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      1. Calling him Cap’n Jack makes me think of Captain Jack from Doctor Who and Torchwood.

        Then it makes me think of the Billy Joel song.

        I’m sure he’d love being compared to both of those things. :mrgreen:

        1. Makes me think of Captain Jack Sparrow which makes me think of Captain Morgan which is alcohol which is evil. Therefore, Jack Schaap must be . . . you finish it! 😆

      2. Out of morbid curiosity today I clicked that link to Jack Schaap’s facebook page…I was slightly disappointed that it no longer exists. 👿

    1. Some “good” fundies only PRETEND they don’t facebook, the way lots of them pretend they don’t go to movies.

      Then again, my IFB father says, “FB is a waste of time. I don’t care about any of those people!” and to me therein lies the problem – a lack of compassion or concern for others. Not being on FB doesn’t mean you don’t care, but my dad plainly states that HIS reason for not being there is because he’s not interested in others, like it’s a badge of honor to be aloof.

    2. True, they so don’t.

      Though they’re not above stooping to use it to spy on their wayward church members.

  1. Thank you, Darrell. I needed that. I’m on a FB sabbatical for the day because, frankly, it’s making my blood boil.

    1. I had to delete mine, because frankly, I got tired of the sermons and the “Press Like if you’re a TRUE Christian!!!”


      1. Natalie, you can block feeds from individuals that get annoying. I have a number of people that I’m still connected to on FB but don’t have all of their drivel showing up in my news feed that way. If you click on the “X” at the top right of an individual post you will have an option to block all messages by that person. Don’t let a few bad apples ruin a good way to connect with people.

        1. And boy, am I glad you can. 😀 I’ve used the “block” option more than once. The only problem is people who would rather start arguments with me that just block MY posts. I’m a terrible person because I say things that make our fundy-lite past look bad (like, y’know- the truth?)

  2. Like!

    But I will wait to judge until Shoes figures out the 7 steps from Facebook to the Devil (or Justin Bieber)

  3. Three posts in one day!

    The fact that two of them were Jack Schaap videos does take away the luster, just a bit.

    1. The third was penance for the first two.

      Sometimes it really hurts me to hit the publish button, even though it’s necessary.

  4. “Friend fundies in haste and repent at leisure.” Haha, love it.

    I have done my share of UNfriending fundies. They drove me to quit Facebook, actually. The insanity!

    1. I unfriended a couple of them this week because of the 20/20 broadcast. Just got tired of the barrage of posts supporting Phelps.

      1. Wow, to support Schapp is…possible, but to support Phelps, that’s pretty hardcore…

    2. I’m happy to say that I’ve seen none of that nonsense on my FB. I must have decent FB friends. Or something.

    3. @ Jaimie, I had a fundy ‘friend’ delete me bc I put a link to SFL on my FB. I fell out of my chair laughing when I noticed them on the people you may know list.

  5. Husband actually got in trouble for telling students in our Sunday school class (college-age) that they should “get with the times and get a facebook” so it would be easier for us to get information about activities to them. *sigh* Such are the hardships of non-fundies living in a fundy world.

    1. Havent’ you ever heard of pagers? Or fax machines. It’s almost 2015… apparently fax machines are gonna make a huge comeback…. well, according to Marty McFly.

  6. This resulted in a coffee through the nose moment. I sent a kind note to an up and coming IFB evangelist about his continual references to himself and his accomplishments on his FB page. He responded by discrediting me because I had played Farmtown. 🙄

    1. I find that ironic since most fundies that I formerly had friended played that game.

    2. Oh, is Farmtown in the Bible’s “thou shalt not” list?

      How in the world is one to keep up if I have an old 1611 version?

    1. I heard a good portion of it. I didn’t hear anything bad in it, although the first few minutes I wondered if he was about to respond to the 20/20 story. But no, it was just a sermon about maintaining the unity of the body, based on Colossians three. Is that what you’re talking about Dan?

      1. Yes, and, overall, it wasn’t too bad for a Fundyland sermon. Then, the “should you really post everything on your FB status came up. Took the sermon right from grace to law.

  7. Oh, so it’s wrong to judge people on their fb status’ alone? But some people say such crazy things.

  8. I had 3 fundies unfriend me today. 😛 Apparently I’ve said too much about cultic IFBism, Jack Schaap and housecleaning within the IFB movement.

