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  1. The photos on the “Our Missionaries” page are well worth checking out.

    Yes, good to know they are working hard, spreading the KJV Word in HONDURUS and Great BRITIAN.

    1. Do you think they even went to those places? I mean, I know how to spell the names of countries I’ve been to.

  2. I do want to take the time to thank everyone who pointed out our spelling errors and the instruction to “Refresh your browser or some new content may not display” entry on our web page. I had intended to correct that entry for a long time. It has been corrected. As far as I know, the spelling errors have been corrected.
    This is not a fight that I picked. I received an e-mail from our web site from Gregory Settle inviting us to defend ourselves against some material that was posted at their website located at http://www.stufffundieslike.com/. I did not go looking for this site, but was invited to it in an obvious attempt to create confrontation. When I visited the site it was a very vicious and provocative attack against Hilltop Baptist Church in Newport, Tennessee. I have never seen such ungodly filth at a website that claimed to be Christian. Many of the comments were laced with ungodly, filthy comments and sexual innuendo. The posts to that web site attacked our church, our pastor, our web master, and our web masters wife. Those posts referred to our web master as an idiot. Those comments also used very explicit lewd comments in relation to the web master’s wife. It also resorted to a lot of cheap shots that were not based in facts but were the product of prejudiced lurid minds. There was also a threat of physical violence issued against either our pastor or our web master. We at Hilltop Baptist Church do not hide behind a facade of screen names and ungodly innuendos. We are up front with what we believe and do not suffer from the gang mentality of those who frequent this site. Our views are also publicly known via the internet. There is obviously a group of people who frequent this site that have been hurt and offended in Independent Baptist churches and they have never forgiven them. That is not of the Holy Ghost because the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of forgiveness and love. These attacks will not change our preaching and teaching. If anything, our preaching and teaching will become stronger. It will increase our resolve. There have also been recent egg attacks against our pastor’s parent’s house because of our preaching on the radio against sodomites. How low down can you get. It takes a gutless chicken to attack a man’s parent’s house because of what he preaches. They do not have the moral courage to openly face a man: What emotional and spiritual wimps. Oh mommie please help me. The Bible is condemning my behavior and I cannot stand it. Let us go gnash upon them with our teeth. Let’s persecute and hang the messenger.

    The following statements address specific comments by specific individuals:

    To BEOWULF: Every sermon but one by Brother Phil Kidd that is posted to our website was preached at Hilltop Baptist Church. No one who preaches in our church is going to copyright what they preach in our church. If anyone who preaches in our church insists on copyrighting their sermons preached in our church, they will not be allowed to preach in our church. We do not violate copyright laws. If anyone thinks we have, they need to contact our webmaster via the link provided on our home page and we will immediately correct the problem. I would also encourage you to send an e-mail reporting our “copyright infringement” to Brother Phil Kidd through his web site located at http://www.drphilkidd.com/ He is also at Twitter@drphilkidd . Maybe, you can have Brother Phil Kidd explain to you how we violated his copyright. I also understand that he is on Facebook. Make it easy on yourself.

    To VOLUNTARY OUTCAST and KREINE: We start our Sunday evening church services at 7:00 PM whereas most churches (including Independent Baptists) in our area start at 6:00 PM. So why??? is the church service schedule an issue. Go figure. There are straw men and women running all over this web page. I hope their panties do not catch on fire. Straw burns awfully easy and rather quickly.

    To 5pointstreetpreacher: God does not need you since you believe that God has decreed from eternity past all who will go to hell. Just sit down and let God do the work. Do not try to steal the glory from him. He might swat you like a little insignificant fly if you violate his sovereignty. If you believe the doctrines of Calvinism, then you are wasting your time preaching. God will sovereignly save all those who will be saved…….WITHOUT YOUR HELP. Don’t you think it is just a little foolish and dangerous to call those to repentance who cannot repent because they have been reprobated to hell by God. Oh, and why don’t you tell that women with the newborn baby that you are preaching to on the street that God has quite possibly reprobated that baby to hell before it was even born. While you are at it why don’t you borrow Jehoiakim’s penknife, sit down in front of the fireplace, and cut every all out of the New Testament that deals with salvation and cast it into the fires of Calvinism. While you are at it you can take your Total Depravity, your Unconditional Election, your Limited Atonement, your Irresistible Grace, and your Perseverance of the Saints and cast it into the lake of fire to keep the devils that it came from company. Calvinism is a damnable heresy. All five points of Calvinism are damnable heresies. Since you will not believe the scriptures, I can suggest to you two books to read: “The Other Side Of Calvinism” by Laurence Vance and “What Love Is This” by Dave Hunt. Most Calvinists cannot be confused with scriptural facts because their mind is already made up to follow the teachings of John Calvin who stole them from Augustine of Hippo. In his Institutes, John Calvin quotes Augustine over four hundred times when supporting his doctrinal positions. Yet, John Calvin NEVER gives a personal testimony of salvation. Calvin also openly wondered on his death bed whether he was one of the elect. That is so tragic. I have nothing but contempt for the whole group of “Reformers” that regurgitated Augustine’s corrupt doctrines of salvation that are commonly called Calvinism today. I have nothing but contempt for Independent Baptist preachers that are Calvinists including Arthur W. Pink and Charles Spurgeon. I do not worship at Charles Spurgeon’s and John Calvin’s altar that has been corrupted with strange fire. The Calvinistic doctrine of predestination to hell is the very same doctrine held to by the early Gnostics and the Islamics since their inception. I have a sovereign God, but He is not the unloving, capricious God of the Calvinists. The Calvinists make God out to be a monster.

