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  1. The Baptist flag is a new one on me. I’ll be shaking my head over that one all day. Might even lose sleep.

    1. I think there’s actually an SFL post from a year or 2 ago from a competitor Baptist flag even. When you can’t find unity over a flag, I think we can all agree you’ve mastered separation.

      1. Even on their flag, Baptists are separated from “The Book,” “The Blood,” and “The Blessed Hope.”
        Maybe it’s more accurate than they intended …

    1. I checked out the website of the church we currently attend before we visited. Because they had typical Fundy service times (9:45 Sunday School, 10:50 Morning Worship, etc., plus Weds prayer meeting AND a Thurs service, I expected a horrible experience. Turns out they had been without a pastor for 5 years, and while rather progressive in their worship style & church programs, had simply never changed the service times.

      They do have a CCM-loving, hand-clapping, spiky-haired, guitar-playing pastor, now, so I expect service times will change eventually. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love the admonition to refresh my browser often. Hey, Bud, make a decent web site, clear off 90% of the crap you have on there, and maybe someone would stay long enough to… Wait. Never mind. Keep it EXACTLY the way you have it. Your standard guest may stay for, oh, 45 seconds, tops.

    “It’s still the Blood”? Is someone suggesting that it isn’t? This line sounds as if they are picking up on a fight the rest of us know nothing about.
    Worst of all, they made me end that last sentence with a preposition.
    I hate this ugly FWOTW. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    1. Obviously, they’re really into picking fights all over the place. The questionnaire for missionaries is all about picking fights.

      1. I’m guessing 2 Timothy 2:24 isn’t a favorite verse for preachers like this:

        “And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient.”

    2. I’m pretty sure “it’s still the blood” refers to a newer translation (or several) that don’t have the word “blood” in all the right places to suit the KJVO crowd. The imagine that the newer translations are deliberately leaving the blood of Christ out of the Bible so as to promote heresy and godlessness.

  3. Wait, i just exploded again: that banner, lower right. So, Baptists are placed above The Book nd the Blood and the Blessed Hope? I have to stop looking, get another cuppa, and go to work, before I have a spell. Strength, Lord. ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  4. This one gets the award for being UWOTW (Ugly Webiste of the Week). What would you call that background color? Vomitose Green?

  5. so this is, what, the 2,398,065th website in the “Fundamental Top 500”?

    also, it wasn’t long before i saw references to Webster’s 1828 dictionary in the sermon articles. what is it with fundies and being proud of using an outdated dictionary? are they aware that Webster published his own revision of the KJV?

    1. Actually, if one is going to read the KJV, it makes sense (ideally) to have a dictionary from the same era… I supposed that the 1828 dictionary is probably the closest thing to it. Such a dictionary would give the meaning of the words as the translators used them, instead of the shift in meaning over time. I would never use the definitions in the 1828 for modern conversation or to look up words in the newspaper, but it’s fine for getting a good handle on the words meant by the KJV translators.

  6. I saw this website yesterday when the topic if missionary questionnaires came up. Looked at theirs and a few others. Some of them weren’t too terrible, and I didn’t see the dreaded question about what the wife wears to bed (such sexism, why don’t they ask that question about the husband?) but one that came close, they wanted you to explain about the family’s dress standards.

    These sites are really awful. Everything has to scream at you. All that red this early in the morning gives me a headache. ๐Ÿ™

    1. When the first words are “Though many of the questions asked in this questionnaire may seem unnecessary …” you know there’s not much point in filling it out.

  7. And they put the beat of music in their DOCTRINAL STATEMENT??

    From here – Germany – that looks just crazy!


      1. Well, unless you are reading from 8400 Burr Street, Crown Point, IN. Then it looks holy.

    1. Looks like they go into even more detail about the beats than they do other doctrinal statements.

      “The back beat goes one-TWO-three-FOUR or one-two-THREE, one-two-THREE. This is in contrast with a โ€œstraightโ€ or march beat, which has the emphasis on the first beat or on each beat equally — one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four, or ONE-two-three-four, ONE-two-three-four. The back beat is used to work up the flesh and hinders the Spirit of God. “

        1. Aaagggghh, Ricardo, you got my flesh all worked up and my spirit all hindered with that hymn.
          Nice song, though.

