FWOTW: bigdealkjv.com

I will say this for fundies, some of them have finally figure out how to stuff the same old crazy into much slicker packaging.

As a side note, any bio that starts out with “grew up in a good Christian home” is probably hiding something like “bachelor of divinity degree from his church’s Bible Institute” a few lines down.

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  1. Nice looking video, same horrible content we’ve been seeing for years. Wonder who they got to put this together?

      1. Sorry you couldn’t be first today DeputyFife, we will just have to NIP THIS IN THE BUD! Hope you can be first sometime! Welcome to the site if you’re new, I haven’t seen your moniker before. :mrgreen:

    1. Life is too short to watch eight minutes of that.

      From the title, though, at least they know that sane people regard their KJV nuttiness as a fringe heresy.

  2. Mm. Saw Sam Gipp’s name & quit watching. That told me all I needed to know.

    BTW, I believe the Bible is the final authority regarding issues whereupon it speaks. I also believe the Bible needs to be studied within the framework of historical context and literary device.

    1. “I believe the Bible is the final authority regarding issues whereupon it speaks. ”

      They do too. They just believe it speaks about everything the MOG wants it to speak about.

    2. Kreine, you said that very well!! I’d only like to add “cultural context” and original languages. If we ignore those, we only get part of the picture.

    1. Part of Mr. Gipp’s bio:

      “..He has the unique ability to digest large amounts of information and then present it in an analytical, understandable, format.”

      In reality after he disgests large amounts of information, he sh*ts them out of his mouth.

      1. This made me LOL in my office. I am with the person up there who stopped when they saw that it is Sam Gipp. Gross. πŸ‘Ώ

      2. A few years ago, there was a news story about an artist who used his own excrement as paint. Obvioualy, this gave rise to the question: Who buys his paintings?

        My friends, today that question has been answered in your hearing:
        Hope Baptist Church of Toledo, Ohio.

  3. Ok, for a moment seeing the picture on my phone I thought the guy had a big ash cross on his forehead. It’s Ash Wed.

    Speaking of Ash Wed., a FB friend posted the following church sign-Get Your Ash in Here.

    1. I know I’m a hopeless reprobate, but I read the initial part of your comment euphemistically: “big-ash cross.” :mrgreen:

      I think I’m giving up inappropriate humor for Lent. πŸ˜•

  4. I’ll take Fringe Heresy for 200 Alex.

    “What is bibliolatry?”

    Fringe Heresy for 400

    “What is bibliolatry?”

    Fringe Heresy for 600

    “What is bibliolatry?” πŸ™„ …………….

  5. This is a line from one of their FAQs about the KJV:

    “…It was produced by the most potent collection of 54 English scholars ever assembled…”

    I guess King James didn’t want any of his scholars to be impotent.

  6. Because the Bible links Egypt to Sodom means that nothing good can ever come out of Egypt = Bad Alexandrian text.

    Referencing only the good things mentioned about Antioch in the Bible, but leaving out the bad = Good Textus receptus

    For that alone I award you with the title of Captain Fuzzy Logic.

      1. Yes, he came out of Egypt because he had to leave the wickedness, heresy, and lies behind. Therefore, Egypt is bad and anything produced by Egypt is worse. πŸ˜‰

    1. Funny, then, that heretic Arius, who taught in Alexandria, was actually from Antioch, and that it was the Egyptian Bishop of Alexandria Alexander and his successor Athanasius who actually opposed Arius!

        1. You said a mouthful! At HAC, the most useless history class ever taught was church history. Women only ever took it to fill up elective hours, which is why I was there, with fifty men, no other women. The most boring teacher there was assigned to teach it, but one could hardly call it that. He himself seemed knowledgeable, but got stuck on Luther and never turned loose. I learned church history the same way I learned evrything else they should have taught me, by self study. πŸ™„

        2. I had Jack Rose for Church History. He wasn’t boring. But he was pretty arrogant. And he used to always mention how he and Johnny Pope were friends. I guess that was probably his claim to fame there.

        3. Sims, ha ha ha! No, I had Rose for Old and New Testament Surveys, and for Poetryand Wisdom literature. He was not great on the first two, but did well on PandWL.. I had Ed Reese for CH. nice guy, but boring as crap. Those preacher boys just slept in there.