    To Admiral 911: You must not know a lot about world history or the inter workings, history, and doctrines of the Catholic Church. A Study of Christian Church history is also very enlightening. You must not know much about the history of pagan Rome either. Add to that the histories of the pagan religions and their countries of origin and you will realize what a masterful work Hislop’s book is. Hislop was not a Baptist. He was a Presbyterian out of the Church Of Scotland

    To ELIZABETH: No, the phrase “it’s still the blood” does not specifically refer to the newer translations. The thought did not even occur to me when I set up the home page for our web site. It refers to the fact that some so-called Bible believing “fundamentalists” state that it was not the blood of Christ that atoned for our sin, but his death that atoned for our sin. That is heresy. But never fear, I would never try to persecute, torture, maim, or murder someone for doctrinally disagreeing with me. We do not refer to the Bible for English speaking peoples as the KJV. We refer to it as the King James Bible (KJB). So, maybe you should refer to us as KJBO. To most of the people on this web page, the Word of God is not sacrosanct. That is, they feel they can freely take away from, add to, and correct the Bible. The taking away of the blood in the so-called new versions is an especially serious issue because without the shedding of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ there is no remission sins. Without the shedding of the blood of Christ we all are still hell bound sinners. Not one pastor in five-hundred cares enough about the flock they pastor to do a thorough study of the Bible downgrade controversy. At issue is our very spiritual lives. I have read and studied over 70 books and hundreds of articles dealing with this issue. I have written a four-hundred page book titled “An Introduction To Bible Version Issues”. Based upon my study and the observation of the fruit of the new versions, I would have to state that they proliferation of modern English versions are motivated by the spirit of Antichrist. Not one Christian in ten-thousand will take the time to even conduct a cursory look at the issue. They just regurgitate the vile stuff they have been fed by some Bible correcting heretic (once again not worthy of death).

    To JOEY X: You obviously do not understand what Bible believing Baptist churches teach concerning salvation. Salvation is not in a church or denomination. Salvation is not in a baptismal pool. Salvation is not in good works. SALVATION IS IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND HIM ALONE. You blindly accuse us of holding to a doctrine whose two largest advocates are the Church of Christ and the Roman Catholic Church. The doctrinal statements/catechisms of both of these denominations plainly state that there is no salvation outside of their churches. You will NOT find that statement in any Baptist confession or doctrinal statement. If you do, then that group is a bunch of heretics. We do not for a minute say that only Baptists are going to be in heaven. Nor do we believe that only Baptist will be in the body of Christ. We believe that all those who have been saved by the Lord Jesus Christ will be in the Bride of Christ. We are not “Baptist Briders”. The “One True Church of God” is not an earthly entity. The “One True Church of God” is made up of all the redeemed who have put their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words, the “One True Church of God” is a heavenly entity. Stated another way, while we do not agree with the doctrine of most churches, we are not foolish enough to state that none of them will be in heaven. There is another huge difference between Baptists and the Protestants, the Roman Catholics, and the Islamics. Baptists as a group have NEVER gone out and persecuted, tortured, maimed, and murdered at least 50 million Christians and Jews as have the Roman Catholics, the Protestants, and the Islamics. The Roman Catholics and their sister Protestants also left a trail of blood and persecution of Baptists in America. Before any of you start whining about someone have a “persecution complex”, you need to do some research into church history in America. I could suggest “America In Crimson Red” by James R. Beller.

    To THROUGHAGLASSDARKLY: I was not a member of Hilltop Baptist Church when the “hell bound pope” incident took place, but I fully support the sentiment of Hilltop Baptist Church. By the way that incident took place about ten years. You obviously know nothing of the murderous anti Christian history of the Roman Catholic Church, or choose to ignore it. Facts are stubborn things. Does it not bother you that an organization that could murder at least 50 million Christians and Jews calls itself a Christian church. Does it not bother you that their persecution continues even today when they are the dominant group in any country. Do a search on Roman Catholic persecution in Mexico today. Also look at Brazil, Argentina, and other South American countries. I submit to you that any Roman Catholic Church or Protestant Church that takes of the sword or government control against those who disagree with them doctrinally is the church of the Antichrist. Your comment about “self induced” persecution seems to indicate that you believe that persecution is okay as long as it is self induced and especially if it is directed at Bible believing Christians. Before the rest of you jump up, it is not persecution to call behavior contrary to the Bible sin. But it is SIN to persecute, torture, maim, and murder someone who disagrees with you doctrinally.

    To PERSNICKETY POLECAT: We in no way blamed sodomites for their own murder. We simply cited statistics that proved that the homosexual murder rate of one another is radically higher than that of the general population of the United States. Reread it. Once again facts are very stubborn things. I do not say that if they had not been “gay” that they would not have been murdered. Reread it. My daughter was NOT “gay” and she was murdered. Any questions. You call me an idiot and yet you are not smart enough to do the research for yourself. You just hurl uninformed insults and innuendos. It could be that your heart and mind is so corrupted that you cannot do the objective research yourself. Or, is it that you really do not care that our children are being molested by these reprobate monsters. When I first published that web page I included within its contents an offer to supply my sources and I had no takers. I am not a journalist. Journalists can be blackmailed and bought. I am not for sale and neither is the truth that I present. I am not a compromising hireling. If you can prove me wrong, then I will publish a correction on this page. But I must warn you that the situation is a whole lot worse than what is presented at our pages. I also will not do the research for you because you have already rejected the facts that I have presented. That would be like shoveling ice into hell. I will not publish my sources on our web site because members of our church and other churches go to those pages and I will not subject our young people to a filth that is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. I have not addressed the bestiality that is wrapped up in the homosexual scene. The sodomites and pedophiles are taking over in the United States and Christians do not seem to care and will not stand against it. I have a question for you. Can “gay” people naturally reproduce themselves? Or did God perpetrate some great injustice on them because HE will not allow them to naturally reproduce? CAN SODOMITES BE SAVED? ABSOLUTELY. AND THAT’S WHAT WE TEACH AND PREACH. If you do not like what I have said here, then repent and get right with God. It will improve your attitude. My greatest concern for you is whether you are saved.

    To Apathetic or whatever: To joke about sexual perversion and inflicting physical pain on others is real Godly. What church did you learn that in. It was obviously not a Bible believing church. If you went to Crown College, then I feel sorry for you. It is through the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights that we are allowed to worship as we please. I am sure that you would try to silence some people with whom you disagree doctrinally were it not for those two documents. The order of appearance that a link appears in on our web page has no significance whatsoever as to how important we feel it may be. There goes that straw man running across the stuff fundies like web page. Maybe you failed to notice link number 2 on our web page: Is Hell A Reality? We deal with salvation at the very outset of that page under the link “If You Don’t Want To Burn Forever Click Here”. Any questions, or do you not believe in hell?? Your comment is so inane. If you are using television to raise your children, then you are making a serious mistake. If you would let teenagers dictate to you what they will and will not watch and/or listen to in your home you would have a serious problem with discipline. The devil will feed them what you will not deny them. Your comment about foreign languages shows that you do not have a clue about the totality of challenges faced by missionaries going abroad. Duh. We all know that they need to learn a foreign language. That is not the real issue with you. That is just another straw man you have pulled out of your haystack of destructive comments against good, God fearing, decent people. Furthermore, what do your useless comments about our building decor have to do with the Bible or the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. You and Mr or Mrs Sims are probably the type of people that would split a church over the color of the carpet. That is about as ungodly as you can get. It shows that you are focused upon the outward appearance and not spiritual purity.
    You obviously do not know the New Testament because Peter and Paul had a huge falling out over DOCTRINAL matters. Paul and Barnabas had a huge falling out over the conduct of John Mark. Paul rebuked the church at Corinth over DOCTRINE. Paul warned the church at Ephesus not to be blown about by every wind of DOCTRINE. Paul rebuked Hymenaeus and Alexander over DOCTRINE and personal conduct. There was a very confrontational meeting of the church in Acts 15 over DOCTRINE. The book of Galatians is full of confrontation over doctrine. The book of Jude is a rebuke to those that would hold false DOCTRINE in the end times. We are there. There is NO unity in diversity of doctrine. The only unity in the Holy Ghost is through pure doctrine. Where false doctrine exists in a true Bible believing church there is going to be a confrontation between it and the Holy Ghost of God. If we are to expect complete unity within the so-called body of Christ, then why did Jude tell us to earnestly contend for the faith? Did he expect a fight. That’s what this whole stuff fundies like web page is about. I suspect that your moniker says more about you than you intend for it to do.