        2. How can anyone listen to this & hear anything other than pure joy? I grinned like a fool through the entire song; even had the urge to lift my hands a couple times. ๐Ÿ˜€

        3. I think that’s the problem. Good music gives pleasure, and Fundies believe that pleasure is wrong.

        4. These folks take Psalm 150 seriously!

          I looked for a hymn that would translate easily. You can’t go wrong with “Aleluya.”

          But let me tell you, the lirics of the songs this same group sings are SOLID.

          Que Dios los Bendiga!

  8. I find it interesting that he has MP3s of Phil Kidd’s sermons on the site. Kidd has all of his content locked behind some paywall. I guess copyright violation doesn’t matter if it’s in the service of the Lawd.

  9. I followed the rabbit trail into Dr Phil’s MMA ministry. Keep up the good fight brother Dr. Phil

  10. I think we should incorporate a challenge into this post. Let’s all fill out a missionary questionaire and submit it.

    1. LOVE this idea! And every female here adds a postscript telling what she wears to bed! My faves from yesterday: dog collar, nothing… we can add some. Army boots, chastity belt, stretch marks… ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

      1. Trying to explain this to a never-been-fundy-friend who then asked me, in sheer amazement: “DO they object to UNDERpants on women?” I nearly died laughing, at the thought that fundies are promoting going commando….

    2. Wow… do they really ask each missionary what his wife wears in bed?

      Shakin’ muh head on this… what does this have to do with anything? (I’m trying very, very hard not to use “missionary” and “position” too close together in this post).

      What’s next? How often do your children sin? Or listing the sins that all of the family members commit?

      Good grief!

  11. They misspelled “pre-millennial”!! Good grief!
    (And now I am paranoid about whether or not I misspelled “misspelled.”)

        1. I thought “rebatized” meant you got another turn at bat. As in, your team was hitting so well off the really lame pitcher that you were actually rebatized? As in, Ryan Howard was rebatized because the really lame Yankees pitcher was still on the mound?

        2. Ah. I thought that was “I want to sing country music. I’d like to be rebatized, please.”

        3. Oh, Jean! That one took me a minute! Good thing I wasn’t drinking my coffee — you’d have owed me a new monitor for sure! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ :mrgreen:

        4. No, no no — you’ve got it all wrong! (But ye may be forgiven, as he hath misspelt the word)… it is “rabbitized” — you know, being scared, and keeping still, and hoping you aren’t noticed. Fits better, doesn’t it? Eh?

  12. They have a link to Hyslop’s Two Babylons on the website. That is one of the most contrived books I have ever heard. I’m not a huge fan of Roman Catholicism, but some of the hula hoops that the man had to do to make Catholic’s be rooted in ancient Babylonian religion are amazing.

    1. You made me look. ๐Ÿ™„

      “The gathering of some of the statistics for this page required that we read some very vulgar language and statistics that are not fit for Christian ears.”

      When you read with your ears, folks, you’re bound to get in trouble …

      1. I was also laughing about the part where he said he felt violated when he was done researching it. Hahah. He really gets into his research, doesn’t he?

        1. LOL – I’m sure he is with his wife! If they asked her if she is sexually active she can reply, ” No! I just lay there.”

        2. If he was feeling violated and didn’t like the feeling, he should have said the safety word.

      2. Oh, and just to make it better, under the Consequences of Sodomy, he blames gay people for their own murders. I guess if they hadn’t been gay, they wouldn’t have been murdered? It’s interesting logic.

        1. Classic victimizer psychology: “You made me do that to you, by being so (Check one: black, Jewish, foreign, female, rebellious, gay, sexual, provocative, other).”