          I had forgotten how Rose talked about Johnny Pope all the time! That’s pretty funny. I do remember how condescending Rose was when he talked about his own wife. By a few years later, he was saying publicly in his classes that one should “stick with one’s own kind.”. Since she was Hispanic, we took this to mean he was unhappy. I felt terribly sorry for HER. Would be suprised if they are till together.

        4. He was also good friends with the guy who hired Ray to come and be on his staff as assistant pastor. When we got there we found out the job was teaching second grade. πŸ‘Ώ
          I always thought Rose was a little flirty to some of the girls (Not ME of course, I was way to virtuous {cough:naive:cough} to appeal to that sort of fellow.) I agree about Reese. He was very nice, but *snore*. I sometimes feel sorry for some of those guys. I guess if they don’t realize how much better their lives could be i suppose feeling sorry for them is a waste of sympathy.

    2. It took me awhile to find a KJV but here we go. Exodus 13:3 “And Moses said unto the people, Remember this day, in which ye came out from Egypt.” So… Hitler might have been a misunderstood hyperfundy trying to fulfill prophecy?

  7. Oh, and more power to commenter Steve who is tackling the issue on their website. Go Steve go! Not that it will make a bit of difference.

  8. This video is a great illustration of how fundies brainwash ignorant people.

    Is really easy to be a fundy when the greatest challenge to your cultic theology is an ignorant “student.”

  9. what’s the big deal with fundies being unable to spell Savio[u]r without a U? I understand that the KJV 1611 uses it; that’s the Word of Gawd. But we fought a revolution against England in order to avoid all the U’s in our words.

    1. The short answer is that some in the KJV-only crowd believe that they should use the KJV spelling of words. That hold’s especially true if the word is a seven letter word like Saviour. Because seven is the number of perfection, changing it to Savior makes it a six letter word which is linked to imperfection and the mark of the beast, 666. I wish I were joking, but I’m not.

      1. I heard it preached that Savior is Satanic and a sign that your Bible was no good. 😯 πŸ™„ I started wondering how… unlearned this man was. He was a HAC graduate.

        1. Now there’s a shocker… not. HAC has graduated more ignorant, unfit-for-ministry “preachers” than you could shake a stick at. If you ever get the chance, do something more POTENT with that stick. Grr. πŸ‘Ώ

    2. In Canada they (we since I live here now) use the U spelling as well, not only for Saviour, but other words like neighbour, favourite, honour, etc. So it’s not only a fundy thing. Sometimes it’s regional.

      1. Agreed. I moved from Canada to the states and still spell neighbour and colour the wrong way on occasion. The one that gives me the biggest fit is grey or is it gray?

      2. That’s fine, you lovely canucks haven’t yet thrown off the yoke of British Oppression and their extra U’s. But we did and we earned the right to save our U’s for more important things

      3. Canada is still within the circle of the UK. America is not. Noah Webster specifically formulated American spellings for words to give us distinction after the American Revolution. “Saviour” is the accepted British English spelling, thus its use in the KJV, thus its use in Canadian English. It’s rather silly for Americans to use it, though, since it’s not accepted American spelling. It’s just another way to worship the KJV in this type of case. /grammarology. πŸ˜›

  10. Seeing this video reminds me of the story where a “liberal” preacher went to a fundy church, picked up a KJV, threw it out the window and said “I just got rid of your golden calf.” Fundies worship the KJV and their interpretations of it.

  11. Oh. Glasses Guy is from Treasure Valley Baptist Church in Idaho. That church messed up a friend of mine on the KJVO issue several years ago. King James Only-ism –separating the sheep from the sheep and pulling the wool over their eyes.

  12. Poor Justin, the only one to use a KJV at his school. Except for the other kids from his church. Most of been awfully lonely in that basement.

  13. “At the age of 9, he acted in the full-length movie Pray for Daddy.”

    Checking Netflix now…

    1. That was the movie produced by the Marshall family involving the following plot line:

      Small boy gets up in revival service and says “pray for my daddy he’s a drunk”
      Drunk daddy beats the kid within an inch of his life when get gets home.
      Daddy feels really bad about this and decides to go to the revival and get saved.

      I just saved you a gut-wrenching ninety minutes of bad acting and horrible dialog.