    To SHOES and the other Microsoft Geeks: There is life apart from Bill Gates and Microsoft. I know the withdrawal symptoms will be tough for you, but you really should try WordPerfect. It is a whole lot more powerful and user friendly than Microsoft Word. There is also a 2012 edition of WordPerfect that is not cave man software. WOOOGA BOOGA GOOBLY GOCK from the illiterate, unintelligent, hillbilly country bumpkin, cave man in the mountains of East Tennessee.

    To SCORPIO: Our missionary questionnaire was not directed to you nor was it for your benefit. It was posted so that our missionaries around the United States and the world might download it, complete it, and return it to us. These are men that are like minded with us. How many missionaries does your church support? We have had this questionnaire completed by all of our missionaries and have had to drop two because of morality and doctrinal issues. None of those who completed the questionnaire had any attitude problems completing it.
    Your comment about how many Independent Fundamental Baptist pastors could continue to hold membership in this church, or any separated Bible believing church for that matter, is well taken. Most men that are in pulpits in America do not meet the list qualifications for being a pastor and that includes Independent Fundamental Baptists. They will get into the pulpit and rant and rave about a divorced man not being qualified to be a pastor or a deacon when they themselves cheat on their taxes, do not pay their bills, hold doctrines that are obviously contradictory to the Bible, watch pornography, and sexually molest children
    How professional are you in the sodomite agenda? How much do you know about it? How much do you care about it and the way it impacts and defiles innocent children. How much research have you done into it? In the realm of academic research, one becomes a professional in a particular endeavor by thoroughly researching it. There is not a person who has posted to this web page that has researched the horrific crime of sodomy and pedophilia that is perpetrated against children. Your filthy comment about me reflects where you are spiritually.

    To SIMS : We are very strongly anti Calvinistic. We make no excuse for it. We believe that ALL FIVE points of TULIP Calvinism are straight out of the pits of hell. To teach that individuals are born predestined to hell is a damnable heresy. To teach that the Lord Jesus Christ only died for the elect is a damnable heresy. To teach that the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ was only shed for the elect is a damnable heresy. If the doctrine of Total Depravity was not so tragic, it would be laughable the thousands of times it contradicts the scriptures. What is so funny about it is that John Calvin, the persecuting murderer, gets credit for that which was first formulated in the fiery pits of the mind of Augustine of Hippo. It was also a doctrine latched onto by the persecuting murderers Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli. These three stalwarts (Calvin, Zwingli, and Luther) of the “reformation”, not to be outdone by their Mother Rome, sent as many Bible Christians to their martyrdom as they could just because they did not agree with their doctrine. Is that agreeable to you, Mr. Sims(??)? Baptist have never resorted to these atrocities to defend the faith. Our weapons of warfare have been spiritual. However, homosexuals have committed atrocities in America against Baptist pastors. There was even an incident where a group of homosexuals sodomized, raped, and killed a pastor’s wife and daughters in front of him (this does not include the ungodly things they did to him). It is a shame that the wicked hate crime laws do not apply when Christians are the victims of violent crimes by sodomites. Hate crime laws are not for Christians. They were designed with the specific intent to deny Christians their right to free speech. Free speech is the constitutional right of constitutional rights.
    How many foreign languages do you know? We also support missionaries; both foreign and in the United States. When you mock people because they have more missionaries to the US than they do in the foreign fields, you show your ignorance as to what the real missions problem is. Though you probably will not admit I, we have lost the battle for our own people. We are not seeing Americans saved. If we cannot build American churches, then we will not have the membership to support foreign missions. The Biblical pattern is Jerusalem first (our own people) then the uttermost parts of the world (the foreign fields). As far as us not caring anything about anything beyond our doors, you have made a statement that is totally without basis in facts. In other words you do not have a clue what you are talking about. You know absolutely nothing about our church or the efforts we make in our community. We are out knocking doors and passing out tracts every Saturday trying to get the opportunity to present the gospel to someone. We have covered a large percentage of Cocke County. We know of no other church in Cocke county that cares enough to get out and try to evangelize the community while most of you probably sit on your duffs and could care less whether someone gets saved. For such an uncaring church as Hilltop Baptist Church, we are the only organization in Cocke County that ran a rescue mission where we provided a place for homeless men to stay and preached the gospel to them. That drained a lot of resources from our church and most of those men put absolutely nothing back into the offering plate. We had over a thousand men to come through that building before one of them thanked us by setting the building on fire. The sad fact is there was only one church in Cocke county that supported the rescue mission: that’s out of over four hundred (400) churches. Those stinking liberals did not want to get their hands dirty. Unless you have run a rescue mission, you do not understand what a spiritual and financial burden it is for a church. We are one of the poorest churches in Cocke County but we are rich in the blessings of God.
    You have obviously not done any research on the terrible consequences of a sodomite lifestyle that includes the violence and disease that is connected to it. It has even struck the innocents through the AIDS that is spread as a consequence of this conduct. It is killing innocent babies and children that is spread through the promiscuity of knowingly AIDS infected sex partners. Maybe the US government and you have chosen to sweep its continuing consequences under the rug of political correctness, but we refuse to do so. AIDS does not care about political correctness. Do you care that innocent children are suffering as a consequence of someone else’s actions? You laugh about it as though it were a joke. God have mercy! Your sexual innuendo directed at me was a vile insulting remark. I do not participate in sexual perversion. You joke at that which God has called an abomination and laugh all the way to the caskets of those who are innocent victims of this sin. What a tragedy! Have you no heart or has your conscience been seared. Let me also settle some speculation for you. Lesbians are also sodomites. The Bible does not use the terms lesbian and homosexual. You obviously do not understand the etymology of the clinical term “homosexual”. The word “homo” means “SAME”. Therefore, the clinical term homosexual literally means “same sex”. That means that it equally applies to both perverted men and perverted women. God calls them sodomites.
    I started to say that I could not believe that you would resort to threats of physical violence against either myself or our pastor because you disagree with the doctrine of somebody you do not even know. But that is the hallmark of persecuting heathens, Nazis, Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Islamics. You have the same mentality they have. Either convert or die. Either forsake the Biblical doctrines you hold to or die. It appears from your comment on February 8 at 9:51 AM that you may be a woman. The violent threats you make are out of character for most women. Or was that your husband making those comments and hiding behind your skirt. If you are ever in East Tennessee maybe our pastors wife can teach you how to hunt and shoot. Bring your husband along and she can teach him how to shoot too. Never show up at our church with the intent of committing violent acts. You will not be happy with the outcome. We protect our own. Note the use of the plural we. We will not allow the threat of violence to control how we conduct our services. We are very strong advocates of the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