    2. If he’s not willing to publish his sources, then as far as I’m concerned, it’s nonsense. He’s not a journalist, for goodness’ sake. He’s an idiot. There’s a difference (usually).

    3. Yet again, I keep hearing references to this agenda. . . I don’t think I picked mine up yet. . . Maybe they hand it out at the annual “Destroying Homes” convention.

  13. And then there is this gem from the “What We Believe” page under Termination of Membership:

    The Church may terminate anyone’s membership, for cause, by a simple majority vote for such sins as use of pornography, adultery, abortion, fornication…

    How many IFB pastors would not be able to be a member of this church?

    1. Well, that would have put out Jack Hyles, some of his deacons, Bob Gray the pedo, and no doubt a host of others, some of whose stories have been featured on this site….

  14. Missionaries are taken on entirely at the discretion of the pastor oh yeah… and congregation of Hilltop Baptist Church.

    Cult /kสŒlt/ n. 1: a religious group, especially one with beliefs that most people consider strange or dangerous 2:adherents of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices 3:a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also : its body of adherents 4: a quasi-religious group, often living in a colony, with a charismatic leader who indoctrinates members with unorthodox or extremist views, practices, or beliefs

    It’s not a matter of being told “HOW” to think, it’s indoctrination telling them “WHAT” to think.

  15. I first read this: “I would run from a man that has received the title of DOCTOR from an America Bible College. The Lord Jesus Christ had nothing good to say about doctors of doctrine. Do not ever call me doctor. If you are a preacher and insist on being called a doctor, do not ever expect me to call you doctor unless I am mad at you. Do not ever call me reverend. That title belongs only to God since holy and reverend is his name. Men who constantly seek after titles are in trouble with God. Most of them are doing it for the praise of men. They want to be well spoken of by all men. Jesus said in Luke 6:26 : Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.” Then he has a link to DR. Phil Kidd – can we say double standards. Oh wait – they are IFB – of course there are double standards.

    And why do they always have to use the word “sodomite” with homosexual behind it? That first word is so degrading and dehumanizing.

    1. Yes, but their homophobia knows no bounds. Of COURSE they want to dehumanize a gay person. Because that was how Jesus won people, doncha know… ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

        1. Shhh… don’t tell them. Maybe they are still unaware of their existance. (I was unaware until I was in my 30’s ~ true story)

        2. “How can two women have sex with each other, when neither of them has a penis?”

          A question I have actually heard someone ask. No lie.

        3. That was my first thought when I first heard about it. My friend seemed to really enjoy explaining it to me. (She had also gone to Hyles-Anderson but evidently found a different path once she got out of there.)

    2. I’ve heard the “reverend” thing before…

      For some reason, this reminded me of one time when a young evangelist was preaching at our church and asked the congregation to pray that he could be given a doctorate or be able to go back to Bible college because he REALLY wanted to have the title “Dr.” in front of his name.

      1. Shucks, just change your name to “Doctor” if it means that much to you.
        (Or take the Darrell Dow-approved path and just print up your own diploma.)

        It doesn’t mean that much to anyone else, believe me.

  16. I was raised in a Godly home with a goodly heritage as a fundamental Baptist and attending Grace Baptist Church in Newport. I was under sound doctrine and holy men of God. One can only assume the list of speakers on your site is a representation of the indoctrination you received

    I started preaching soon after my conversion but did not announce my call till March of 2000. you mean to tell us that you waited 2 whole years to anounce your CALLโ„ข ??

    Upon graduating high school, I went to Crown College of the Bible in Powell, Tennessee for three years, majoring in missions. I then transferred to Faith Baptist Institute in Resaca, Georgia under Brother Sammy Allen. WOW, talking about going from bad to worse! You are throughly indoctrinated in all the ways of the IFB. Do you give showers of blessings like Slobbering Sammy is infamous for?

