, but he still way want to do an audit occasionally to verify nothing untoward is occurring.

      I trust my pastor, but I also fully support having the books audited regularly.

    4. Excellent article??? You all need to get out more. He made some good points, but to call that excellent writing kinda blows my mind. His tone is completely aggressive and doesn’t convey any kind of attitude I’d expect from a Pastor or other preacher of God’s word.

      1. I was referring to how he blasts the courtship nonsense. Don’t get all flabbergasted and whatnot. He made alot of people mad over that article because he bucked the latest trend in Fundyville. Whether or not I agree with everything else he says doesn’t mean I can’t voice when I do agree. He blasted courtship as a doctrine, I liked it, end of story.

        1. Blasting courtship as a doctrine – yes, it deserves to be ridiculed. It’s amazing to find something agreeable in his writings. But as much as I agree with his point in that article, I still wouldn’t call it an “excellent article” – that’s the only point I was trying to make.

      2. Probably, I shouldn’t have called it that… but it was such a surprise to read from the usual stuff about dating/courtship among fundamentalists.

        The “excellent” was not supposed to be about the writing quality, but more about my shock that he would write something like that.

  3. “We owe our murderous Muslim enemies nothing: not respect, mercy or life. Our Military should give every soldier a pack of bacon and have them put it in the mouth of every Muslim corpse.” – Sam Gipp

      1. I tend to believe it is more a case of pandering. He is playing to his base, the America is God’s chosen people, God Bless the USA because we are a Christian nation crowd.

    1. A true Christian! His words are so reminiscent of Jesus words on the cross! Oh, wait… Luke 23:33-34… Dang.

    2. Here we have a perfect example of “Dr.” Gipp’s overflowing wisdom and charm. ๐Ÿ™„

    3. Apart from the meanness, impiety, and sheer craziness of this suggestion, Dr. Bull Gipp must have no idea what bacon smells like after it has been sitting in the hot sun for a few days. I wouldn’t force anyone to carry it around on in the field.

    4. According to the DoD’s statistics there are approximately 3,500 Muslims in the US military. I am guessing the 4,500 Jews currently serving wouldn’t be too keen on carrying around a package of bacon either.

      1. But but but but this is a Christian Nation ™, with Christian Soldiers ™ that all look like Captain America. You don’t mean to imply that we have “different” folks here, do ya?

    5. The last time I heard him preach, he said, “…and when anybody wants to immigrate to America, the first thing they should have to do is get down on their knees and say, ‘Jesus is Lord.'” Not those exact words, but something frighteningly close.

      1. There’s nothing God wants more then a bunch of false verbal confessions from people just saying it to get into the country. Also, it isn’t like freedom of religion is an important part of our constitution or anything. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ This man really saddens me.

  4. Sam Gipp’s ministry should actually be called “Friend to Pastors Ministries”.

    1. That is precisely what makes him such an “in demand” so-called evangelist. He goes into a church, reads them the riot act, straightens them out on how they are to properly reverence the M-O-g and generally lays down the law to them on how to “do” church. The pastor is the beneficiary of his flogging of the sheeple. If done properly the tithes and offerings will show at least a temporary increase and any murmmuring against the M-O-g will die down for a season. This is the work of the modern IFB evangelist. And BULLGIPP is a master in the ways of guilt and minipulation.

    2. “A Friend to Mean-Spirited, Paranoid, Autocratic Pastors Ministries” is a little long, but it about sums it up.

  5. After reading this article I can honestly say I’ve rarely seen such ignorance…


    I also wonder what happened to his second King James video? That first one he did a few months ago was actually done quite well, though again, his arguments were full of holes.

    1. I clicked on this link thinking everyone was exaggerating. Wow, was I wrong! How do you even deconstruct such a crazy rant?

      I really can’t understand how people live with such anger for so long. I’ve been an angry person in the past. It tears you up after awhile. You can see how irrational its made him by saying that he believes Billy Graham is saved, and in the next sentence or two calls Billy an apostate.

      I also don’t understand why these guys think anger is such a righteous thing. “The fruite of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness faithfullness, gentleness, and self control.” Nope; anger’s not on the list.

      1. Yeah, Mr. Gipp’s thinking processes are in a bit of a shambles. Mr. Graham is “the man who destroyed America”, but “I believe he is saved” and “but he will answer for being the shepherd that led his flock into the arms of the butchers.” In the same breath “People will be in heaven because of him.”

        Seriously, the guy goes on in a way that reminds me very much of the emails I get from a dear friend of mine when he’s in the grips of mental illness.

        Mr. Gipp deserves our prayers, not our scorn. I will leave it at that, and you can draw your own conclusions.

