Sri Lanka Sundays

Historically, I don’t usually post on SFL on the weekend unless there’s some kind of breaking news. Three years of daily blogging takes its toll and I need a day off once in a while too. Beside which, most of you are busy on the weekend and don’t catch up here until Monday anyway.

But for the next few weeks as I prepare to travel to Sri Lanka I’m going to be taking Sunday to do a spotlight section on both the country of Sri Lanka itself and the efforts of World Vision to help children there.

To start, I’m going to do a bit of shameless self-promotion by showing you my very own personal page over at World Vision’s website

I know that the people who read SFL are a generous and loving group of people because they have been generous and loving to me on more than one occasion. For those of you who are able please do prayerfully consider sponsoring a child who desperately needs your help. And if you do sign up to sponsor a child within the next few days feel free to send me their name and I’ll do my best to coordinate with World Vision to see if I can meet them on your behalf while I’m there.

14 thoughts on “Sri Lanka Sundays”

  1. First – the Methodists are done by 10. Got to beat the Presbyterians to the buffet!

  2. Have any fundies written you yet about your social gospel tendancies that are undermining the gospel?

  3. At first (non-caffinated) glance, I wondered who was going to sponsor the older white kid, when there are much more adorable locals in need…

  4. oh what would those poor sri lankans do without such selfless white christians? and of course you can’t even just help them; you’ve got to throw some jesus-y stuff in there to make sure that they’re sufficiently culturally imperialized as well. you may think you’re different from your IFB missonary brothers, but you’re trying just as hard to be a white savior as they are.

    1. I doubt the kids who are getting something to eat or a good education care much about the color or religion of the person those things come from so why should you?

      In fact, World Vision mostly employs local people to administrate these programs so the faces that the children see every day are the same color as their own. This isn’t a “fundy thing” or a “Christian thing” or an “American thing.” It’s a love thing.

  5. Good job Darrell, we have sponsored a child through World Vision for over 5 years. They do a great job.

    I’m not even going to respond to american arrogance’s post…

  6. I have read about problems with direct sponsorship of children in that it fosters dependancy and also inequities, eg. if one kid keeps getting hand-outs and the neighbours don’t. This sounds reasonable, I suppose. I then saw on the World Vision wikipedia page that they claim the children don’t directly receive any money, but that the funds go to local projects. This sounds better IMO, but if true seems a bit dishonest. It sounds as if it is a bit of a marketing ploy to get more donors.

    Now please don’t get me wrong. I really haven’t researched this much and it could just be plain wrong. World Vision have overall a good reputation and probably do a lot of good overall. Charity is a much more complicated business than most people imagine. I would welcome it if you could use this opportunity to report on these sort of issues.

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