    To J0 A: Was that information on King James being a homosexual regurgitated from your mouth after your own research or was it fed to you by some advocate of the modern English perversions of the Bible. The NIV translation committee was loaded up with sodomites as well as the English Revised Version committee (which also included child molesters on its committee). What proves this argument about King James being a homosexual to be even more ludicrous is the fact that King James was NOT a part of the translation committee. Furthermore, stating that King James was a homosexual is a lie. Here is a little bit of the truth if you can stand it:

    At a time when only the churches of England possessed the Bible in English, King James’ desire was that the common people should have the Bible in their native tongue. Thus, in 1603, King James called 54 of history’s most learned men together to accomplish this great task. At a time when the leaders of the world wished to keep their subjects in spiritual ignorance, King James offered his subjects the greatest gift that he could give them. Their own copy of the Word of God in English. James, who was fluent in Latin, Greek, and French, and schooled in Italian and Spanish even wrote a tract entitled “Counterblast to Tobacco”,which was written to help thwart the use of tobacco in England. Such a man was sure to have enemies. One such man, Anthony Weldon, had to be excluded from the court. Weldon swore vengeance. It was not until 1650, twenty-five years after the death of James that Weldon saw his chance. He wrote a paper calling James a homosexual. Obviously, James, being dead, was in no condition to defend himself. The report was largely ignored since there were still enough people alive who knew it wasn’t true. In fact, it lay dormant for years, until recently when it was picked up by Christians who hoped that vilifying King James, would tarnish the Bible that bears his name so that Christians would turn away from God’s book to a more “modern” translation. It seems though, that Weldon’s false account is being once again largely ignored by the majority of Christianity with the exception of those with an ulterior motive, such as its author had. It might also be mentioned here that the Roman Catholic Church was so desperate to keep the true Bible out of the hands of the English people that it attempted to kill King James and all of Parliament in 1605.

    To HERMANN: Ah yes! From Germany home of two the most famous anti Semites in the history of the world: Martin Luther and Adolf Hitler. Both Martin Luther and Adolf Hitler promoted the persecution, torture, maiming, and murder of Bible believing Christians and Jews. Antisemitic behaviour is once again rearing its ungodly Antichrist head again in Germany and in the rest of Europe.

    To BIG GARY: The fact that we are not separated from the BLOOD, the book, and the blessed hope is why you have such a problem with us. Our missionary questionnaire is not all about picking fights. The questionnaire is all about picking missionaries that are right for us. It is an administrative function under the control of our local, independent assembly. Now to address the idiotic comments about the Kool-aid. We do not miss the connection to the Jim Jones thing: that was the spiritually blind leading the spiritually blind (ditto for the David Koresh thing). The song “Amazing Grace” does NOT have a back beat in it unless the musician decides to put it there. If the music is played as it was originally written there will be NO back beat in it. We can take any hymn and destroy it with back beat. We are not opposed to pleasure, but we are opposed to ungodly pleasures which includes music perverted with the world’s ungodly music. I also thought that most people would be smart enough to know that you do not read with your ears: it is strictly a figure of speech. You obviously did not read the article concerning the consequences of a sodomite life style. We, in no way indicated that anyone is deserving of murder. What the article stated is that there is a super high rate of murders involving homosexuals killing one another (homosexual on homosexual assaults and murders). While you may not like that statement, it is a statistical fact in federal, state, and local crime statistics. Facts are stubborn things.
    It also sounds to me like you have been running with Bill Clinton and believing the lies he told to the American people about Monica Lewinsky. For you to accuse me of “victimizer psychology” is really stretching it. For you to accuse me of “victimizer psychology is the height of hypocrisy because that is the very thing that all of you who have posted to this web page are guilty of. But I understand the gang mentality that applies a double standard of hypocrisy and makes it okay to target Christians because they are considered a weak whipping post for your bullying tactics. You and your friends try to shove your secular humanism and your secular theology down Bible believing Christian’s throats and when they do not yield to it you start bullying them with persecution that almost always ends with some sort of physical violence or murder. That is the same type of tactics that the Nazis and the Islamics use. You do not know me or the members of our church. I detest any discrimination based upon race, gender, or national origin. However, the Bible does discriminate on the basis of human behavior that is not the result of the natural birth. The Bible calls behavioral problems sin. The Bible also establishes the role of men and women both in the church and in the home. You cannot pick and choose the parts of the Bible that you will or will not accept. Most psychological problems not related to an injury are SIN problems. Satan uses psychology to give people an excuse for their SIN. Psychologists and psychiatrists have one of the highest suicide rates in the population and yet they claim to know the mind. The heart (mind) of man is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it except God. For every sin and perversion of man there is a psychological disorder created to cover it. So-called Christian Psychology is psycho babble.