    2. ….as excellent as the article on Courtship was…..

      this one INSANE


  6. Gipp has a lot of stupidity on his site. I mean a lot! For sheer quantity he is hard to beat.

    “Coming Soon to a Highway Near You! Watch for a brutal, merciless national anti-speeding campaign. It will be coordinated with increased rates for speeders, license suspension and ‘Call This Number to Turn in a Speeder’. Of course, there will be unending TV specials showing “Death by Speeding”. Why will they do this? Because they want to eradicate every last ounce of aggressiveness from our population”.

    I simply cannot believe that this clown thinks enforcing the speed limit is a secret government plot to neuter good, godly aggressive people!

    From the same article:

    …I mentioned the abnormal abundance of the color purple (the color associated with homosexuality) showing into news broadcasts, commercials and movies. Now, if you have been watching, you have seen the introduction of an equally abnormal amount of the color pink, traditionally associated with women. It seems the Manipulators of Society have decided that the time is ripe to make a huge psychological push to subconsciously push the men of America to be more feminine.”

    I think it is obvious that Gipp is hands down the best Poe ever. He cannot be real! I think he is an elaborate, decades-long piece of performance art.
    I make myself think that since the alternative is just too depressing.

    1. Sigh. Pink traditionally was the color for boys, pink being the watered down version of red. And if he’d bother to talk to a gay person, he’d find out that purple is SO 90s!! Who uses purple any more!?!

      I assume that the speeders in question are the good fundies late for church??

      1. Wow! I believe Gipp manages to cram every single logical fallacy in existence into each of his articles.

        I believe this may actually be a new logical fallacy. It appears to be Guilt by Association, One Generation Removed:

        “Like many environmentalists today, this man was an actor in the 1830s but he was also a drunk. He would allow no firearms on his estate, “The Farm.” and no trees could be cut for firewood. He allowed no animals to be killed on it. He considered lizards, turtles and mosquitos to be as worthy of life as he. He raised his children to be strict vegetarians. He was subject to frequent seizures. When his horse died he had his wife wrap herself in a sheet and sit on the body while he walked around it with a shotgun and read a funeral service. When his daughter died he laid her body in bed with him and alternately laughed and cried. Although he was married, he lived with a woman other than his wife. His name was Junius Brutus Booth, the father of John Wilkes Booth. He was the first environmentalist.”

        1. He allowed no firearms on his farm, yet he walked around his dead horse with a shotgun?? Did he have to tow the dead horse to another farm for this??? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      2. “… purple is SO 90s!! Who uses purple any more!?!”

        Well, to judge from the second item in the right-hand column on his home page, “Dr.” Gipp seems to think that Bill Clinton is still President, so I’m not sure what year it is in his universe.

    2. He thinks enforcing speed limits is a bad idea? Really? Wow. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      My state just raised the speed limits on highways. How would Gipp see that as a sign of the end times?

  7. I skimmed his site quick, I couldn’t find “Jesus” anywhere. Maybe I missed it…. anybody else see where he speaks of “gospel” or “Jesus”

  8. “A Friend to Churches… that believe EXACTLY like I do, including all the insane things I made up and conspiracy theories I hold to.”

    Of course, he might be one of those extra-arrogant fundies that say that any church that doesn’t believe exactly like him isn’t really a church.

  9. OK, I glanced at the home page and the “Teen Posters.”

    A bunch of paranoid conspiracy theories (one piece seems to think it’s 1969 and another seems stuck in the late 1990s), a KJV-Only ignorancefest, and “Teen Posters” that would make every teenager I know retch and puke.

    That was about all the crazy I can take today.
    I think I’ll skip the audio and video, but thanks anyway, Darrell. ๐Ÿ˜•

  10. I just read his “There is no King James Bible Controversy.” My thoughts after that were something like this: “Aaaghherawageragh.” In other words, that essay didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. You mean people actually think like that?

    1. It’s an exaggeration to call it “thinking.”

      It would be more accurate to say their synapses are firing.

  11. In a website design critique: I think it needs more oldskool amazon.com tabs up top there. Really. You can’t get enough.

    1. Actually, we know exactly how much sabotage was prevented: none.

      Not all Japanese-Americans were interned during the war (it varied by region of the country). There were absolutely no acts of sabotage or disloyalty of any sort by Japanese immigrants or their children or grandchildren.

      And a U.S. military unit of Japanese-American young men was the most decorated group of soldiers in the country in World War II.

