FWOTW: preacherboypatrick.wix.com

Today’s website pick is not of a pastor but rather of a “preacher boy” who is one of the self-proclaimed recipients of The Call™.

As part of his resume it’s worth noting that this young man “grew up in a life of sin in Kentucky” until he was gloriously saved “at the age of 15.” One wonders what his egregious crimes and trespasses may have been. Perhaps the answer is “not honoring the Baptist flag enough.”

I particularly love that the Resources page includes both the 1828 Noah Webster’s Dictionary (before dictionaries went liberal, amen!) AND The Trail of Blood. There’s a little something there for everybody.

297 thoughts on “FWOTW: preacherboypatrick.wix.com”

  1. Proud Fundamentilist = Best Poe ever.

    I just hope he or she fesses up. I will give them +1,000,000 internetz.

  2. Okay. I am a Poe. I apologize to anyone who thought I was serious. Or real.

    Proud Fundamentilist

    AKA Pastor Fred

    1. I knew it!!! Bravo Pastor Fred! Great explanantion on the spelling of Fundamentilist. That was classic.

      Just give me your bank acct and Social Security numbers so I can deposit your internetz. :mrgreen:

    2. I did start to wonder after I calmed down from my diatribe. But, just in case you were real, I wanted th try to induce some conscious thought, not passive acceptance.

      Well played, sir!

    3. The reason you pulled that stunt for so long is that it is often impossible to tell a real Fundamentalist from a Parody. I know of Fundy-types who say all rhew things Proud Fundamentalist said but are 100% FOR REAL and deadly serious about what they say….

    4. PF, I love ya man!
      If you hadn’t slipped up and missed putting in a load of misspellings on that one and your complete lack of Bible verses, I would have been had completely. As it is, you post with incredibly accurate fundieness. You drop statements that beg to be addressed and not allowed to stand without an answer.
      Maybe future readers will not judge me too harshly for my replys… but then again, I probably deserve to be laughed at for being so serious all the time.

      Well done PF! Well Done Indeed! 😀

  3. Has anyone thought that maybe Pastor Fred’s alter egos are real, and his Pastor Fred persona is an anti-poe just to get to the inner circle of SFL?

    1. How do we know you are not an anti-poe UncleWilver? And you are just trying to deflect the attention away from your efforts to infiltrate the secret rebel base that houses SFL headquarters. I’m keeping my eye on you buddy. 😆

      1. Do you have a butt cushion?

        Then, you are in the inner circle.

        Now, having a decoder pin is a different thing.

        1. I had my first first the other day but you did not award me a butt cushion. I had been trying to win a coveted butt cushion for over two years. I am offended and will be requesting prayer about you to everyone we know.

        2. Have you checked under your spot on the pew? Sometimes, I deliver them like The Tooth Fairy. 😉

        3. Now I know why I never got my butt cushion. I go to a liberal church with chairs, not pews.

  4. Well i most say i am a hated man which is kinda odd since no one on this page has ever heard me preach or teach sunday school or knows my true heart and testimony . well now that i think about it no one has called me or emailed me to help me with my doctrinal problems or so they say i am not trying to start a argument because they are worthless online all i can tell you is this i love the Lord Jesus Christ and there is not a man in this world that will stop me from preaching and teach his Word. not because i will get to heaven with a Baptist flag around me but because he was the propitiation for my sin and his Blood was sufficent . by the way if you have stuck me in this hater group because you think i endorse PCC or even Bob Jones let me tell you i would not send my dog to either of those schools!!
    Lets go soul winning and Serve the Lord

  5. How sad that your mission in life is to demean and belittle men who are trying to do right. Why do you not take up the fight against sin an what it is doing to our country, families and churches. What a waste. This was my first time visiting your site and it will be my last probably.Of all the things missing in lives’ today probably the lack of character and integrity is the saddest.

  6. “grew up in a life of sin in Kentucky”
    As opposed to a life of sin in Tennessee? Didn’t realize the state made such a difference. 😀

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