And Now For Something Completely Different…

And now it’s time for THE LOOMING NEWS from yesterday!

I’m very excited today to announce that at the end of August I’m going to be taking SFL on a trip with a group of bloggers, writers, and storytellers who will be putting their talents to work to tell the story of World Visions efforts in Sri Lanka. For five days I’ll be taking a break from our usual snarky content here on SFL to tell the stories of people who are doing good to “the least of these.”

Here are some quick facts from World Vision about the current situation in Sri Lanka

– As of 2009, nearly 6,300 children under the age of 18 have been forcibly recruited to fight in the war.

– After the 2004 tsunami and years of civil conflict, Sri Lanka’s population struggles to recover. Almost a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line, and thousands of people are still displaced from their homes by the war.

– According to the World Food Program, about 22 percent of children under 5 are malnourished nationally, but the number doubles in areas affected by the civil conflict.

– The end of the civil war boosted Sri Lanka’s economy, which made major gains in 2009.

The Ella Gap view towards the South Coast, Sri Lanka

Since 1953, World Vision has been helping children and adults around the world both with disaster relief as well as longer-term economic and child sponsorship programs. Their programs stand in stark contrast to the strict emphasis on “evangelism only” that many of us grew up around choosing instead to minister with life, deed, word and sign.

I’d encourage you to check out the World Vision sponsorship program for children in Sri Lanka and around the world. I can’t wait to take go on this journey and explore these stories with all of you.

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  1. This sounds so exciting! I took a mission trip to Romania in 1993 and it was one of the most exciting times of my life. I know you will have a great time and I can’t wait to read your reports. :mrgreen:

    1. Tony Jones, Matthew Paul Turner, & Darrell Dow. Those could be some entertaining times!

  2. I’m gonna sound abit like an old pentecostal here:

    But you are highly blessed and favored, and I am certain that many will be blessed by your trip.

    I wish and pray for you blessings in the strong name of Jesus!

  3. World Vision is a great charity. My family has sponsored a child for years. After reading some of the stats on their website years ago, I couldn’t believe how cheap and easy it can be to change someone’s life. Just giving people a well can be revolutionary.

    For inside perspective on the mentality of this charity, I’d recommend the book “The Hole in our Gospel” written by a CEO of the organization.

  4. World Vision does a good job. We don’t have kids but sponsor a World Vision child. What we like is that that they have a plan to get in and get out. Not sponsor indefinitely. The child we sponsor, as of the end of August 2012 will no longer need our help and we will be sponsoring another. Teaching someone to look after themselves is a good plan.

  5. That’s awesome Darrell. Sounds like a great chance to spread the love of Christ to these people. Have a great trip!

    1. Yes, and no. Yes, be exposed to God’s Love. Yes, be open to whatever God will share with us through this trip. Gotta remember. God has been there all along. Many times, much more palpable than He is around here… We go as instruments. God is the one who does the heavy lifting.

  6. Hope you are all packing your suitcases full of Bibles to save the souls of these heathen people. Someone had to sound Fundy!

    Look forward to seeing what you write. I’ve done the 30 Hour famine with my youth group.

  7. How wonderful Darrell! I’m so excited for your opportunity and I’m thankful that you’ve exposed us to such a neat ministry! Lots of prayers for your journey. Anything at the top of the list for prayer?

  8. I’m excited for you! What an opportunity you’ve got here! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the trip and hopefully get so much out of the experience. 🙂

  9. That is really cool! I’m very glad you can be a part of something this awesome. I can’t wait to hear your reports from it, and I’ll be praying that God can use you–and everyone else on the trip–to bless others. And I’m sure He will! As the Good Book says, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law!

  10. Exciting Darrell! I will definitely check out World Vision. I’ve not heard of them before.

  11. Congratulations, Darrell!

    I’m glad you’re going on that trip.
    I wish I could go, too.

  12. Almost a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line.
    That’s also true of the good ol’ USA.

    But I assume that Sri Lanka’s poverty line is much lower than our poverty line.

    1. American visitors to our church in Costa Rica always did a double-take when they walked by our Missions Display wall… We sponsored a missionary in the (pavement) jungles of the Bronx!

  13. Hmmm not sure my comment posted.

    I was surprised by the announcement from Darrel. I was certainly expecting a few other things.

    1. I thought Darr-el would be starting a church we could all attend. Centrally located to everyone’s position.

    2. I thought he may have some exciting coverage of the Sword of the Lord conference this year.

    3. I thought he may be retiring from the website and reconverting back to Fundamentalism.

    But I’m actually very glad that this is so lighthearted and such a worthy cause.

  14. I’m happy for you that this has come about. I look forward to your observations. Godspeed.

    (By the way—I don’t think this island is quite like the one in your childhood. Different accent.)

  15. What a wonderful opportunity!

    I know that one of the wonderful things about stepping away from the IFB is stopping evangelism in WORD only but also in deeds of love and service to those in need.

  16. I’m so happy you have this opportunity, Darrell. I have heard of this organization before, and it is a very worthy cause. Have a great time and I look forward to your field reports.

  17. I saw the World Vision logo and thought, “NOOOO! Don’t expose them as unloving legalists! I support two kids through WV!” So, whew, was I glad to read your post.

    I hope your trip is wonderful. Look forward to reading about it!

  18. Rich Mullins once said, “I did not become a Christian because someone explained the nuts and bolts of Christianity to me. I became a Christian because some people were willing to *be* nuts and bolts.”

    Thanks for being a nut, Darrell. God bless.

  19. Great post Darrell! Thank you for saying yes. I’m so excited to experience this trip with you, man. Grateful that you’re lending your talent/influence to the cause.

  20. This is a great ministry and I think, a great opportunity for you as bloggers to move this cause forward. I pray that the Lord gives you insight, compassion,and a life-changing experience as you encounter people who are in poverty in Sri-Lanka.

  21. God Bless you Darrell. As I am sure He will. You will be doing His work there.Praise God to leading you to this mission

  22. Sounds like an amazing opportunity. Can’t wait to read about it. Will keep you in prayer.

  23. This is completely off at a tangent but it typifies the fundy attitude to anything that is not in the King James Bible. It happens to be my birthday today and my attention was drawn to this item that says that to celebrate a birthday is to engage in Pagan Worship.

    1. I guess the only way to distinguish a Christian from the heathan is to look at what the DO NOT do….

    2. Everyone I know celebrates their birthday unless they are a Jehovah Witness. Though there are people who claim the birthday or holiday or whatever is “just like any other day” that person is a bore. We need special days in our lives to look forward to, to do something different. I hope you had a great birthday Paul. :mrgreen:

  24. This is so cool!!

    But yeah, when I clicked up the site and saw the World Vision logo I’m like NOOOOOOO!! Whew, glad to know they’re not closet fundies: I’ve donated to them several times lol

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