      1. A fundy sermon illustration made into a movie. Sweet.

        I wonder how many of those we could come up with. :mrgreen: A friday challenge when the well is dry perhaps?

      2. Darrell, you left out the part where the church members called CPS for the little boy’s protection & got the dad involved in treatment for his alcoholism and therapy for his anger manag-

        Oh. Never mind. 😈 πŸ™

    2. Shouldn’t that be “…he ‘acted’ in the full-length ‘movie’…”?

      SFL: exaggerating their accomplishments πŸ™„

        1. Sadly true. πŸ˜₯

          But, see, Fundies have the purest of motivations. Why, Fundies would never abuse their children, sweet blessings from God that they are. No, Fundies simply discipline their children. If the darlings are bruised or bloody, goodness, it’s not the Fundies’ fault; those children were rebelling against physical discipline and earned extended “teaching.” Fundies would never allow demon alcohol to cause them to lose control of their actions, no sir. Those drunks are a reprehensible lot.

          πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ

          Sorry; physical abuse is a huge trigger for me. πŸ™

      1. “Pray for Death” isn’t that a movie about people who are forced to go to a Fundy church for six months without being lobotomized or anesthetized?

        1. Yes,it was based on my 6 months at FB Hammond. To make it even worse I attended school at Hammond Baptist High School for those 6 months.(It could have worse I suppose, I could have been a HACer.)

  14. From Sam Gipp’s web page… He sounds like a a lovely, winsome person…


    Have You Changed Your Address?
    Frequently, I have people tell me, “Hey! Why don’t I get your letter anymore?” I ask them, “Did you move?” “Yes.” “Did you send your new address to the return address on the envelope?” “No.” “Do I look clairvoyant?” Soooooo, if you move and want to keep getting the letter you will need to send your new address to:

    Every letter that is returned because of a bad address costs us 70 cents, and I have better uses for our funds than that.

    But, some folks have simply been dropped by the computer. Why? Because computers are retarded and they just love to do that. If that has happened contact Christy at the above address or phone number and she’ll get it squared away.

    On the other hand, if you wish to write to Kathy or I personally then send your letter to the address at the top of this stationary. If you send it to Pennsylvania they will just end up sending it to us and it will take several weeks to get here.

    Our Podcast
    I’ve had several people comment that they appreciate the Podcasts (whatever they are). So, if you have an iPod you can download sermons:

  15. Every KJVO defense I’ve ever heard or read has the same tone and fuzzy logic as a Star Wars nerd trying to explain away George Lucas’s plot holes.

  16. “The question every Christian must answer is this, β€œWhere is the Final Authority of God’s Word, uncorrupted, complete, and accessible?”

    If this indeed is a question that every Christian must answer you would think God would have gotten around to including it in the KJV. For some reason He didn’t. I wonder why that is?

    I actually started to abandon my KJVO position while I was sitting in FU chapel. I grew up KJVO and was sitting there listening to the FU president preach about why he was KJVO. It occured to me that Baptists insist on having a verse behind every belief. The KJVO position, however, requires a verse plus an assertion.
    “All Scripture is given by inspiration (verse)……and we believe that means the Textus Receptus or KJV (assertion).”

    I have yet to see the KJVO position proven based only on Scripture. This belief absolutely requires the addition of human assertion that is independent of Scripture.

    1. Wait…are you implying that we might have build the solution into our question? I think there is a term for that…a formal logic fallacy…no, can’t be. There’s no way fundies would be guilty of bad thinking.

      1. The term (as you know) is “begging the question.”
        “Begging the question” is asking a question that presumes a particular answer, or making a statement that claims to prove itself by presuming its own rightness.

        It drives me nuts (or maybe I should say, even nuttier) to see and hear this term misused every day. “Begging the question” doesn’t mean simply asking or suggesting a question.

        For example: “The Bible is true because it says so in the Bible” (a claim I’ve seen in numerous tracts) begs the question. The Bible may be true, but the fact that the Bible says so (if it does) is not proof of that. It can’t count as evidence unless you already accept the claim that the Bible is true, so it proves nothing.

        It’s like saying “He’s guilty of homicide because he committed murder.” In other words, “A” is true, because “A” is true.

