GOH: New Name In Glory

Check out those drums!! Of course they’re sanctified because they’re playing “on the beat” in military marching style. Yeah, that must be it.

Also in evidence are some pretty amazing song leading techniques and a bunch of votes amen.

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    1. Whatever it is I am sure it will be on SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! PREACH-O-RAMA MANIA!!!

    2. A buffet of bloated, blithering buffoonery being verbose about blasting their blinded body of believers for harboring any root of bitterness. Boasting in their blessed bounty of Bibliolatry.

    3. My mother always used the word “blow-out” to refer to consuming an indecently large amount of food. so I think it’s a potluck supper. 😉

    4. If that joint is really named “Bad Attitude Baptist Blowout Bible Baptist Church,” that’s got to be the most awesome name for a Baptist church I’ve ever heard. +100 coolness points for the church name!

    5. My family and my in-law family uses the term “blowout” when a baby has exceeded the diaper’s capacity in one BM and has “blownout” feces. So, yeah this is perfect for a Baptist church. 😎

  1. What in heaven’s name is a “Bad Attitude Baptist Blowout”?

    The sign should read “Bad Attitude Baptist Blowhards”.

    1. It sounds like “fundies who want to look a little bit dangerous and exciting, but not too much.”

  2. As much as I don’t prefer that style of music worship, at least they look like they’re enjoying themselves, contrary to every IFB church I’ve ever been in.

  3. Been to MANY of these. This is a Ruckman type meeting, started in the late 70’s. Bad Attitude Baptist Blowout was the moniker because of the strong stance on the KJV, standards, doctrine, etc. It was due to other folks saying we had a bad attitude because we wouldn’t compromise.
    I have been to about 20 of these meetings, but it did get held in different churches in the country and I believe the banner was shipped around.
    But this looks like Ruckmans church in Pensacola I think.

  4. The Bad Attitude Baptist Blowout folks get points for honesty! 😀

    Around 1:57 a guy near the front throws either a songbook or a Bible. I can’t tell.

    I actually enjoyed the music. It is the kind of singing I grew up hearing.

    1. Hymnal throwing, running the bases,jumping across pew tops…standard operating procedure. Oh yeah, don’t forget you can run around the building too…

    2. Hymnal throwing? How impolite. Standing on the pews and running on them? That is what the MOG types would yell at my kids for doing.

      1. Impolite doesn’t really affect you if you have a bad attitude, now does it…

    3. I always wonder how many people get clocked in the heads by that hymnal-and-Bible-throwing at those Blowout Baptist Churches. It looks dangerous.

      1. Haymen! I’ll make as many trips as I can while marching during the same service!! Dragging new people with me every time! 😉

  5. What is with all the shouting during the song? Is it really necessary? Just seems like people want to get a word in edgewise before the preaching


  6. I have been visiting the SFL portal for over a year now, and something that is always mentioned is “Where is Christ?” when an IFB church exalts certain things over Jesus.
    Having grown up in the “Doc” Ruckman atmosphere, the older I got the more I wondered “where is Christ” in all this. We talked about Him in messages, but I don’t think He was exalted as much as He should have been.
    When I see a banner like this, and a picture of Ruckman on one side, and a cartoon character on the other holding the KJV, and Bad Attitude in the middle, my first thought is “no wonder people thought we were a joke.” And then it comes back to “Where is Christ?”
    I have personally heard Ruckman talk about “man centered” churches in a negative way, but he still preached at meetings with a 4ft picture of himself behind the pulpit.
    Not sure I am going to have a good day now. This is bothering me.

    1. That is such a good point. I’ve noticed the same thing. You hear these men preach, and they talk all time about exalting Christ, but they don’t actually do it. They talk about how important the Word is to them, but they don’t actually use it. They talk about glorifying God, but they spend their whole time talking about men.

      1. That’s the confusing part. They SAY they do, but they don’t. Their claims are not verified with what they honor and emphasize.

    1. Ruckman has been a biiiiiig fan of German marches for ages. We had a tape of them when I was a kid that he’d given to my dad.

  7. Every head bowed and every eye closed. No one looking around…
    ::Piano playing softly::
    Everyone needs to come to the next Bad Attitude Baptist Blowout?

    We need to show thems debil worshiping libral’s that the King James Version IS the Word of God… Haymen?

    Every head bowed. Every eye closed, it’s just the good Lord and me, (mostly me and about 30 of the biggest gossiping ladies in this church)….