    To STRANGELY WARMED: Maybe what you do not understand is that Brother Phil Kidd and his wife are licensed medical doctors. Brother Phil Kidd has a secular title and not a theological title. He is not a doctor of theology. While there are many preachers in the Independent Baptist movement that are called doctor, we would never call them doctor. We cannot dictate to other Independent Baptist Churches and preachers how they will run their churches and what they call their pastors and preachers. That is why we are called INDEPENDENT.
    The word sodomy is a Bible term used to describe a type of unnatural sexual behavior that God calls sin. The word homosexual does not occur anywhere in the Bible. The word homosexual is a contrived clinical term designed to lessen the impact of the Bible term sodomy. So that there can be no confusion about who the term sodomite refers to, it also refers to lesbians. Sodomy and pedophilia are degrading and dehumanizing. Taken to its natural conclusion, sodomy would result in the extinction of the entire human race through “dehumanizing”. Most of those who live a homosexual lifestyle today do so because they were molested as children. Many of them were molested by Roman Catholic priests and nuns not to mention a rare Independent Baptist. Sodomy is a learned, ungodly behavior and not a genetic trait. I agree with you that many of the Nazis were sodomites. God did not say it. Their behavior proved it. It is a documented fact. For your benefit, I did not bash Bob Grey. He is a self confessed and convicted child molester. Those might be inconvenient facts for the sodomite and the child molester (pedophile), but they are nevertheless true. If you molest children you are worthy of death.
    The Bible qualifications for a pastor/bishop/preacher automatically disqualify a woman from holding those positions. If you have a problem with our church position on women, then you do not have a problem with us, but rather a problem with God and His Word. Of course, I already know that you have a problem with us because we stand for the truths of the Word of God. We do not give out “Preacher In Training” pins from our Bible Institute. We give out certificates and diplomas. We also invite women to attend our classes and will give them certificates and diplomas also. We do not allow women to teach our men. Women teaching men is very strongly and very specifically prohibited in the scriptures. The Bible says (direct quote): Suffer not a woman to teach a man. The words “suffer not” mean not to allow it even with prejudice.

    Your use of the wicked sexual innuendo in relation to my wife is one of the most vile things I have ever seen posted to a web page that purports to be “Christian”. It was despicable and ungodly and shows your true nature. Those that “fellowship” with you are partakers of this behavior. You seem to be much focused on sex and sexual innuendo which means that you are focused on physical things and not spiritual things. That should be very troubling to you. You hide behind a screen name while you spew forth the vilest filth from the sewer of your mind. You ought to be ashamed, but I doubt your defiled conscious is capable of shame. You were dead right when you said that you started to fill out a missionary questionnaire and fill it full of “crap” (your words and not mine). Your statement was highly accurate because any information you would put on paper, or in a file, would come spewing forth from the sewer of your mind: straight out of the cesspool. I am having a hard time figuring out whether you are an extremely effeminate man or an extremely macho woman.

    To Seen Enough: If you knew anything about the controversy involving the blood of Christ, you would not make the comments that you have made. There is a group of so called “fundamentalists” out there that say that the blood of Christ is not necessary for salvation. It is either the BLOOD OF CHRIST or HELL. You miss the whole point on the flag. A Bible believing Baptist Church is built upon a foundation that includes the blood of Jesus, the King James Bible, and the blessed hope of the rapture of the saints. Your sexually perverted comments and innuendo are not appropriate for what purports to be a web site for Christians. Our website contains no comments about the under clothes of a woman. That came from the perverted gutter of your filthy mind that needs cleaning up by the Holy Ghost of God. You are obviously the web professional. I am not and do not claim to be a web professional. Have you designed a web page that was without error or written a book that was without error. It is not the design or the spelling errors on the web site you have a problem with, but its content. That even occurs to a simple minded, mentally incompetent, backwoods, hillbilly moron like me. Or, am I the idiot that I have been called on this web page? I do not bash Bob Grey of Trinity Baptist in Jacksonville. I simply told the truth on him. If you think I would cover for some man because he is an Independent Fundamental Baptist, you are wrong. He should have been kicked out of the church and at the very least been locked up for the rest of his life. I have no tolerance for a moral reprobate especially if he claims to be Baptist. You accuse us of being homophobes while you exhibit an attitude of being a Bibliophobe because you are fearful of holding to the doctrines that the Bible so plainly teaches. You are a Christian, aren’t you?

    To DON: One of the many reasons we included the Masons on the list of those that we would exclude is that at the 30th degree and above they say that Lucifer is God. Do you want someone in your Christian church that believes that Lucifer is God?
    We are not a cult even by the most restrictive theological definition of a cult. We do not require blind obedience to the pastor. Anyone in our church is free to leave anytime they want to and have their name removed from the roll. We are not the idiots that I and we have been called on this web page. NOR ARE WE THE PURVEYORS OF THE FILTHY SEXUAL INNUENDO THAT WERE LEVELED AT MY WIFE ON THIS WEB PAGE. What an ungodly bunch! Nor do we come equipped with the anti Baptist, anti King James Bible, anti holiness, anti Christian, and antinomian BLINDERS that most of the posters to this web page have exhibited.
    We are totally opposed to easy believeism. Any plan of salvation that requires a one-two-three repeat after me prayer is not salvation. Salvation is an eternal possession and if it only lasts from service to service, then I assure that that is not Biblical salvation. Salvation requires the conviction/drawing of the Holy Ghost, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, repentance toward God, and a public confession of faith. Repentance is not to be confused with the false doctrine of Lordship Salvation. Repentance is not a work of the flesh, but is a work of the indwelling Holy Ghost of God. I am sorry that you had to suffer under the unscriptural over lording leadership of Jack Hyles, the king of one-two-three repeat this prayer after me easy believeism. I know a lot about the ungodly escapades of Jack Hyles and company. We do not like Hyles Anderson College, Crown College, Bob Jones University, West Coast Baptist College, any apostate Baptist college, or any other apostate Bible college regardless of denominational affiliation or non-affiliation. We do not believe that training pastors and preachers is the role of any entity outside your own local church. What that means is that we do not agree with sending men and women to seminaries and Bible Institutes outside of Hilltop Baptist Church (That also includes Faith Baptist Institute in Resaca, Georgia). We are not saying that there is anything doctrinally wrong with Faith Baptist Institute. Our pastor has disassociated himself from Crown College. Hence, the reason for his finishing up at Faith Baptist Institute. We are also strongly opposed to much of what goes on at Crown College, Hyles Anderson College, Bob Jones University, West Coast Baptist College, and any other Bible school that is not the ministry of a local, independent, New Testament church (that includes apostate Baptist colleges). Most people in the pulpits of American churches are not God called and it is evidenced by the unscriptural filth and trash they are preaching from the pulpits and publishing in articles.
    I also want to thank you for your condescending remark about “sheeple”. It reminded that I am a sheep with the Lord Jesus Christ as my Chief Shepherd. Our pastor is the under shepherd and NOT the dictator. He understands that. That is what scriptural pastoral authority is all about unlike the unscriptural Jack Hyles model or anyone like him. We were also not required to check our brains at the door. The beginning of knowledge and wisdom is the fear of the Lord. Today, there is no fear of the Lord before most of the churches and professing Christians in America. Comprende?? That lack of fear would include most of the people who have posted to this web page who are hell bent on tearing down anything holy and pure that God has ordained for all Christian people.
    Don, you are the one that is in spiritual bondage because you cannot escape from the power of seeking man’s approval for the doctrines you either do, or do not hold to. You are part of a persecuting anti Christian cult. It takes Christian courage to stand for that which is right. You do not have it. Maybe that is why Jack Hyles was able to buffalo you. There are to many people out there that have come out of “fundamental” Bible believing colleges that know how to dot all the doctrinal i’s and cross all the doctrinal t’s but do not know the God that gave the doctrines. They have a head full of knowledge and a heart full of hell. Sadly that applies to most of the pastors and preachers in our pulpits throughout America, regardless of their denomination.