    Four years and two children later my wife and I are glad to be in the center of God’s will…are you SURE you are in the smack dab, absolute center of God Will? You sure you shouldn’t be on a missions field somewhere? Seems you had it all handed to you on a silver platter. Sounds just like something the Satan would do to make you “think” you were in the center of God’s will. Of course we all know the “”center of God’s will is a nice cushy position that has been handed to to us and we “feel” comfortable with it. We have peace about it, you know just like Job and Jonah did.

    1. Haha! Don! That last paragraph is exactly what I was thinking too! Well OF COURSE it is the smack-dab center of God’s will. What else could He possibly want from this guy? {sigh} Trying very hard not to go off on a rant. Maybe after breakfast I will though.

      1. Ok, here goes: Claiming to be in the Perfect Center of God’s Will (or however he put it) is such a braggy way to say “I have arrived… look at the stellar life I have lived and for that I have attained as close to perfection in my life as one could hope for.” Of course from there he can settle in and feel good about himself and his accomplishments and attempt to make all his congretation look at him in awe because for the most part (if they are honest, like he is not) they are probably struggling with things. The kind of things everyone (except him) struggles with. Of course as the mog it is beneath him to concern himself with the details that other people concern themselves with. OTHER people can have money problems or health issues… not HIM … HE is in the ABSOLUTE CENTER of God’s will. Not the edge where he might fall off into the permissive will, oh NOOOOooo… the CENTER. How glorious must THAT be?

        I, myself, am CONATANTLY questioning whether I ought to do this or that or something else altogher (thanks for that, by the way) because I worry about displeasing God due to this kind of mind-set. I don’t think God’s will is a bulls-eye and we are to aim to hit the “center” of it. I see it more as a river… I am still in the river. I am flowing along in God’s will. I don’t know why this guy just irritates the bejesus out of me and if I were anywhere NEAR his church I would pay him a visit and tell him so. Of course that would end with me being taken away to jail for assault, so it is a good thing I am out here in the land of the fruits and the nuts where nobody could possibly mistake for the center of God’s anything. Well, this wasn’t one of my best rants, but it will have to do for now. ๐Ÿ™„

        1. I dunno… I think it is a pretty decent rant. Your BEST rants, of course, include references to that prize ass Jack Hyles. But that could not be helped,this time. Well done. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Just to be contrary, I’d write that my tithe belonged to God, not the church …

  18. At least you get a warning before you get to the missionary questionaire. “Do not bother, do not bother, do not bother” seemed to be a recurring theme.

  19. I got lost in all their anti-Calvinistic stuff. Actually, I just lost interest…

    This website made me SO GLAD I am free from all of that. Whenever I remember my time on the *inside* I think of it all in black and white. I am pretty sure it wouldn’t take a lot of therapy to figure THAT out.

  20. This is madness. Group madness. I guess the reason I am so torked by this posting is it hit so close to home. I find myself angry at those who pass this cult activity off as Biblical Christianity, yet my heart breaks for those who are in such Spiritual bondage. Only God can open their eyes to the prison they have willingly built for themselves. God have mercy on them.

    1. If this is any comfort to you: There was NOBODY who dotted more fundamental i’s and crossed more fundamental t’s than I did, Don. I graduated from HAC, went back to be on faculty there, had that prize ass JH MARRY us… yet I came out. Trust the Holy Spirit to do His work. He does it SO well, and every single time I leave it with Him, asking Him to reveal truth to those in bondage, He does. He reveals more to me, all the time, about my own shreds of bondage which remain. He is using this web site to help those coming out of bondage, or even THINKING about it. He is faithful. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. I agree with Don in that this one hit close to home. When I see it there in print it amazes me how crazy it looks (from here) when from inside it just seemed perfectly reasonable and logical. It is amazing how brainwashing works and how ONLY God can fix it.

    3. Don,
      I went to the same Fundy U as this guy. I think I might have been there at the same time as him. I grew up in the same crowd as him though.
      I made it out and so did many, many others.

      I was joking with a friend the other day that we need to start a FB page for us “Crownies” who have seen the light.

      I too sometimes wonder if the people still stuck in this mess are ever going to get out. I hope so.

