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  1. Wow! What an early Christmas present to me! My very first first! Now to get the kiddos off to school on time…and find someplace to buy me one of them there golden cow things to celebrate my first! Do you go to Zales for something like that or is that an Ace Hardware kind of thing? πŸ™‚

    1. Jeremy, they don’t allow piano or instruments because it’s not mentioned in the NT. He only uses scripture when it fits his fancy!

      1. Yep, that’s how it goes. I always want Chik Fil A on Sunday. It’s my Jack Russell’s favorite. I take her there after her vet appointments (which have been rather frequent since she’s having chemo–doing well, tumor shrunk, bloodwork really healthy). She loves the nuggets. Won’t eat McDonald’s.

        1. Wow, my cat’s having chemo, too.
          Do you think he’d do better if I take him out to fast-food restaurants?

  2. They’ve got a point with these pagan Christmas trappings. What’s next? A human sacrifice? Symbolic cannibalism? It’s a slippery slope, I tell ya.

  3. That cow looks alot like the topiary cow at the new Chick Fil A in my hometown. It even has the Satan (oops, I mean Santa)hat. πŸ˜‰

    1. agreed…that’s the biggest misnomer of the church…in order to tithe properly, you need to drink wine, yet many churches outlaw wine and create new tithing rules

  4. Last night, I sat in my living room, after work with a glass of my favorite wine, with no TV, no computer, no lights except the Christmas tree lights, listening to jazz and spending alone time with my darling HF. Talking, laughing, planning, snuggling.

    Who knew that I was committing horrible, abominable sins?

    I’m glad this guy with the cow set me straight.

    πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰

    1. I sat by the Christmas tree and recorded about two months of credit card receipts into Quickbooks all night. I didn’t really enjoy it. I did have a rum-and-coke though. It helped a little.

  5. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like they’ve chosen the wrong visuals for their message. The typeface and picture and everything are giving me “oh that’s alright then” vibes, which really don’t match the message. They need to have the courage of their convictions and go for one of those headache inducing white on black things with animated pictures of hellfire if they want to be consistent. πŸ˜‰

  6. I see he left the most egregious article right ’til the bottom of the page.

    “Self-esteem is sick and sinful”. Where’s that vomitting smilie when you need it?

  7. Oh geeze, this again. Celebrating Christmas is a sin. Blah blah blah. I haven’t read his reasons, but the usual ones are

    1 – It’s Catholic because it’s called Christ-mass so that alone makes it wrong.

    2 – God never commanded us to celebrate His Son’s birthday so we shouldn’t do that. It’s not right to even celebrate our own birthdays because don’tcha know that it was at a birthday party (Herod’s) that John the Baptist was beheaded? As if it was all the birthday party’s fault.

    3 – Remember those verses in Jeremiah that talk about decorating a Christmas tree and worshiping it? What a load of bull puckey, by that reasoning you can’t hang pictures in your house lest you bow down and worship them. We don’t have a Christmas tree not because we think they’re wrong but because we have 4 cats that would never leave it alone!

    I have always loved Christmas and I suspect I will continue to love it til the day I die. Merry Christmas everyone! :mrgreen:

    1. They have 120 reasons they don’t celebrate Christmas. I think reasons your reasons are given. Good job. Now click on the link and read the other 117. πŸ˜†

    2. You mean there are IBFs and other fundies who believe this stuff? I thought only Jehovah’s Witnesses believed that — at least, that was what they taught me.

      1. Yes; in another church and another place, we had a family join who did had a “conviction” against Christmas trees. The good and wise pastor, to not offend them, got rid of the Christmas tree in the church, but never preached against Christmas trees, and didn’t go around talking about it. Looking back, I think it was a very good response to a “weak” family.

        On a side note, isn’t it interesting that the Bible calls the ones with the higher standards “weak”???

        1. “higher standards” πŸ™„ or better yet “hypocritical standards” 😈 πŸ™„

  8. Wow, those guys make the people who run PCC look like hippies. Going through the “score sheets” about finding virtuous man or woman is like doing a score sheet on a car that was just taken for a test drive. Cooks well: check. Loyal: check. Hair, eyes, face, lips, teeth, skin, distinct features, breasts, waist, legs, lean, proportionate, shapely, graceful, fit, favored: check.