        1. Mr Rob M: Does it not occur to you that all the posts prior to my posting were an extended DIATRIBE by a gang of ungodly “professing Christians” with filthy perverted minds. Read the extended lines of trash and sexual perversion for yourself. I did not ask for this filth and the ungodly filthy attack upon my wife. Is that something you would like somebody to say about your wife, or your mother, or your sister?

        2. Rob, I’ll double check but I’m pretty sure that was a different church/questionnaire being referenced by someone and not the one from this FWOTW.

        3. I think I’m the one who originally brought that up (what missionary wives wear to bed) and no it was not Hilltop’s questionnaire. After missionary questionnaires had been brought up the previous day I googled missionary questionnaires and found many from different Baptist churches. On one site they asked about the family’s dress standards but I didn’t find that question on any of them. I have heard of it though, maybe even from this site at one time. I do so much reading I never remember where I read anything. But later on some of you confirmed having seen that question. 🙁

        1. You’re going to have to be more specific. I can’t give an opinion unless you give me specific quotes by specific people.

        2. Rob M You obviously have not read the questionnaire. There are no sexual explicit questions on the questionnaire. There is a doctrinal question about whether the missionary supports same sex marriage and sodomites. The questionnaire was not for you or any of the perverts on this web site. It was posted at the request and for the convenience of OUR missionaries. NOT FOR YOU!

        3. I don’t care who’s convenience it was posted for. Asking anyone what their wife wears to bed is perveted no matter who you ask. Even if it’s funny perverted (which it doesn’t seem like you’re going for the low brow humor on the questionnaire), it’s still perverted.

        4. I’m off to church, where I won’t be worrying about what clothes women are wearing. Try to simmer down some, your church doesn’t need that much anger & obsession of women’s clothes marching around.

    1. I just did a search through the comments. There’s no one that called the webmaster an idiot. There was an implication that the publisher/writer was an idiot, which probably is one and the same in this case, but often is not. The only remotely sexual innuendo I can find re anyone’s wife would be an old joke about just laying there, and doesn’t appear to be directed at you or anyone specifically. If you are that worried about not having sex jokes made about you you should probably take all the sex related questions out of your questionnaire! Including that is rather voyeuristic and probably a little perverted on your part. I’m sure you won’t like it, but it’s still true. That’s all I’m reading of your 17 page rant.

      1. Rob you still have not read the questionnaire. If you have, you are either blind or telling a deliberate lie. There is no mention in the questionnaire of what ANYONE wears to bed. It is just that your perverted mind is stuck in the bed.

    2. When you are in the cult you can’t see it for what it is. The bondage to legalism that this site and by proxy this pastor and this assembly promotes screams “Cult.”
      I was once a member of one just like this. In fact, probably not quite as legasistic as this one, but just as unbiblical in the doctrines of Grace, salvation, justification, sanctification and eschatology. The M-O-g who lorded over that cell of sheeple is now in jail for attempted murder and arson. See when the Pastor is only accountable to God he soon becomes the only god he is accountable to.

      I have read many of the articles posted on this site and they follow the same IFB cult pattern. And the jist is that this cell follows a man centered, traditions of men religion where your god is dependent on what you do, and how you do it.

      I realize that there may be many in your congregation who claim to be saved and love the lord. I cannot see their hearts, and I am sure God has saved some, that is between the individual and God. But what I see in this website is a cult that is following a god of their imagination, practicing a performance religion and works sanctification, more concerned with the rules of men and the appearance of being a “Christian” rather than living free in Christ. You remind me of those spoken of in Luke 11:38-42

      When the Pharisee saw it, he was surprised that He had not first ceremonially washed before the meal. 39 But the Lord said to him, “Now you Pharisees clean the outside of the cup and of the platter; but inside of you, you are full of robbery and wickedness. 40 You foolish ones, did not He who made the outside make the inside also? 41 But give that which is within as charity, and then all things are clean for you. “But woe to you Pharisees! For you pay tithe of mint and rue and every kind of garden herb, and yet disregard justice and the love of God; but these are the things you should have done without neglecting the others.

      Oh, before I sign off, You do know that Independent Fundamental Baptists aren’t the only ones who are going to be in heaven don’t you? 🙄

      1. Don you are at least as bad as Jack Hyles. In fact you and him may even be spiritual brothers and buddies. It is the height of hypocrisy for you to criticize Jack Hyles because you are just like him. The only difference between you and him is that he was in a pulpit and you are not.You deserved to be under his mastership. He mocked other men of God also just as you have done with Brother Sammy Allen. You are a wicked and perverse man in need of repentance. You are very good at provoking and attacking that which is innocent and pure. Genuine Pharisees always hide behind a facade and perversion of the truth. Pharisees also always practice the gang mentality. The Lord Jesus Christ did not rebuke the Pharisees for holding to Biblical doctrine. He rebuked them for establishing their own religion that was contrary to the scriptures. You have done that very thing. What a reprobate from the truth.

        1. Like I said you can’t see the cult when you are in it. The likes of Jack Hyles, Sammy Allen, Phil Kidd, Lestor Roloff… Empire builders one and all.

          Worship them if you will, but the reality is they are no more a man of God than any other believer is. Yet they allow themselves to be worshipped and lifted up as superior christians because of the office they have taken for themselves. Ephesians chapter 4 is not offices to be fulfilled but gifts that are given so that all believers can be trained to be ministers of the Gospel. I only know of only one on that list of so-called heroes on your site that is practicing Biblical truth and that would be Craig Edwards.