    1. I’ve read the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights all the way through, but none of them said whether or not I’m going to heaven.

  21. Just finished reading the Church Constitution. It’s a social club. The Masons, the Elks, the Moose Lodge has nothing on this group regarding membership rules and regs. ๐Ÿ™„

        1. My brother can sass people in Eskimo talk. He knows Yup’ik. He seldom does it, though. He’s much more polite than I.

  22. Under ‘What Should I Teach My Children About Movies?’ by David Cloud I read what is possibly the most out-of-touch sentence ever penned by that most learned of gentlemen:
    “Instead of sitting around the television in the evenings, read some good books out loud. Everyone enjoys hearing a book read out loud, even teenagers. Start with something like Pilgrim’s Progress or an exciting missionary biography. Or gather the family around to listen to good preaching sermons.”

    I do not have teenagers but I strongly suspect that they would not think preaching sermons an acceptable substitute for television.

    1. HAHA! Yeah, you would be right. Except that I know a couple uber-fundy families whose kids have never been allowed to watch tv or movies and possibly THEY would listen to a sermon just because it is the only thing they have to do.
      As far as reading out loud, my kids do enjoy that (but not as a substitute for tv, just sometimes when there is nothing good on) only we read books that are of interest to all of us, and I have to say… Pilgrim’s Progress or an “exciting” Missionary Biography? Really?

      1. Actually, I loved all three of those (preaching tapes, Pilgrim’s Progress, and exciting missionary biographies) even as a teenager. As I got a little older I eventually realized that the Jack Hyles preaching tapes weren’t quite right, but they were still really entertaining, so I kept listening.

    2. Oh, and also, my husband listens to sermons all the time (of course they wouldn’t be approved of by this guy) and while I enjoy occasionally listening with him, I notice the kids almost always are doing something else in another part of the house. I guess they are just heathens.

    3. In my experience “exciting missionary biography”= pack of lies and half-truths written to make me (in the case of an autobiography) or my subject look good and make the heathen around the missionary look like savages.

    1. That’s because his sermons ARE old-time carnival attractions.

      As I’ve said here before, the old-time radio evangelists basically ran circuses– especially the freak show and medicine tent parts of the circus.

    2. My first thought was of the gay bear subculture, and I thought that a bear dipped in oil would be kind of sexy. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  23. I love the question on the missionary questionnaire: “Do you believe in abortion?”

    Not “do you believe abortion is wrong” or any variant that actually makes sense. Yes, I believe in abortion. I also believe it is wrong… ๐Ÿ™„

    1. Yup. Whether you approve or disapprove, I’m rather certain that there is such a thing.

      Supposedly somebody asked Mark Twain, “Do you balieve in infant baptism?” Twain (a Presbyterian) answered, “Absolutely. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

    2. Ha! Nice catch. I would agree with you entirely. Of course I believe in abortion. That does not mean I believe it’s right, but it clearly does exist!

  24. Being Pentecostal we look like we are waving flags all the time:) But the Baptist Flag is new to me. Learn something new every day!!!

  25. Reading some of that crap brought back memories. Bad ones. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ Thank God I’m out of that life!

  26. “We have a Bible Institute set up in our church. Seminaries and most Bible colleges teach people ABOUT the Bible. Bible Institutes teach people the Bible.

    You cannot trust American Seminaries and Bible Colleges to train Christians. Most of their Professors are unholy, Bible correcting scholars cast upon the seas of apostasy and unbelief by Satan and blown about by a tempest of false doctrine swirling around the vortex of hell waiting to suck them in. Most of them are not in it for Godโ€™s glory but for their own glory and money.”