    I do believe I am at a loss for words….

    1. The “SOBER” category is fun. “Laughs discreetly, doesn’t joke or jest, avoids foolishness, hates comedies, introspective, serious, prefers weighty discussions, grave.”

      Wow, sounds like a real catch… πŸ™„

      1. Yuck O Rama πŸ™„ That’s exactly the opposite of what I like in a person, whether a life partner or a friend! BORING… 😎

    2. My boyfriend and I put each other through the test over lunch. I scored 142/300 (I lost a lot of points for immodesty, not being submissive, and having an inappropriate sense of humor). I had to give him low scores on family and faith for being Jewish; the Financial category was also difficult because he’s well-off, but earned it in worldly ways. He still got 203/300, though, so clearly, I don’t deserve him! There goes our relationship!

        1. He humors me because I’m a good cook. Which I think should earn me some “awesome fundy wife” points!

      1. What’s really creepy is that the parents are the ones that are supposed to give the points? The part for the woman where she is supposed to be rhythmic? and Erotic? How exactly is the parent supposed to figure this out? 😯

    3. Yes, we did checklists when we were there. We even talked about physical qualities in married men and women in the church that we were attracted to so we could find somebody just like them. Very superficial and shallow, and they call it “Godly.”

  9. From the Christmas rant wrt adultery and why it’s wrong, “He is defrauded by having his most personal and prized object treacherously shared with a competitor.”

    I’m trying to think how my wife would react if I called her my most personal and prized object. It would not be pretty.

  10. That golden calf statue with the wreath and santa hat should be the official SFL Christmas Tree ornament. I know I’d buy one! πŸ˜€

    1. I’d buy that. But only if it had “Though shalt not do so unto the LORD thy God” engraved on the side, of course.

      Hmm … Fellow grammarians, try parsing “Though shalt not do so unto the LORD thy God,” and then explain what it means when it’s stamped on the side of a gold cow figurine.

  11. I must say the golden steer with the wreath and hat is a nice touch.

    I’d like to see a debate between the “Christmas Is Spiritual Adultery” author and Rick Perry, he of the “Children can’t celebrate Christmas” TV spot:

    I’m still wondering where Perry’s scriptwriters got the idea that “our kids can’t celebrate Christmas.” They seem to have us confused with Saudi Arabia.

    Well, Merry War on Christmas, y’all!

    1. Big Gary, it’s nice to see another conservative on this place. I too am sick of Perry and all the other faux-conservatives and also am a big supporter of Paul. Paul 2012! Nice to meet you.

  12. The man who runs this website has no understanding of Romans 14.

    And lest you think I’m defying Rom. 14 by judging HIM, I am NOT judging him for not celebrating Christmas. He is free in Christ to choose NOT to do Christmas. His error is in demanding that all Christians do as he does and in making assumptions about the motivations of those who celebrate. He is not our judge.

    1. As far as I know, I have never “adored” my Christmas tree. “Adorn”, yes, but never “adored”.

      I agree with you, PW, that he is making unwarranted assumptions about those who disagree with him.

  13. Yes, almost every Christmas tradition we have comes from paganism but those symbols have lost their pagan meaning. God did not want Israel to use pagan symbols in their worship because those symbols were still being used in false worship. To me the former pagan symbols of Christmas are a sign of Christ’s redemptive power. He took something evil and turned it into a symbol of good. Kind of like what He did with the cross.

        1. I have no proof of this, but I think it is a good possibility that the custom of clapping hands began as a way to scare away evil spirits at times of celebration.

          When people bug me about ‘pagan origins’ I like to ask them about hand clapping.

          My other question for them is this, if they believe God created everything from nothing and called everything good, isn’t the origin of ‘pagan origins’ then God and not pagan?

    1. I have met Christians who would not have a cross in their Church/Meeting hall, because 1) they regard all symbols as Pagan and 2) Roman Catlick’s churches have crosses. Yet they happily fly a flag on top of the church….

    2. Jason B, very good insight & observations, & you too, Pastor’s wife, as usual. Also, this church sure seems to be very works-oriented. I’m so thankful that I have all spiritual blessings in Christ, & am complete in HIM. Praise his name!