    I see that hand. I see that hand over thar’ I see that hand back thar’..I see this hand up ‘har…

    Praise Jesus…

    Now ladies we need you too. We need the ladies to cook up all that high fat food. Can’t have the Men-O-God gettin’ skinny, now can we? That would be out of the will of God. Haymen?

    I see that hand, sister Bertha and sister Mary. God bless ya’ sisters.

    We are going to have a good time at the Bad Attitude Baptist Blowout thes’ comin’ September 20-23 in the Holy City of Pensacola Florida. We’s gonna be kickin’ the debil in his keester. Haymen? http://www.kjv1611.org/blowoutinformation.html

      1. David Spurgeon and Wilson Calvin.

        Reminds me of that T-shirt that says “I’m a Marxist,” and it has a picture of Groucho, Chico, and Harpo.

        (That’s the kind of Marxist I am, in case anyone was wondering.)

        1. I almost bought on once that was in tribute to Marx and Lennon. Great picture of Julius and John on it.

        2. Big Gary, I don’t know if you’ve heard the Spurgeon’s song, “Can I Get a Witness,” but one of my friends wrote a parody called “Can I Get a Hit-List” that’s rather decent.

          And I don’t know about Wilson Calvin, but his son Terrence comes to my church about once a year. He preached on Easter Sunday last year and raped John 21 from the pulpit. I was so grieved that I literally had to repress vomit at one point. That man knows nothing whatsoever of the grace of God. I’m not a Calvinist (monergist, yes), but a good dose of Total Depravity would do that man a lot of good.

        3. Not going to hear any monergistic invitations from the pulpit of Charity any time soon.

  8. I totally forgot about that song, now it’s going to be stuck in my head all day! Thanks!!!

    We used to have a guest song leader come and we would always sing this song. He loved to hold out that last “forgiven” in the chorus.

  9. Yea, I watch 29 seconds of that and thought, if I watch any more, its going to ruin my weekend….

  10. for some reason this clip makes me think of the MIssissippi Squirrel Revival song:

    I’m not entirely sure why. But I do know that “blowout” is how we used to refer to children in the nursery whose diaper contents leaked out. So it might be a pretty accurate term. in this situation.

  11. oh, I know why it reminds me of the squirrel song. Hillbilly/redneck-ness combined with emotional hysteria.

  12. Maybe a Baptist blowout is when all the ladies at the church go get their hair did.

    Or what happens when the bus gets so full of kids the tires cannot take the pressure.

    Or what happens when Preacher Man’s pants when he has to judge (snicker) at the annual chili cook-off.

  13. “Bad Attitude Baptist Blowout”

    Sounds like an infomercial for Baptist Holy Undergarments.

    “Bad Attitude Baptist Blowout”

    Well, that sucks.

    “Bad Attitude Baptist Blowout”

    What is it? A tribute to a member of the IFB’s A-Team

  14. “But Lord, Lord, did we not throw hymnals and sing loudly in your name, and get real happy and whoop and holler when we sang about our salvation??”
    God- “Depart from me…I never knew you.”

  15. I had forgotten this song. It was one of my favorites — a good beat, sung at a good speed, and no one cared if you sang loudly. 😀
    Good times. 😎

  16. Love the drums. Hyles would have had a conniption then proceed to bad mouth them at Pastors School and remind everyone that FBC is the only church that is right.

  17. On a more serious Theological note:
    Here is a paradox- How can there be a new name written down in glory, if one’s name was written in the Lamb’s book of life since before the foundation of the world?

    1. You just had to bring it up. Hopefully your favorite conversation partner on this issue won’t show up. 😀

    2. I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but I kind of thought God had His own name for us, completely separate from our earthly name. I think I got that idea from Max Lucado’s “When God Whispers Your Name”, if memory serves.

      In that case, the name written down before the foundation of the world would be that name, which will be new to us when we get there. Hence, it is “new to us” although it has existed since before the foundation of the world.

    3. @Don

      I don’t think it is intended to be chronological–“new name” being a reference to the new name given to saints in Revelation 2.

      1. True, but how many actually associate it with that instead of associating it with their “moment of salvation?” The IFb especially lives in the moment. They live for the experience of Church, the emotional experience, the being in the right place and all. I know it was only after I left the IFB that I viewed this song in terms of eternal salvation that God established before the beginning of creation.