      1. You’re referring to the all-Nisei 442nd RCT. While I agree that Japanese-Americans posed no more statistical threat than did German-Americans during either World War, it’s a unprovable assertion that they committed no acts f sabotage. And the treatment of Japanese-Americans during WWII had more in common with the Third Reich’s treatment of Jews than any of us would be comfortable admitting, even though the internments were no Endloesung.

      1. I didn’t think 13 was quite so bad as, say page 14. At least he admits that the KJV people were inspired…

        and I never thought that John was Elijah, as he seems to think.

    1. According to Mr Gipp, I’m a TR man (and thus badly educated) instead of a KJV man.

    2. After reading pages 10 and 11, and attempting to read his history of the Bible, one line popped into my head:

      “Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.”

      1. heh – love the PB reference. The exact proper response eludes me; I think it is something like “I’m just getting started!”

    3. How can people willing make themselves be this ignorant? *sigh* He doesn’t even need critics. His writings speak for themselves.

    4. And point #3 included some rewriting of history as the KJV only crowd are often wont to do. ๐Ÿ™„

    5. At least two of the links in the Answerbook point to the wrong entry.

      His defense of Ruckman’s un-Christlike attitude is pretty pathetic.

  12. This gem from the “about” page is classic: “He has the unique ability to digest large amounts of information and then present it in an analytical, understandable, format.”

    The jokes, they write themselves. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. What he presents does seem to have passed through his digestive system …

  13. http://samgipp.com/essays/?page=66.htm

    Mr. Gipp’s pearls of wisdom on the auto industry, because “… even knowing the News Mafia makes a profession of lying doesn’t give you the truth. I thought I would inform you of the facts so you can temper the avalanche of negative reports about the cars built by your country.”

    In fact I wrestled with that very fact a few years, whether to buy a GM product or a Honda. Except the GM product was made overseas, and the Honda was made a half hour’s drive from my home. But that’s far too nuanced an argument for Mr. Gipp.

    1. While I agree with Gipp about the media being far too biased, it isn’t just the “liberal media” that doesn’t even try to give unbiased facts to its listeners/readers. Gipp is just as bad (not to mention the just-as-biased conservative news sources).

      What’s funny is that he’s trying to appear unbiased on a website that is all about his biases.

  14. In the lower right hand corner of his home page he quotes I Kings 19:18 “Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him”, and then proceeds to name names of young men who to him fit the bill of faithfulness.

    Would I be right to assume that unless you subscribe to KJVonly-ism, you would not be considered part of this list? (Also if you’re female you don’t get a mention by name.)

    Thank the Lord that HE’S the one keeping the list. He knows the heart. He knows who is true to Him and who is not.

    I know out of everything on that page this might seem a trivial thing to point out, but it is an example of how often fundamentalists assume that unless you believe exactly as they do, you’re not one of God’s “faithful few.”

    1. I am very very very close to someone on that list. Like, extremely close…

    2. Well, if you’re female, you DO get a mention if your name is “wife”. ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. “I’ve also excluded some tremendous single young ladies whose desire is to serve the Lord.”

      A blessing in disguise, really. Hopefully, if these “single young ladies” wake up some time in the future to the lunacy of men like Gipp, they will be glad that they were never mentioned by name on his website. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Hmm. Don’t you just love the happy smile of the soldier firing his weapon in the Standing Tall poster? This Gipp guy seems a bit twisted.

    1. He’s going into battle without his helmet on.
      Also, I don’t know what country he is fighting for– it’s one that has about eleven stripes and six to nine stars on its flag.

  16. I went to see Sam Gipp last year as we don’t get many notorious fundies here in Dorset, UK. A couple of things I remember from his ravings were that use of modern Bibles has lead to belly-dancing in worship and that whether or not Caleb’s daughter broke wind when she got off her ass in Judges 1:14 is a crucial fact in the translation debate.
    I asked his wife afterwards where he got his doctorate from and she looked really surprised. It wasn’t noted on any of his publications.
    What maddens me about people of his ilk using the title ‘Dr’ is that they are not prepared to engage with any of the academic rigour that holding such a title implies.

    1. The broke wind in Judges 1:14 reminds me an awful lot of Steven Anderson’s pisseth against the wall rant.

    2. For the record, he got his earned Th.D (in the sense that it is not honorary) from Pensacola Bible Institute, the unaccredited Bible school of Peter S. Ruckman, a Ph.D from Bob Jones and the king of KJVO.

      I’m pretty sure his book “An Understandable History of the Bible” was his doctoral dissertation. So, at least he did some work for it, unlike others (for instance, “Dr.” Paul Chappell and “Dr.” Chuck Baldwin). It is, admittedly, not doctoral quality work.

