Ok, so it isn’t just fundies who like shirts, I’m a pretty big fan of cool t-shirts myself. If I had infinite resources I would probably call up sites like and tell them to send me a couple of each.

But it’s even cooler when the shirt is one that’s you’ve helped design. It has been months since we had our SFL t-shirt design ideas submission but I’ve just now managed to get my hands one of the finalized designs:

I’m really pleased at how this shirt came out. The printing is crisp and clear (a lot better than the photography here would lead you to believe) and the fabric quality quite good.

If you haven’t been there yet, be sure to check out the other designs at the SFL Cafe Press store.

51 thoughts on “Shirts”

  1. Everyone should own at least one! They’re great to wear in NYC when fundies are protesting something/anything! IMO!

    1. You are more than welcome to 2nd. If it’s not a “priority post”™ I’m not worried about it.

  2. By the way if you need any online or print design work done, give a Mitch a call and tell him that Darrell sent you.

    Better yet, don’t mention me since he did all this shirt work on commission and then we’ve sold about 3 shirts total.

    1. It’s not a man cave, it’s the secret rebel base. Hopefully the empire won’t be able to locate it based on clues found in the picture.

      1. No worries I already bribed Wedge to look after it, and BTW does anybody know where I can get a focusing crystal for my would-be lightsaber? 🙂

  3. my fav is the preacher silhouette crossed out. I’d like one if the graphic was smaller, the t-shirt were black, the logo white, but I’m not picky 😉

        1. You seem awfully concerned (and possibly obsessed) with the possibility of a homosexual crush. Something you need to share with all of us?

        1. @MKX, no, I’m not from Illinois. I’ve been there once (Chicago), but I live on the East Coast, outside of Washington, DC.

    1. Sadly, I think Jonny’s trying to poke legitimate fun. Problem is, you kinda lose your right to do that when you decide to be a pretentious jackanape. You don’t get to be both in the interwebs, unless you try to change your name…

      1. A quick look at his most recent comments in the news forum tells the whole sad tale.

        1. Yeah, I’d say he definitely has a thing for you. There’s no other explanation for the rank hypocrisy in his posts.

      2. Definitely doesn’t mollify his ignorant anti-social behavior, but I thought it was a bit amusing comparison.

    2. I thought fundies were supposed to change the channel when beer commercials came on. At least that’s what my mom always told us. 🙄

      1. @Tammy, for what it’s worth, I can’t change the channel when beer commercials come on because we don’t have television at my house. The price difference between Netflix and Dish Network was something like $40 a month, so we canceled Dish and only have Netflix streaming now. Anyway, all that to say there are no commercials.

      1. Well, that would have been clever if you hadn’t copied my idea. I guess imitation is the highest form of flattery.

  4. Wish I was wearing that when the IFBs from the town up the road came to visit tonight. It was a middle aged man in his shirt and pants, with his wife and teenaged daughter in their floor length denim skirts and t-shirt and long hair. He told me where they were from and that they wanted to share the good news of Jesus as he handed me a “are you 100% sure” tract. I smiled and told them I was the children and youth ministry director at the Methodist church in town. His wife gave me that “oh you think you’re going to heaven – -I’m sorry” smile. The man said,” well glad we stopped by”. If it wasn’t that the dog was going nuts, I would have told them that I used to be on their team.

  5. At first I thought it should be ‘hear no logic’ instead of ‘illogic’ but then I realized that both are correct. It just depends on what they are listening to. Contextually, from the rest of the shirt, I realized ‘illogic’ was the way to go.

    Great shirt 😎

  6. I should wear one to the county fair. We have our Catholic booth of lots of free stuff competing with the IFB booth of KJB Orange colored New Testament and Psalms right across the way.

    It’s funny to get the glares and whispers from Fundy Camp all day long, tee hee!

  7. First!?

    O polycarp!

    Anyway, the shirt looks awesome, but I’m sure it’s just the model.

    Looking forward to creating more shirt designs for us in the future.

  8. I have an idea for a tee-shirt to wear to a Fundie Church – a picture of the Earth taken from space and the words “wish you were here”

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