    “The curriculum we are using is from Bible Baptist Publications of Oak Harbor Washington. It is without a doubt some of the very best material available. The material is presented from an uncompromising King James only position. The material is highly non Calvinistic, premillennial, pretribulational, and has a heavy emphasis on eternal security. Bible Baptist Publications has a Procedures Manual that contains some tests and forms, but we do not use it. We have quizzes, quiz answer keys, exams, and exam answer keys built for most of the courses and are working on those we do not have. We would gladly make them available in electronic format for FREE to any pastor wanting to set up a Bible Institute in their church. The files are available in Word Perfect (wpd) and Adobe PDF format. For the printed books contact Bible Baptist Publications at:”

    http://www.baptistpublications.org/ if that picture on the homepage isn’t creepy!

    You can even get a “PIT” lapel pin to wear. “PREACHER IN TRAINING “. Sorry ladies you can’t get one.

  27. You know, the realization that they don’t care about anything beyond their own front door is clearly evident when one reads the questions they ask the missionaries. They really really want to maintain their “standards” in that the missionary doesn’t stray doctrinally from their views, but they don’t ask one single question about the missionary’s burdon for the people he is going out to, or his vision of ministry, or why he feels called to go to another country, working hard to learn the languages and customs, giving up every opportunity and luxury here to sacrifice in order to bring the gospel to strangers. All they want to do is make sure he doesn’t accidentally teach them Calvinism or somehow use the *wrong* version or translation of the Bible. Meeting the needs of the suffering people outside their circle, who can never add to their attendance or offering is not that interesting, so don’t bother asking for our support at all. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    1. I agree with your larger point but I did want to note that most of their missionaries don’t in fact have to learn another language. I counted 34 on their list, of those, only 5 could conceivably need to learn another language. (I counted the missions board director for the Middle East). The majority of their missions money seems to be focused on exporting their brand to other parts of the English-speaking world. Such as England, Canada and Australia, though the majority seem to be missionaries to the USA itself.
      Some adventurous souls are in Mexico, Germany and “Hondurus”.

    2. Clearly the focus is not on Christ, the Gospel or grace and mercy. It is all about exporting their cult and the cult’s message regarding separation and standards. One can only be right with their god when they meet the standards set forth by the most self-righteous cabal of IFB empire builders.

      So much on this site is re-hashed lies, idolatry, mis-information, fantasy, emotional and experiential mental and spiritual manipulation. It presents a god that is in dire need of direction, and suring up by the giants of the IFB faith. As presented this god is weak, and must have ironclad rules in place to keep his converts in line. A god who needs man more than man needs him. That is not God. That is a god of the imagination made in the image of the IFB cult.

      And people follow after this shallow god, driven to follow by the bully pulpit. God have mercy!

      I get so wound up reading what passes for Biblical Christianity in these IFB bunkers and I get ill knowing I could still be in one of them, but for the grace of God. I pray that God would do a work of grace in the hearts of all IFB victims, those who have found freedom in Christ and those still in bondage to legalism, fear and traditions of men.

  28. OK, I am really intrigued by all this stuff. Partly because it is so foreign to my own experience. And partly also because there are a *lot* of churches like this one here in rural NC.

    As I may have mentioned, I have a friend (and former colleague) who graduated from Bob Jones University. He married a girl (another BJU grad) whose dad was pastor at a large and flourishing IFB church, Freedom Baptist Church in Rural Hall, NC. (I drive by this church quite often. After the church folks rebuilt the church to make it mega-bigger, I started referring to it as The Cathedral. ;)) Anyway, the wife’s dad is now retired from ministry. Meanwhile, my friend seems to have changed and mellowed a LOT from when I first knew him. (He once refused to pray with another colleague, a Pentecostal, and moi, because, he said, he was “separated.” At the time we had no earthly clue what that meant. :o)

    Anyway, I thought I’d do something rash during my lunch hour and…check out the Freedom Baptist Church website. So I did. It seems to be about a thousand times less crazy than the one up above here. It does go in for some IFB Crazy, like KJV-Only, but at least it has no questionnaire for missionaries, lol. And the graphic design and navigation are way better. Here it is. Would be interested in y’all’s take, if and when you have the time and/or inclination.


    BTW, why are these church interiors always so UGLEEEE? lol.