          I find myself pitying you and this church for your blind adherence to the mancentered teachings that are found throughout this site. (ie. King James onlyism, The Trail of Blood) Only God can open you eyes to his truth and I pray that someday soon he will.

    3. Wow! 😮 I have never seen such a long post on this site!

      I’m a bit disappointed though that I was not mentioned. Should I cry? 😥 Maybe next time I’ll get lucky. 😉

        1. But Sims, as ever, you and I are in the thick of it! High five. First, we are not superstars, now, we may not even be Christians. Shucks. Hope I can sleep tonight. Oh, wait, we spent years hearing ranting diatribes; we are inured to it. Whew! 😉

    4. This makes me sad. Sad that I did not comment and therefore could not be lashed out at.

      The dig at Microsoft was pretty funny.

      I admit, I didn’t actually look at the website for more than 10 seconds because my bourbon loving, calvinist self just couldn’t take too much.

    5. I ordinarily would not respond to a filthy, vile, putrefying troll, but I will respond to this. You do not know what I do and do not care about. You cannot know what I do and do not care about. But just so you DO know, let me tell you this. I was molested for over a year by an individual who shoved his penis into my mouth every chance he got when I was five years old until I was six years old. I would gag and cry and beg him to stop, but he didn’t. I would choke on his semen, wanting to vomit, but he would hold my mouth closed until I swallowed. And then he would shove his fingers inside me, knowing I was still too small for him to penetrate. Thank GOD for that. I thank God every day for that very small mercy. So do you want some statistics, you sanctimonious pig? The vast majority of child molesters are just like the one who violated me: ENTIRELY straight. NOT gay. So before you start spouting off on what I do and don’t care about, perhaps YOU should educate yourself.

      And YES, you filthy, perverted, vile scum of the earth, you ARE an idiot. My husband (oh, yes, I’m straight) and I care deeply about our children, and we have taken steps to protect them from filth like you who are absolutely obsessed with children’s sexuality. We’ve taught them to respect their bodies and their rights to bodily autonomy, and they will not be victimized by you, by child molesters, or by anyone else as long as I and my Glock have anything to say about it.

  3. It’s obvious to me they don’t want to support any missionaries. More $$ for the preacher. I wonder how much he makes in dollars and cents…

    1. We support our pastor financially, but we also support many missionaries. From all of you on this web page it is obvious that you are obsessed with money and probably do not tithe either. It is obvious that you are not a missionary. Nor are you a protector of the sheep. It is beyond me why the rebels on this web page have such an issue with our missionaries and our missionary questionnaire.It is beyond me how most of the posters on this web page seem to have a problem with sexual innuendo and outright filth. How about you? Are you cut from the same filthy block of wood?

      1. [looking around]. Now, where is that filthy block of wood? My, the temerity some have, to call God’s creation such a thing. Oh snap, wait, this is “righteous anger.”. I forgot, because it so resembles a temper tantrum.

      2. We may be cut from a filthy block of wood, but at least we’re being true to our nature. Unlike fundies, we’re not trying to cover up the fact with layers upon layers of self-righteous varnish.

        /lame wood analogies

  4. Really? All that ranting and you don’t think a little slap might just calm you right down?
    Ok, so no, I am not my husband hiding behind his wife’s skirt. I am a woman, speaking for myself and I have no desire to learn to hunt or whatever from your pastor’s wife. I am sure she is adorable hunting in her dainty culottes. As far as Calvinism is concerned, you are wrong. Plain and simple. Maybe some day you will realize it, maybe you never will. It isn’t MY job to convince you.
    You have very strong beliefs and yet that doesn’t mean they are right. I will pray for you that God will open your eyes to the truth and that you will not allow your pride to prevent you from seeing it. God doesn’t NEED us for anything. How arrogant to think that He needs us to fulfill His plan. Your man-centered religion is the problem here, not God’s plan for His people.
    Oh, and by the way, I would never come to your church and slap anyone. That was just me acting out. I don’t really believe in violence, but for some reason you guys really make me angry enough to WISH I had the nerve to slap you. But don’t worry. I won’t. So just put away the hunting rifle and put a stop on the restraining order. My point was that I am NEVER in your area, and I never will be. My former pastor is, however, in prison in your state, so maybe you can go visit him in some kind of prison ministry. You guys will get along great, I just know it.

    1. Why would you want to calm me down? That is why I was invited to this page so that you sharks might have some confrontation to feed upon. Wasn’t it? If not, why was a sent an e-mail from one of your members directing me to this site?
      What if the God of John Calvin has reprobated and predestined to hell one of your children, or your brothers and sisters, or your Mother and Father. Or, what if several of those babies in the strollers and cribs have already been predestined to hell. What love is this? John Calvin did not even know that he was one of the elect. He made that statement from his death bed. Yeh, let me have some of that RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY. God deliver us from such a monstrous religion as Calvinism into genuine Bible believing Christianity. You are in such great bondage because you can never know that you are one of the elect. Thank God for the Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. To J0 A: ‘Was that information on King James being a homosexual regurgitated from your mouth after your own research or was it fed to you by some advocate of the modern English perversions of the Bible. The NIV translation committee was loaded up with sodomites as well as the English Revised Version committee (which also included child molesters on its committee). What proves this argument about King James being a homosexual to be even more ludicrous is the fact that King James was NOT a part of the translation committee. Furthermore, stating that King James was a homosexual is a lie. Here is a little bit of the truth if you can stand it:’

    My information about King James comes from sources that are not concerned with Bible translations, as a UK resident I am familiar with our nation’s history. My immediate source is a book ‘Britain’s King and Queens’ published in 2010 written by Michael St John Parker. It is a general historical guide to the British monarchy and the section on King James includes the line ‘He was also much given to demonstrative homosexual behaviour’. I bought this book in the Buckingham Palace gift shop.

    In the UK we have just finished a year of celebrating 400 years of the King James Bible and its significant influence upon the culture of our nation. I would not imply in any way that the accuracy of a Bible translation is compromised by the personal morality of the translators, commissioners or committee. I believe that God is able to communicate his truth even though the instrument may be faulty.

    I have no particular interest in proving King James to be homosexual or not and at this distance in time it is unlikely to be proven either way. I just find it ironic that groups who revere the Bible named after one of the few English monarchs who is identified as homosexual also display such an unrelenting prejudice againt homosexuals.