  17. Just so that it is clear: the Textus Receptus was based on only three Bizantine manuscripts. The coma Johanneum was in only one of the three.

    The NA27 is based on an eclectic combination of manuscripts that span all manuscripts. not just Alexandrian.

    1. And, I would add, it is a critical text that differs from the Byzantine majority text in over 1,800 significant ways (Dan Wallace has the gory details on that project). The BM also excludes the comma johanneum. But facts don’t count in this fundy alternate reality. “It is a lie, Watson; a great, fat, thumping, obtusive lie.”

      1. Indeed, in many important instances, the Byzantine Majority isn’t the best reading. But, you know, because Antioch was where Paul came from 700 years prior, the early-middle-ages christians from the region were superior than the Alexandrians in every way, especially textual variants.

        1. The first half of that comment was actually serious; the second half was sarcastic. Sorry, i should be more careful with my snark

  18. Nothing good came out of Egypt?!

    He does know that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus went to Egypt right? It even says so in the King James Version.


    1. Hosea 11:1 When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt.

      Matthew 2:15 Where he stayed until the death of Herod. And so was fulfilled what the Lord had said through the prophet: “Out of Egypt I called my son.”

      Yet Gipp thinks nothing good came out of Egypt… πŸ™„

  19. Dammit, I just made a huge mistake. I went to Gipp’s website and started peeking at the “Articles & Essays” section.

    Forgive my language, but there’s no other way to say this: This guy is completely batshit.

      1. Now I completely understand the bull gipp. looks an awful lot like bull shit. I guess thats all it is when manogawd tries exault his pharisee ass to some kind of throne.

      2. My wife says there is another word that fits, GUANO. :mrgreen: That one we can use in front of the grandkids. πŸ˜‰ And think of the alliteration, Gipp Guano,(Guano Gipp?) πŸ‘Ώ

    1. Miranda,

      I will never forget the day I ventured over to Gipp’s website. My reaction was the same as yours. I just blamed Don. :mrgreen:
      But Don does nail it on the head – Bull Gipp!

      1. Well, sure, but most of those teachers were probably educated at godless liberal accredited universities, where their minds were warped by pinko commie hippie feminazi “professors.” πŸ™„

  20. You know he himself proves that kjv only is wrong. The logic being that he “bring out the gipp” is doing this video because it is inspired by God. Did God quit inspiring people when king james had the bible translated? I feel that “but the gipp’s asleep” and everyone involved in this video should be taken out and forcibly stoned in the snoop dogg sense of the word, or better yet their communion grape juice should be dosed with LSD. Sorry I know thats extreme but closed mindedness and piety pisses me off. Also, sorry for the gipp pulp fiction references but I watched pulp fiction last night.

  21. The FAQs mistakenly say that The KJV “was translated by a committee made of both Anglicans & Puritans” That’s apples and oranges. Of the KJV translators only one was not an Anglican clergyman, and all of them were members of the Church of England. The term ‘Puritan’ refers in this context to those within the Church of England who wanted to make it more ‘pure’, to talk about ‘Puritans and Anglicans’ is meaningless; ‘Anglican’ is a denomination, ‘Puritan’ is a sort of movement. The latter is a sub-group of the former. The correct phrase would be “High church and puritan Anglicans”.

  22. It’s also funny that I have read quite a lot of Westcott’s material, and I can quite categorically say that he regarded the Bible as inspired by God.

  23. So much nonsense!!! The NKJV is NOT based on the Majority Text, but on the King James, so it includes 1 John 5:7, a text found in only about five very late Medieval Greek manuscripts.

    What my New Testament tutor at Seminary referred to as seeking certainty at the expense of truth.

  24. this guy got tooled on the John Ankerberge show years ago by white, Wallace and some other real scholar. It was fun to watch him get destroyed

    1. I remember that too. At the time I was KJVO, and it was like “c’mon guys you can do better than that.” But it seemed like they kept repeating the same KJVO talking-points. It was actually embarrassing to watch. I still read and study a lot from the KJV, but that show helped me drop the Onlyism.

      1. The clips of that show are on Ankerberg’s youtube channel. After reading his books and watching that, anytime I see “Sam Gipp” I just die laughing.