    1. To answer your question at the end of your post (In my opinion) it is because the pastor is the final authority on all things pertaining to the church, right down to the decor. He can decide what color, style, etc. to use (or not use) and usually these guys’ level of taste and style is right up (down) there with their sense of humor. They have none. That is just my opinion, but I definately agree with you. Outdated panelling and carpets and weird designs of pews copying, but not exactly capturing whatever it is they think a church “ought” to look like.

      1. I thought church decorating was the pastor’s wife’s job. And in some churches, the head deacon’s wife may collaborate.

        1. One fantasizes about the cat-fight that then ensues.. .only done, of course, ๐Ÿ™„ in proper, fundy-dum ladylike decorum…

  29. Check out the “Our Missionaries” page. A total of 34 “missionaries” and only 10 list a field that is “foreign”…the rest are all “missionaries” to “fields” here in the USA…

    …okay…11 if you count the family that is a missionary to that dark and desolate place known as Massachusetts, I’ll include that state among the other unwashed nations….especially considering their heathen baseball team from Boston…that team comes straight from the pit of hell.

  30. Hey!!! I’m from Boston!!!! Go Red Sox!!!!!

    (But I guess, being Catholic, I’m already in the pit of hell anyway. :D)

  31. I’m glad to see that they made a point of announcing they were “premillineal.” The doctrine of the Millinium is sorely neglected in this day and age of apostasy and illiteracy.

  32. Just read the missionary questionnaire. Do you remember that part of the Bible where Jesus called his disciples and asked them all to fill out a seven page questionnaire to make sure they were all in 100% doctrinal agreement?

    1. Yes. That is why they were in total doctrinal harmony throughout the New Testament. You never saw them arguing about the faith. Can you imagine how detrimental it would have been to Christianity if Peter and Paul had even the slightest disagreement? I shudder to think of it.

      /sarcasm off

      1. The harmony was demonstrated in Acts 2:1 and Acts 4:24 (KJV of course). Although I believe these verses supported car-pooling in a Honda. It talks about everyone being in one accord. :mrgreen:

  33. Ok, I give up triggers galore.
    What does Jeremiah 6:16 have to do with this church or any other fundie outpost?
    What “Old Paths” are they talking about?
    The paths that were “OLD” in Jeremiah’s day… or are we talking about the golden era of fundie massteria in America going back to the Old Days of Prohibition, Revivalist-scorched earth preaching and the early practice of easy believism through manipulative altar calls?

    This is another rote cliche’ that fundies love to parrot. Get back to the old paths! Usually it leads straight to legalism, decisional regeration and self salvation which only lasts from service to service.


  34. “and self-salvation which only lasts from service to service” +10 ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  35. I haven’t even clicked on the site yet and have that queasy feeling just from reading the comments about it! I want to digest my dinner so I’m not reading it now for sure. The baptist flag is a real gem, can’t get away from that as it’s right out in front.

  36. I read the statement of faith and questionnaire for the missionaries. I would not qualify since I am Calvinistic and believe all 5 points of TULIP.
    Also this church would not like my musical preferences (c/w vintage honky tonk, etc).

  37. From what I see in the apostate church section, no church is part of the body of christ except Baptists. Every other beleiveing group is a bunch of unregenerate apostates. So they’re the One True Church of Godโ„ข? And since you can’t be saved without being a member of the body of Christ, doesn’t that essentially mean that there is no salvation outside of being a Baptist? Is’nt this kind of claim exactly what they disagree with? I’m confused here.

  38. I used to live in Newport….it is back woods and backwards on so many levels. The highlight was when this church put “No help, no hope, in a hell bound Pope” on their sign when Pope John Paul II died. The media went crazy. And of course they suffered as martyrs for their persecution, albeit self-induced.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that, too. I guess WordPerfect qualifies as one of the “Old Paths.” :mrgreen:

        1. At least he isn’t dating his brother! (that is definately NOT going to be as funny when I am more rested) ๐Ÿ˜†

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