  17. This is from the about page:
    He has the unique ability to digest large amounts of information and then present it in an analytical, understandable, format. His humerous, informative and forceful preaching style make him popular with all ages

    Is humerous the ability to bring laughter with the arm bone? Or is a KJV style spelling? I need an Old Paths doctorate so “i too can talk like a doctor”

  18. Have a look at the Ankerberg videos he did some time ago on youtube. When Sir Bullgipp got around some actual bible scholars, he got schooled every which way but loose. You almost want to feel embarrassed for him!

    1. Yeah..look at the youtube debate between James White and Gipp over the non-KJVO scholar losing his voice. (Apparently Gipp believes God shut him up.)

      1. In my time in fundyism, I’ve heard at least three different preachers (Gipp might have been one of them) claim that while they were arguing with someone, God suddenly struck the other person silent. But if the preacher in question had real truth on their side, and they were speaking that truth in the way that God commanded, why would God need to supernaturally silence someone in order for you to “win” the argument? โ“

    2. Wow–no wonder Ruckmanites feel the way they do–White and the others really come across whiney

      Not saying they were wrong, ( I think they were right) …just saying they come across so stereotypical and flimsy. Gipp actually looks good by comparrison

  19. Why does his kids book The Time When There Was NO BIBLE show a kid in B.C. attire? Everyone knows that was all of history until 1611.

  20. This is particularly unhinged. I love the “Zimmerman is Hispanic, therefore he can’t be racist” thinking going on here:


    Yeah, no racist undertones to Mr. Gipp’s online thoughts, to be sure.

    Again, a man to be pitied, not scorned.

    1. If you think Hispanic folks can’t be racially prejudiced, I’ve got some neighbors I’d like you to meet.

      By the way, Gipp gets the origin of the term “lynching” wrong here. He’s retailing (“vectoring” is the term used by folklorists) a word origin legend that is almost certainly false. There are at least ten published sources refuting Gipp’s yarn, but I don’t have time to look them up and post them here. If you’re interested, an Internet search should turn them up.

  21. I would pity him, but he is actually deceiving a LOT of people. I am ashamed to admit that thanks to Sam Gipp, I was converted to the KJVO stance for a few years. It was actually his visit to our church that did it for me.

    No pity. I am glad that God takes false teachers seriously.

  22. Horrifying. Gipps’ “letters from a friend” are … horrifying. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  23. From Sam Gipp’s site:

    “Dr. Gipp has generously allowed placement of his entire book, “The Answer Book” online at Chick.com for all to read.”

    It is quite self-serving to call yourself “generous” on you own website. It is okay when someone else refers to a person as generous, but not when they are referring to themselves.

    Just a glimpse into the arrogance.

    1. Chick publications — demonstrate the gospel by showing how much you can hate!

      Chick “fillets” everybody who is not a radical fundy!

      Chick tracts were one of the instruments God used to make me aware of how odious Christians can make themselves to the world.

  24. He begins the year with more than 2 weeks in Australia, and ends the year with at least 3 weeks in Hawaii.

    1. He also can’t spell “Canberra”. It’s only our nation’s capital. ๐Ÿ™„

  25. For nearly 1000 yrs roughly between AD500 and AD1500, Christians tried to reform the church through actions. Then, one bright young monk named Luther got the idea that perhaps the bad behavior was the result of bad doctrine, and the Reformation was born. May I suggest that in Gipp’s case, perhaps his utter lack of Christianity results from the same malaise?

  26. He has enough politics in his articles and essays to make me think of notifying the IRS. He is a birther, a conspiracy theorist freak (as are most radical fundies), and a liar (well, what else can you call someone who says that “Liberals live in homes with statues of themselves in every room. They do this because they can think of no one more noble or more virtuous than…themselves.”)

    I find that the more I read the Bible, the more I see Jesus as a liberal, One Who scared the Pharisees and Sadducees silly as Jesus taught people that the Kingdom is not found by following rules or by amassing great wealth. Jesus taught that the poor and sick are not necessarily responsible for their predicament and that we need to be charitable and loving.

    I really see nothing charitable or loving about this character. I am a liberal and a Christian. No doubt he would rail at me as a traitor and a heathen. It seems he has made Conservative Politics his real God, while the Jesus who took religious leaders — like Gipp — to task is ignored.

    1. A while back, somebody here said Gipp and his kind preach a “Christless gospel.” I think that’s about right.

  27. This is one of the sickest “christian” websites I have seen, yet.
    I feel kind of guilty that I almost agree about “courting,” even if I have a more liberal and less Biblical motivation.
    I hope that makes sense… ๐Ÿ˜•

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