  14. Oh my God, I love it. This should provide hours of entertainment! Thank you!! Nice pick. One little thought: some of those fundies that don’t like those crazyfundies have some major blind spots regarding their own crazy ideas in certain areas. Anyway, I love it!!

  15. The animated Jesus knocking on the door was scary enough without the accompanying text.

    Let me just say here that I know people who used to be married to the perfect spouse, someone who never made mistakes, and it was ugly. Really, really ugly.

    1. I’m glad someone else mentioned the knocking Jesus animation first. I didn’t notice he was knocking at a door. I won’t mention what the hand motion resembled. 😯

      1. I’m glad you mentioned what the hand motion resembled. I didn’t want to look like a perv by bringing it up first! πŸ˜›

        1. If u thought something perverted when you saw the photo, i bet it was deliberate. The pastor likes to talk about sex from the pulpit. Herd it many, many times.

  16. The more time I spend on their website, the more I am inclined to vote them The Craziest Fundies In Americaβ„’.

    But I am sure that Darrell will find for us someone even more crazy.

  17. Wow! But they are the elect, so the rest of us can enjoy our pagan celebration!

    My favorite reason why Christmas is wrong was “…
    Xmas is most adored by women, whom God calls silly and weak (II Tim 3:6; I Pet 3:7).”

    I also love how wackamentalists thInk by writing Xmas that they are removing Christ out of the word. Guess they didn’t have to learn Greek in Bible college, to know that x in Greek means Chi and that the early Christians used the chi to represent Christ.

    In the liturgy for a Hanging of the Greens service, reference is made to this verse, Isaiah 60:13 from the King James Version
    Β “13The glory of Lebanon shall come unto thee, the fir tree, the pine tree, and the box together, to beautify the place of my sanctuary; and I will make the place of my feet glorious.”
    Wonder how they explain that one?

  18. Wow, the “Who can find a virtuous woman?” section is just sad. So much wrong with it. Contradictions all over the place, and it’s just such an impossible standard. How can any normal person live up to these “goals”. The “baggage” section is just awful…and the verse used to justify it has absolutely no context.

  19. “Xmas is most adored by women, whom God calls silly and weak (II Tim 3:6; I Pet 3:7).”

    Oh, please. I feel so sorry for his wife and daughters, if he has any. That’s just disgusting. πŸ™„

    1. Yes. His wife and daughters are to be pitied. And all the women in that church as well. It is so sad what we were all taught. He called us “foolish, rebellious babies” from the pulpit. Still got sermon tapes quoting him.

  20. Heehee, the Proverbs commentaries made me chuckle.

    Although one good thing: they don’t think you have to go down to the altar at invitation time to be properly saved. In the Fundy circles my former church ran with, it became part of the process of salvation!

  21. Skimmed through their article on tithing. Made me want to vomit. I looked at their section on people who are poor, and I find it very telling that they refer to the story of the widow’s mite. That story is found in Mark and Luke and in both of these it comes after Jesus’ rant against the Pharisees. The last condemnation in both of these is accusing the Pharisees of devouring widows’ houses. The next scene is a widow giving her last pennies to the treasury. Jesus does commend the widow for her generosity, but it is not a command for all of us to do likewise. It is as much a condemnation of the religious establishment for setting up a system where this woman in poverty was bled dry. As such, I view these fundamentalists as falling under that condemnation.

  22. Under “120 Reasons not to Celebrate Christmas” I found several gems:

    . . . it was a crime to observe Christmas in England, when that country truly feared God. (Oh, yes. The “Good Ole Days” argument that hearkens back to the day when all people were God-fearing Christians.)
    . . . it would be wrong to have a golden calf with candles to worship the Lord our Strength.
    . . . Xmas is most adored by women, whom God calls silly and weak (II Tim 3:6; I Pet 3:7).
    . . . the public schools in Boston were still open for classes on December 25 as late as 1870. (Don’t fundies usually formally denounce all actions of the public schools?)
    . . . it would be identical to offering incense to the brasen (sic) serpent of Moses (II Kings 18:4).
    . . . it creates the most foolish, hectic, stressful, guilt-ridden, and unproductive time of year.
    . . . Hindus, Jews, Mormons, Pagans, and other cults celebrate it while despising Jesus. (Actually, they don’t.)
    . . . Charles Spurgeon, the most popular Baptist minister, preached against it as late as 1871. (This opens up all kinds of fun counter-arguments. Spurgeon was fine with smoking cigars and partaking of a good Scotch every once in a while. And then there’s the Calvinism thing . . .)