    1. “The best ability is defriendability.” Dr. Camille Lewis’ take of an old Bob Jones, Sr. saying.

  9. My facebook profile is laced with Hyles quotes and links to articles from the latest edition of The Sword of the Lord. <—- lie. I almost thew up as I was typing that.

  10. I do this all the time.. except, it’s really only when I see an IFB posting something ridiculous and I check their wall to see if it is in contrast to their words.

  11. And that is why I have everything on mine set to “friends only.” I don’t appreciate spies.

    1. Aaaaaamen. I’ve set everything to private that I possibly can. And I don’t even show all my pictures to some church friends: just a lot easier that way.

    1. Ohhh, me too; the same with my hardcore right-wing friends. I can’t bear to unfriend them, because as people, I like (and Christian-love) them, but when their updates contain vitriolic disdain and sarcasm for anyone who disagrees with them, I get nauseated and light-headed. It’s really for my own health that I end up “hiding” their updates. If their updates only periodically contain those elements, I can overlook it, but when it’s day in and day out, I gotta draw a line somewhere!

  12. Why do so many fundies that have FB have a “couples account”?

    1. I would expect that to some extent, it’s the same attitude that drives things like Schaap’s comments. The wife is subordinate to the husband, so why on earth would she want her own account?

      1. it’s probably as i and my parents were taught back at our old church – lots and lots and lots of “accountability” for using the computer. keeping each other in check. and other such crap. i say, if you don’t trust your husband enough to let him have his own account, maybe marital counseling is an option…and not from your pastor, mind you.

    2. suspicion, jealousy…
      “Oh you frineded your old high school sweetheart???”
      “Seems you get a lot of PMs from that blonde at your office….hmmmmm?” 😯

        1. I was about to say that if it was frineding that was going on, it’s not just fundies who should shun facebook…

    3. This always confuses me too. And it’s the same with e-mail addresses… makes trying to communicate with just one of them really awkward. I always wonder how much the other one is “supervising.”

  13. I totally hid several of my fundy-esque friends. Not because I don’t like ’em sort of, just because I got tired of seeing political crap everyday.

    Also got tired of receiving invites to fan clubs of politicians that I didn’t know about or like.

    If I want a constant stream of update on the GOP, I’ll just IV myself up to talk radio, thanks. Didn’t mean to friend the entire Republican party when I friended these people…but I did. lol

  14. I don’t have any IFB friends.

    And that makes me so happy, I’m gonna go have a bourbon and watch baseball!

  15. Some fundie preachers are preaching against fb because it’s “destroying marriages and families” with people getting in touch with old flames.

    These are the same guys who would have preached against the car, tv, telephone, etc. when they first came out. Haymen?

    1. Don’t forget the Post Office. Made it real easy to get in touch with old flames.

    2. My fundy soon-to-be-ex husband used a secret facebook account to get in touch with his old flames (and new flames, and current flames, and ….) and had me blocked so I couldn’t even find him if I searched for him. BUT I don’t blame facebook for that! His sinful behavior came from within his own heart; facebook was just a tool he used to make it easier! I don’t have any illusions that our marriage would be fine if it weren’t for that “evil” facebook!

  16. This greeted me when I logged onto Facebook this morning:

    Facebook challenge…(I accepted the challenge) During this couple of weeks before Easter, I am out to prove that my friends will re-post, I hope I am right!!! Easter is not about bunnies and chocolate eggs. Let’s lift up God’s name and make a statement!! When Jesus died on the cross he was thinking of You and Me. If you are not ashamed to call Jesus Christ your savior, copy and re-post.

    I have a few friends who post these things occasionally, and they are always the drinking, smoking, divorced partiers who might at best be Christmas and Easter churchgoers. I always think their accounts have been hacked when I see posts like this!

    1. HA! I went on a rant about those types of postings in Bible study last week. Someone said that they wished they could be ‘bold’ enough to re-post. I said those postings were annoying, obnoxious, irritating, and whatever others I could come up with.

      Seriously, there is something wrong with what we as Christians believe and in our faith and what we call a ‘witness’ or ‘boldness’ if we think we are actually denying Christ by not spamming FB (or our e-mail)

      *climbs of soapbox and walks away grumbling*

      1. Those type of FB posts are my pet peeves, too. They are obnoxious, passive aggressive, and downright annoying.

      2. Once or twice I’ve been guilted into re-posting because I really DID believe it, but I always leave off the “if you love Jesus [or your daughter or your country, etc.], you’ll repost this” guilt trip at the end so I don’t pass on the pain.

