Haute Couture

  • Cool-wearing knit has natural stretch, and a fluid drape!
  • Perfect ladylike length!
  • Soft polyester is wrinkle-free, and easiest machine care!
  • Comforts include a gentle elastic waistband and roomy side pockets!

And you can get 3 of these beauties for only $21.99!

167 thoughts on “Haute Couture”

  1. This ad was posted on the facebook page of our ex-church. They were offered as an alternative to the culottes made by the church seamstress for the girls attending the academy. Gave me such a chuckle. One of the reasons we left is because we had daughters who were about to become school age and we just couldn’t subject them to the public humiliation that is the fundy school dress code.

    1. I have boys in the fundy school but if I had girls I just couldn’t do it either. Way less rules for boys.

  2. Darell…where did you get this??? this is not fundy…any good fundy girl should know NOT to wear open toe shoes much less paint her toe nails.

  3. Culottes are too much like pants in my church world and are seen as compromise. And those knees are showing which is definitely immodest.

  4. If word came from on high that the new MALE modesty was a 5X Jack Hannah-style zookeeper outfit, I wonder how many of the Jack Schaaps of the world would run out and buy 10? The men ‘get’ to wear stuff that is acceptable and allows them to fit in anywhere at anytime. They’re even allowed to look good. (A lot of women are a little turned on by a guy in a suit. Studies show that they’re perceived as more powerful and successful.) None of it is HUMILIATING for the men. From the suit to the shorts with a t-shirt. I admit that I never gave a lot of thought about the humiliation factor for the girls/women I grew up with having to wear culottes. I just thought of them as goofy, long shorts. Anyone remember “Jams”? I remember a big pronouncement about those, letting us know they weren’t acceptable. I know the Bible says we are supposed to be modest. But I don’t understand why he made women beautiful, if they are never allowed to appear beautiful? To LOOK like a WOMAN. Not like 3 days worth of laundry wrapped in a denim jumper. So much of this is congruent with how extremist muslims control and humiliate their women. I’d love it if someone preached a sermon at one of their conferences, “What the Muslim’s Get Right” with a straight face, to make a point. From the humiliating clothing, to the women’s (non)place in society, to the totally sex-crazed nature of the men, to the absolute control over the women. There’s a whole lotta similarities there. If you don’t see a lot of daylight between your church and the Taliban, you might want to start looking around for a church that emulates Christ.

    1. Three days worth of laundry wrapped in a denim jumper!!!! HILARIOUS 😆

    2. Hopefully turned on by a man in a well tailored conservative suit. Not a white double breasted monstrosity with a loud tie and matching pocket square 🙄

    3. To actually look like a Woman? A Real Woman?
      Ohhohohohohoho, for a minute I thought you were serious! No no, every Real True Christian knows for a fact that, because of their sinful nature, a woman can only look like a Totally Submissive Helpmeet, complete with pearls and high-heels, never over 110 pounds no matter how many children in the Quiver, and always, ALWAYS a sweet frilly apron, ever ready with her God-King-er husband’s sandwich.
      And all without her Sarcasm Hat, that last refuge of her own identity.

  5. My wife was often groped in Christian school. (She is bountifully blessed in a Doolyesque manner.) When she went to teachers or parents she was told it was her fault. How can the Lord hold someone accountable for how He built them? Is there really ANY way Dolly Parton could pass a fundy college dress inspection?
    My sister got in trouble at HAC–although she kept every minute nuance of the dress code, she was told that “She looked too good in that outfit.”

  6. I attended a private S. Baptist school for 7th grade,my family was probably the furthest thing from fundie,they just thought I’d get a better education at a private school. As girl I was required to wear those ridiculous things for athletics. I never understood how they were supposed to be more “modest” than regular shorts or pants. Whenever we’d run those culottes would fly up. 🙄

  7. My cousins wore those and I never saw the point. Besides the fact that they do not flatter anyone, aren’t you wearing super loose pants and pretending that it is a skirt? But then in my experience at a fundie home school co-op, we would have been sent home for wearing them to class. 15 years and a brain injury later, I find myself wearing long skirts again (easier to deal with things like using the restroom), but paired with my much loved Doc Marten’s and one of my zombie t-shirts. 🙂

  8. Our old fundy church was having some kind of western themed campaign and there were horses to ride, so I had to quickly make myself a pair of culottes. I felt so fat and ugly but at least I got to ride that day.

    1. If you could whip up culottes and dare to ride in public with them, dare to actually ride a horse in Fundystan, then you are NOT ugly! 😎 :mrgreen: Hope you still get to ride.

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