Home Missions To Unreached Places (Like Orange County, California)

At least he was honest that Tustin, CA doesn’t lack for churches. It doesn’t exactly lack for Baptist churches either. Here’s a quick Google Maps snapshot of just Baptist churches in the area (never mind Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Non-Denominational, etc. etc.)



Apparently these “missionaries” have started this church since this video was shot.

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  1. Question to those who are in the know about such things: Who would have put up the money to produce such an elegant video? Content aside, this was really, REALLY well made. I would guess it was not inexpensive.

  2. I nominate for the FWOTW “ancientbaptistchurch.com” of Boise, ID.

    More fundy foolishness! Apparently they have been around for 2000 years. Is that 2000 years in the Treasure Valley of Idaho ministering to the Native Americans? 😆

  3. you know I almost went to help this guy out because some people wanted me to good thing I didn’t. The fact that he is or never planted a church in Tustin but he took over a church the had been started by someone else and he says he is planting a church, the church that he “planted was already in exsitance before he got there.

  4. From their website “Below is a picture of the crowd after the first service. Notice you will not even see the pastor or his family in this picture because there were too many people to fit in the photo.”
    Maybe they should learn how to take pictures…

  5. I’m also from central OC, but you won’t find me at this church. I prefer the heathen ones with the “rock and roll” bands. Sheesh. I wonder how big this church is now, 2 years later?

    Did anyone else notice that the “inexpensive” chapel they are meeting at is a cemetery chapel?

  6. I couldn’t see the video but I will settle for Rick Warren’s Southern Baptist church just 5 miles from Irvine. 🙂

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