        1. A dear fundy friend of mine who is kinda new to texting sent me one of those chain posts that say if you love God send this to ten people within the next 15mins or whatever, I just sent her back, ” lol” as my response so she would get the hint of where I stand on those. Haven’t gotten another one since.

      3. When I facebooked I always used to respond with a kindly “Stop wasting bandwidth…and If you spam me again, I will smash your face in with a brick.” 😛

      4. I have to have hidden status updates from at least 30 people based solely on their boldness to repost those idiotic statices. I did, however repost one onetime about if you, or a family member, or a friend had ever been eaten by a dragon.

    2. I got sick of those posts too, so here’s what I posted:

      I’m not ashamed (of my beliefs or my country), I’m not worried about what others think (about ANYthing), I love my family (husband, son, daughter, dad, siblings, in-laws, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cats, neighbors, ETC.) and I don’t have to repost what my FB friends have posted to prove it.

      I had dozens of friends “like” it. I wrote:
      I just get tired of these ridiculous, demanding, insulting posts. 🙄

      1. I am SOOO stealing this for my next Facebook post. I may even leave the word “husband” instead of changing it to “wife” just to see what happens.

    3. I swear, half the posts on FB right now are of the “if you’re a kind decent human being who love his country/family/god/cute fuzzy animals…You’ll repost this.” I do not repost crap from anybody on general principles. I read FB to find our what my friends are doing, not read muliple copies of the same crap from everyone and his dog.
      Rant over, I feel better now.

      1. PLEASE put this on your status if you know someone (or are related to someone) who has been eaten by dragons. Dragons are nearly unstoppable and, in case you didn’t know, they can breathe fire. 93% of people won’t copy and paste this, because they have already been eaten by dragons. 6% of people are sitting in the shower armed with fire extinguishers, and the remaining 1% are awesome and will repost this….

        1. i am going to proceed and post this is my status because it is awesome!!

      2. This is my favorite one: ALERT: Tomorrow Facebook will change its privacy settings to allow zombies to come into your house while you sleep and stick their fingers up your nose and eat your brains. To stop this from happening, go to Account -> Home Invasion Settings -> Cannibalism -> Brains, and unclick the “Tasty” box. Good Luck! Please repost

      1. I just updated my status with this:

        Trying to guilt people into spamming FB so they won’t ‘deny Christ’ makes baby Jesus cry.


  17. All I know is that I love this post, because it has a Shih Tzu in the pic, and we Shih Tzu mommies are pretty proud. 😛

    1. And if I pet my dog’s head hair backwards like that, she’ll give you the judgmental look, too.

      Mainly because she H-A-T-E-S to be petted that way.

    2. That has always produced a mental picture of a “Speciality” Zoo. “And on your left you will see Elephant Shiht, the largest specimen here at our Zoo.” 😯 😉

      1. Oh, I can’t stand it when people call it a Shit Zu… I want to scream “SHEED ZU!!! THAT’S HOW YOU SAY IT!!!!”

        And then I start channeling CAPSLOCK SHIRLEY. :mrgreen:

        1. You should see all the ways people spell that dog breed’s name on Craigslist. “Shits You,” etc. Hardly ever “Shih Tzu.” Lots of other curious breeds appear there, too, such as a “Rat Wailer,” “Chiguaguas,” “Winner Dogs,” and many more.

        2. Oh, I almost forgot:
          What do you get when your Shih Tzu jumps the fence and finds love with the neighbor’s poodle?
          Well, you put an ad on Craigslist offering “Shihtzpoo puppies.”
          I kid you not, this was an ad on Craigslist. They even had pictures of the puppies.

        3. Nat, that’s even funnier. One of the longest words in the Southern Language is “Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedit.” So it really does sound like a “Speciality” Zoo to us rednecks.

          “Weeellll lookie thare, if’n I ain’t sorely mistaken that thar’s Sasquatchy sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedit. Yu, kin tell by the funny way it tapers off on the end. I used to see it all the time out on the fur end of our ter’baky fields. Pa, pointed out sum fresh ta me one day, say’d we budder git on back up ta th’ house ah’fer dark.” 😯

        4. @BG
          Now that sounds like the lunch special at the Peking Moon.