    4. I hope my new name is Maximus Doom or Flintock Killingsworth. Those would be awesome dude names to have for eternity.

  18. Bad Attitude Baptist Blowout is a preacher’s conference held at Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, where Peter Ruckman is pastor. It is held in February. I am ashamed to say, I have been in that church a couple times and recognized it right off the bat in the video. A bit of history surrounding Ruckman that many may not know. He was the associate pastor under Hugh Pyle at Brent Baptist Church in Pensacola. Brent Baptist was a Southern Baptist church and so were Pyle and Ruckman at that time. Pyle left and went to pastor in Panama City and Ruckman became pastor. When Ruckman first wife left him, he was asked to resign as pastor. Ruckman refused to resign. The church eventually folded and Ruckman started Bible Baptist Church. The old Brent Baptist Church building is now the Rawson Chapel and the original Campus Church at Pensacola Christian College. That is why Ruckman lived by PCC for so many years. He was there before PCC started. He finally sold his house to PCC a few years ago. Ruckman is turning 90 years old this year. Unfortunately, I know way too many preachers he has brain washed with his odd doctrines and interpretation of the KJV.

    1. Unfortunately, I recognize two people in the audience. Both are kids of a Ruckmanite pastor my parents were under back in the 80’s. They are now adults and still under that garbage. Makes me sad.

    1. This. I enjoyed the GOH more than the usual examples, though. At least it didn’t look and sound like the typical IFB Zombie Chorus.

  19. Excellent point! Also, the “And it’s mine, oh yes it’s mine!” Seems very boastful to me. Always has. I am disturbed by the fundy obsession/definition: “gettin’ saved” = going to heaven. So much emphasis on, “Well I’m goin’ to heaven- I’m saved!” Is that all they truly think Jesus came to this earth to accomplish? Not that in any way our eternity in heaven is a small thing…but it’s not “it”. Christ put us on earth for more then just, “Well you prayed the prayer, you’re a Christian and now you’re going to heaven!” No. Where’s the discipleship? Where’s caring for the poor? Caring for the physical, financial and spiritual needs of others the way Christ did and commanded us to do as well??
    So, so strange. I am disturbed by how they revel in their “status” in heaven as if it’s to their credit. Gross.

    1. Great points. I had NO discipleship either and was on my own. But I did REALLY believe on the LORD. At the time though, this church was a fundy lite church.

      1. Oh, I had discipleship. The pastor had written a whole series in a discipleship program to go through. It was basically, “How to do things the IFB way”.

    2. How that post just says it all. Praise God for the truth of it. I hope that every christian will take your post to heart.

  20. Ya wanna feel like someone’s pounding on your head with a hammer? Watch that vid with a migraine.

    The song leading was frightening, and no one wants me to comment on what I think of with the term, “blowout”. 😉

    1. I don’t know what you think about with the term “Blowout”, but I’m another one that associates that term with baby pooh blowing out of the diaper, down the leg, in the car seat, etc… :mrgreen:

      1. The only way I’ve ever heard the word blowout used was in connection with a sale. A flyer might advertize a blowout sale at a particular store, and I always take from that that they are getting rid of a lot of old merchandise to move in new stuff and the old stuff is going to be priced very low.

  21. I have never really this song. It’s not biblical, as others have pointed out.

    And I would discipline my children for throwing a book. There is no excuse.

    And the music is so loud I can’t hear the singing very well. Thought that was a no-no.

    Thanks for letting me have a space to vent.

    1. Whereas I was surprised at how clear the words were, considering congregational singing usually turns into mush.

      And I don’t mind people getting a little too excited about their sins being forgiven…it’s too bad the humility inherent in that realization often doesn’t carry over into preaching and practice. :/

    2. I as well thought the book throwing (was it a hymnal or songbook??) was bizarre and uncalled for. We, as adults, would’ve been reprimanded for that in the church I was in… Services were supposed to be dignified, no whooping and hollering, no one drawing attention to themlselves, nothing out of place, and NO mistakes, ever.

      The church I left also had the organ and piano SO loud you could’nt hear yourself sing. There was one member of the congregation that sang unbelievably loud and off and I think they turned the organ up to mask his voice so others would be encouraged to sing out. Didn’t work, though.

  22. and since when did “Bad Attitude” become a fruit of the Spirit? These people are kidding themselves if they think God is impressed with their belligerent spirit. The irony of the fact that they are singing so loud and boisterously about their salvation is that they apparently have no concept of what the Christian life actually looks like.

  23. I am an ex-fundy, but still a Christian. I actually wanted to join in on the worship! I love old hymns!

    True story: I actually met someone who went to Hyles Anderson. He was a very nice person, but he looked crestfallen when I said that my friends and I went to a Bible college that was not Hyles Anderson.

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