    1. “. . . the public schools in Boston were still open for classes on December 25 as late as 1870.”

      AHA! Maybe THAT’S where Rick Perry got the idea that school kids “can’t openly celebrate Christmas.” It would be no surprise to learn that Governor Rick doesn’t know it isn’t 1870. He recently used the phrase “a decade ago” in reference to things that happened during Woodrow Wilson’s administration:

      (He also falsely gave Wilson credit for the 16th Amendment. Presidents don’t make Constitutional Amendments. Congress passes Amendments and the states ratify them. The President doesn’t even sign an Amendment.)

      1. Calvinists. They are even nuttier and even more fruitier than the fundies. That’s saying something! If you can be even more of a whack job than the fundies, then you’ve really got to be screwed up, and Calvinists sure are!

        1. Yeah, those Calvinists are nuts with all of their Christocentric mumbo-jumbo. Who do they think they are disrespecting the notion that the world revolves around men and their free will’s? Get your heads out of the Bible and watch the Katdashians once in a while you gospel-centered Augustinans.

      2. They will not come right out and say it that way. They say that when the elect hear the truth (presented by them), they will give up their jobs and move there and join the church. People who “hear the truth” and don’t join the church are showing that they are not true believers. Since they are one of the few church in the world that they will admit preaches “truth,” you cannot leave there and remain in good standing. You are excommunicated and shunned.

    2. “. . . the public schools in Boston were still open for classes on December 25 as late as 1870.”

      Hm. That could be because 1870 was still pre-industry and schools had to run primarily during non-planting and non-harvesting times. Someone needs a real history lesson rather than a know-enough-to-proof-text-a-reason lesson.

      1. I suspect there was still a good deal of Puritan influence in the Boston school district in 1870. Boston was urban enough by then that there weren’t many farm kids in its public schools.

  23. That is udderly ridiculous! He seems to have a beef with Christmas, but his arguments are a load of Tripe and there is a lot of bull to be sure. He is trying to get everyone on the horns of his dilemma. Looks like he wants to steer/wrestle folks to see things his way only regarding Christmas.
    *Think I’ll be moooo-ving along now before everyone decides to slaughter me for milking all the puns outta this post.

        1. That puts you on the wrong website, Scorpio. Methinks you found the right one, as that would surely explain your absence from here.

  24. A few of “reasons” that caught my eye (and my responses)…

    Christmas is not a matter of liberty left up to our consciences and/or heart preferences. (Says you.)

    …the Bible is totally silent about using this day or any such celebration to honor Christ (I’m pretty certain it’s also silent on a lot of things THEY prefer. And, if it is, then why get your pantaloons tied up in a knot over it?)

    …so many consider Christmas a “sacred cow” and beyond questioning or condemning. (If so many celebrate it, we MUST oppose it! Or, as St. Groucho once said “Whatever it is, I’m against it.”)

    I’d do more fisking, but I have to get back to work.

  25. Wait—“A little drummer boy did not travel to the manger to play his drum for Jesus” is a reason that celebrating Christmas is wrong? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??

    These folks do have desperate trouble separating imagination from evil, don’t they?

    1. I think they tend to rely on this phrase: “casting down imaginations” to justify their distrust of creativity, fiction, story-telling, acting, and any expression of imagination.

    2. Liar! LIAR! Next you’ll be telling me there are no flying reindeer with glowing noses!

      Or that reindeer don’t play games (like Monopoly).

  26. “We want our assemblies to copy the apostolic churches. We find no evidence for Sunday Schools, pianos, statues, flags, plays, or other inventions.”

    Yep, because God hates music, celebration, and dance… except that David danced… but that was different. And… he also played the harp…

    But, who was he, anyway?…. A man after God’s own… well, anyway, it’s all wrong because we say so.