    And, just in case you were about to get personal, I have been a Christian for about 30 years, married for 26 years with two teenage children.

  6. Webmaster – Hi, I’m Greg the one that invited you here. I appreciate you coming over and defending yourself and your church’s positions. Let me add, your response, particularly much of your first paragraph, did, in fact shame me! While we (you and I) would disagree about much, this vile attitude of attacking other christians viciously that don’t agree with exactly what they believe is absolutely wrong. I may, myself, not be completely lily white on this, but to have these personal attacks, and speak terribly about men and their families is just plain wrong.

    I didn’t know until today that you had even posted a comment. Most of the regulars here know that I’m nearly computer illiterate, but anyhow I was looking over the site this morning, and there is this function where you can talk to one another, I don’t know much about it, but I saw some talk about me and this thread. Rather than being “men” and asking me directly if I invited you to comment, they were whispering about it, like the latest bit of gossip, or as though I did something “secret.” I hope one day these people will realize not to trifle with me and stand up and be a men! (btw, you saw alot of nastiness from alot of nasty people, but I want you to know that there are some absolutely wonderful, christian people that regularly post here, and I can’t speak for Darrell, but this site is a healing place for those that have been harmed by the IFB, and I wonder if he wishes that it was a tad more “tame” but when you run a site like this, it’s bound to be some nastiness come around, btw, I do appreciate Darrell for providing this forum)

    I have debated the calvinists forever, I have said many times, wait for it SFLers, “I can defeat the man-made theology of calvinism with my eyse shut,” the Holy Bible does not support it, and I don’t mean just the KJV, get to that in abit. Now having said that, I wouldn’t have dialogued like you did about the “evils” of calvinism, I also don’t believe it, but I have debated enough calvinists to know that many of them have genuine faith, as genuine as mine, just like catholics, if they have called on Jesus to save them and have trusted Him and His shed blood We don’t get around to making “fun” of the pentecostals here, but I have many friends that combine their works with their faith, and believe they are holding out faithful to the end for salvation, though their “works” won’t even be considered for a moment by God, as regards their salvation, they are still just as saved as you and me. So although it may be a hard concept for you, in your spiritual walk to this point to understand the above, Jesus came to planet Earth to seek and to save sinners, we are all men, you and I, who mess up royally at times, but we all have a loving God who paid the price for all, and though our theologies may differ, it is God who rewards our “decision” for Him by cleansing us and washing away our sins. I embrace this wonderful grace to the point that I believe a cult member like Mitt Romney could be saved if he has called on God to save him. I have an 86 yr old, dear neighbor that is a 7th Day Adventist, she will look you in the eye and tell you that she has called upon and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ to save her, and will invite you to do the same! You even mentioned about great men in the bible arguing over doctrine, think of Paul just slamming Peter for trying to put folks back under the law! So I’ll end this particular rant by saying, though you and I disagree about much, I fully believe that you are my christian brother, just as I believe Don is my christian brother. (btw, my only comment on this thread up to now was, “There are no TULIPS in our doctrinal Garden ‘they did get this one right'”

    Homosexuals!! I have said repeatedly, Wait for it SFLers, “That it is unchrisian and unloving not to warn folks about this vile, wicked behaviour,” and have taken mountains of heat for it, and don’t care at all. The blessed scripture has spoken clearly regarding this evil lifestyle. I submit that there are issues that are not black and white regarding lifestyles and personal behaviours, but this ain’t one of them!

    Finish with the good ol KJV. This topic, as much as anything, led me out of IFB. I would hear so much about the KJV, I was beginning to wonder if we were worshipping it or Jesus! The KJV is a fine 17th century, Anglican translation. There were many fine English transloations before it and there are many that came after it. It is a translation, a good one I might add, but nevertheless, a translation done by simple, sinful, Anglican men! I have studied the issue deeply, btw the Roman Catholics you spoke so strongly about, I hope you do realize that the KJV is based off a Roman Catholic priests (Erasmus) greek new testament? Praise God for those Catholics, Amen?

    I’ll close now, I apologize for the filth that was slung your way. My prayer is that you will continue to seek God’s will for your life through His Word and Spirit, and to Praise Him for He is worthy of our Praise.

    1. Greg: This will be my last post here. I want to thank you for your kind words and I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will richly bless you. I will not participate in this sort of thing again because I realize that nothing was accomplished by it nor could anything have been accomplished by it. I have offended the Lord in that I have not properly redeemed the time. Thank you again for your kindness. Shalom!

      1. Webby,

        You are dead wrong if you think your posts here accomplished nothing. You’ve done a really FANTASTIC job of reminding me what it was like to live my entire life in a CULT. Your arrogance and lack of grace in your words reminds me of just about EVERY IFB preacher who ruled over me and my loved ones.

        You’ve also done some good in that you’ve made me SO THANKFUL that I’m not under folks like you and your kind anymore…that’s right; I’m free! I no longer live each day fretting over weather or not I’m performing enough for the MOG or church folk to see, I can just walk humbly with my God and know that no matter what I’m loved by Him.

        You see, every time I hear such a tone of hatred or superficial holiness in a person who calls themselves a servant of God’s voice, it makes me even more determined to teach my kids and everyone I know to stay AWAY from that!

        Thanks for solidifying my perception that the IFB is a rotting corpse of a movement that makes the name of our Lord stink in the eyes of men.

      2. webmaster – you have not offended the Lord by not redeeming the time. You have offended the Lord by your hateful words and your holier-than-thou attitude.
        Like exOBC said above, thanks for reminding me why I left the IFB.

      3. And a special thanks for producing a website full of mancentered theology, and works sanctification. It is a shining example of man’s addition to God’s Grace.

    2. greg, you couldn’t defeat calvinism with your eyes wide open.

      “Calvinism is the Gospel, nothing else.” -Charles Spurgeon

  7. How could I have missed all this?! Looks like the party happened without me. 😐

    At least it’s nice to know that this church is “so seperated” that they hate on their own denominational bible “schools”. I bet they believe ONLY person their folks should really listen to and train under should be their MOG. Am I right?

    Hey Webby, you know a guy named Jim Vineyard? I bet you two would really hit it off nicely.

  8. Those yes-or-no questions on the missionary application are just LAUGHABLE! They sort of remind me of some of the stupid tests I’ve taken to get jobs at places like KFC and at a Texaco station. They supposedly test your character and/or your fitness for the positions you’re applying for, but it’s so obvious what they’re expecting that ANYONE can lie on them! 😆

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