        1. Just watched a couple of those videos on youtube. Gipp and his sidekick got completely pwned. I almost felt embarressed for them. Gipp yelled the loudest but never answered one question directly.

        2. I’m amazed at the arrogance. At believing God would actually guide the “perfect bible to be translated into English in 1611.

          Sorry. God created the PERFECT bible forty years earlier, in 1569, when He guided the Reina Valera version to be published. In God’s own language: Spanish! (What we will all be speaking in Heaven!)

  25. The ‘missing verses’ claim is a false claim. My NASB includes verses from both. It will just mark out the ones that were missing from the earlier or later texts so that the reader knows what’s going on. It makes for some interesting reading aloud with some of my friends who have the NIV when I read a verse that isn’t in there traslation.

    I also love the claim that someone can be saved from any of the ‘alternate’ translations, but they can’t grow. All those other nations out there that don’t speak English better hope that the people translating their bibles use the right manuscripts or they’ll never grow as Christians. That also creates a problem for them in regards to all passages on bearing fruit. “Sorry Jesus, I can’t bear fruit because you didn’t send me a KJV”

    1. I had a Bible teacher at FU imply a person couldn’t be saved from anything other than a KJV πŸ™„ I wanted to call him out so bad.

  26. I’ve never seen somebody who knew so little about a subject speak with such authority. He throws out facts about Antioch and Egypt that simply aren’t true, but he sure does it as if they’re definite facts. That Treasure Valley Baptist Church is nuts, but they are putting out some quality video — too bad.

    1. I’ve never seen somebody who knew so little about a subject speak with such authority.

      That is the hallmark of a Fundie Pastor.

  27. HA! The Textus Receptus came about as a result of the KJV translation, not before it. This guy just makes it up as he goes! I love how he claims that people don’t believe in the Trinity so they leave out a verse(s) (the Comma Johanneum) that the grand majority of scholars believe was actually added and was never in the original manuscripts. And even at that, it is still footnoted. Just plain nonsensical.

  28. From the web site:
    “We believe that if it [the King James Version] ever was inerrant, it remains so to this day.”

    Well, yes, so do I. I also believe that all the pigs that could ever fly can still fly to this day. But so what?

  29. Today’s comment section on Gipp’s website are good today, as you can imagine. πŸ˜‰

    All intelligent negative comments to be deleted in 3, 2, 1…

    1. Sam Gip would say that the only acceptable Spanish version of the bible is the one that uses the KJV as its one and only source.

      Which is hogwash since the Reina Valera version is at least 40 years older than the KJV. (Also based on the Textus Receptus.)

      1. So, Ricardo, does that mean the only acceptable English translation is one based on the Reina Valera?

  30. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My fundy ‘friends’ keep telling me how good my old fundy church is – but the pastor loves Sam Gipp. It’s soooo good to be reminded how insane it all is.

    It’s still shocking to me how normal they think it all is.

  31. I can see why he’s in such high demand! I couldn’t wrap my mind around what he was saying until he dumped salt and pepper into the other guy’s coffee and then asked if he wanted to drink it. That instantly made everything he was saying sink in!

    What cracks me up about this video is that it had a “director.” I wonder if he yelled “CUT” 20 times and kept having to explain his vision for the film?

    1. I think we all know who was directing that video. It was nice to see they got Andy Garcia on board, though.

  32. I was very offended by the slit in the female barista’s skirt….very immodest. The rest of the video was a blur as I was heavily involved in spiritual warfare and deep in prayer repenting of the lustful thoughts I was combatting.

  33. I wonder how many KJV only fundies were involved in creating the hardware and software that made the technology to produce this video possible.

    1. Since Fundies don’t believe in science, why do they believe in things like electrons and semiconductors?

  34. Gee, I wonder how many proponents of the KJV knew that King James I was gay (or at least bisexual). 😯 But then again, even if some of them know it, they’ll use the excuse that James I only authorized the translation, but he wasn’t the one doing the translating. I know this from personal experience, since I posted a question about it on Yahoo!Answers recently. Isn’t this what some shrinks would call “cognitive dissonance”? πŸ˜•

    1. Whether or not James I was gay or bisexual has nothing at all to do with the validity or accuracy of the Bible he commissioned. But it sure is fun to watch the Fundies go nuts whenever someone mentions it.

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