    1. I love it when they say “can’t do that because it’s not in the Bible”. Guess Jesus didn’t go to the bathroom, it’s not in the Bible.

        1. NOT OFTEN, compared to what they say is NOT in the Bible… yep, that’s familiar from my own background…

  27. From OP: They are Baptists β€œlike John the Baptist, our Lord, His apostles, and many martyrs.”

    WOW! So Trail of Blood-ers are 3rd-tier crazy? I didn’t realize how messed-up of an environment that I was in as a kid! 😯

  28. I remember being told that the Little Drummer Boy was evil. I was like 5 years old the first time I saw it on TV and I really like it. My Baptist grandma (pracher’s wife) td me it was bad because it wasn’t Biblical. No imagination is correct.

    1. Well, The Little Drummer Boy is incorrect, and too broad in its conclusion that “all hate is wrong”… but that doesn’t mean that it is evil or bad or shouldn’t be watched. On the whole, I find the story quite a blessing.

  29. Maybe that’s why I’ve always felt out of place in the Baptist churches I grew up in and attended as an adult. I’ve always had a vivid imagination, and not many people in church seemed to appreciate it.

  30. These are classics –
    the world loves a jesus helpless in a manger, but God’s Christ is the LORD and Judge.
    …well guess what, he was a helpless baby!
    on Christmas Eve the Pope of Rome conducts a special mass seen by much of the earth. He also celebrates a special mass for Easter that is also shown all over the world.

  31. I look at a Christmas tree like I look at fireworks for the 4th of the 7th month—a celebration.
    I look at a Christmas tree like cut flowers, something to be admired, is attractive, a symbol of affection toward someone.
    Didn’t the temple have “knops” engraved and pomegranates, etc? Those weren’t worshipped, nor were they forbidden.

    We just bought our tree tonight, and it is a beauty. And all the family is having a blast decorating it. My kids are in harmony (for this moment) and having a good time.

    Life is good with a Christmas tree.
    Might just do Christmas in July too and get another one…just sayin’

  32. ok that church I just realized is literally 2 miles from my house and I’ve never seen it. I’m venturing in there Sunday to see what happens. Then afterwards quickly rushing to my non-denom church to for real worship πŸ™‚

    1. You need one of those ties that lights up and plays, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” to wear!

      I’d be tempted to go. I’d go in full fundy gear, too. Long skirt, Scofield, and all. I’d even gaze lovingly at HF as he’s talking to The Men.

      Oh yeah, I could still turn it on if I needed to.

  33. “If you are asking whether we have red Kool-Aid on hand in preparation to commit mass suicide in the jungle of Guyana, we are not a cult at all. Nor are we isolated survivalists preparing to move to a compound like David Koresh and his followers.”

    This is from the Frequently Asked Question “Are you a cult?” They must get asked this question a lot.

    1. If you need a disclaimer on your web site saying that you are not a cult in a walled compound and not preparing to commit mass suicide, there may be a problem there.

      I’m just saying that most churches don’t feel the need of such disclaimers.

    2. I was told by another (more recent) ex-member that they do claim among themselves to be a cult now. They say Jesus was a cult leader and all the disciples were in a cult. I guess they wear it proudly. They don’t realize the real marks of a cult go beyond agreeing with what somebody says. Google Lifton cult criteria. That church meets all 7 criteria. Ask other exmembers.

    1. Good observation..these guys make the BJUers & PCC look liberal…

      Crosby was “ordained” by Ben Mott of the Detroit Church read=cult. Crosby was a member of that church/cult, then had a disagreement with head honcho Ben Mott…caused a huge split in the cult. There was some huge disagreement over “dogma”, which is common in these types of groups. Crosby was booted out & started his own little fiefdom, er I mean “church” in SC.

      These guys fly mostly under the radar. They are just as bad the Westboro Baptist Church, though not as vocal about it, same holier than thou, rigid & closed mindset.

      These guys teach the same punitive, elitist, KJV only, no Christmas, Easter or Halloween calvinist religion. Very abusive & oppressive & nobody, but nobody leaves those groups on good terms. CULT CULT CULT if I ever saw one.

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