          “Let’s see you got the number 5 the regular Poo-Poo platter and you got the Shihtzpoo lunch special. Will there be anything else? Enjoy!” 😯

        5. When my Shih Tzu pees on the floor, I tell her I’m gonna put her on the Pu-Pu platter… or ship her off to the Guineas… :mrgreen: 😉

      2. Not to blast on your joke, Don.. I did think it was funny, but it reminded me of the Shit Zu thing. :mrgreen: 😉

        1. And, they SO run the house. We have a Brittany, too, and my Shih Tzu is always telling her what to do. :mrgreen:

      1. And, Susan and Blessedarethey get special Shih Tzu butt cushions… I’ll make them Mother’s Day presents. 😉

  18. My hand’s up. I’ve been taken to task for wearing jeans to church, but strangely featuring Phillips, Craig and Dean on my profile page hasn’t caused a stir, especially since I traveled for five years with a group that a.) listened to Legacy Five on the bus and b.) preached against contemporary music off the bus. O_o I was glared out of the driver’s area for pointing out that Legacy Five didn’t sound that different than some Newsong. 😈

    I don’t know why I’m still worried about coming any more out of the fundy closet…I think that chapter of my life is pretty well closed. But it can be difficult to take that step, ya know?

  19. Okay, Darrell…. now I have that stupid “I’m Awesome” song in my head.

    “I talk to myself on my Facebook wall, ‘cuz I’m awesome…”


    1. AGH!!!! It gave me an error then said it was a duplicate, but didn’t show it so I added the winky and now it made two of them!!!

      No butt cushion for the blog… and I’m not making him any deviled eggs for Homecoming, either!!!

  20. Okay, Darrell…. now I have that stupid “I’m Awesome” song in my head.

    “I talk to myself on my Facebook wall, ‘cuz I’m awesome…”



  21. 1. Shoes is a closet belieber!!
    2. March 1 is beiber b-day as well as the day schaap was reborn as pastor of fbc
    3. fbc is full of fundies not like these http://www.shopinprivate.com/fununfortwo.html
    4. everyone wears undies
    5. in january 1935 in chicago a man named Kneibler sold the first pair of tighty whitey umderwear
    6. IFB wear only white shirts with ties to church
    7. Church is the only place you will find Gods love

    So shoes has a pair of fundies he would like to get tied up with schaap in when listening to beibers- baby,baby

    1. you, my friend, are a heratic! you will rue the day you launched personal attacks against the Shoes

      1. no attack bro just hadnt seen you post one your just mad everyone knows you like fundies

  22. I had a fundy mass exodus from my Facebook yesterday because I asked why everyone was so quick to defend the IFB movement and won’t defend the victims. I even got a passive-aggressive email saying they cannot associate with someone like me but they love me to death and thanks for understanding. Bahahaha okie dokie bi-polar much?

    1. I had the experience of being blocked from a Christian forum a bit like this one, on Facebook, which was a bit like this one, except that it supported Gay Marriage, 100%, and I do NOT. I tried to question why they were so keen in their support and got blocked as a trouble-maker.

  23. Back when I use to attend the IFB cult, myspace was more prominent than facebook. The youth leaders would use a couple of aspiring heymen lackies to check up on the rest of the youth (through their myspace pages). These lackies would give the youth leaders their weekly update on who is dating, going to dances, listening to rock music…and the list goes on….

    After information was gathered, the preaching would align to what’s been posted on myspace or if they thought you were straying to close to the “world”…they would get a one on one. It was sad seeing the stunned look on these poor kids faces thinking that God was watching them and that he somehow clued their youth leaders in on their most hidden sin.

  24. First comment: Awww, nothing is cuter than a judgmental puppy.
    Second comment: After years of abuse and harassment, what finally made me break contact with my mother was the crap she put on her Facebook wall and mine. Somehow, seeing it in black and white made me realize just how sick and toxic it really was.

  25. I totally judge people based on what they have ‘liked’ and what pictures they have posted.

    I’m not even IFB, just a terrible person.

    1. You’re not a terrible person, Ian. A “like” is as much a public statement as anything else, and it’s hard not to draw conclusions.

      One of the vendors I deal with for elementary school products posted several “likes” to adult-oriented services. I still deal with the guys since I believe his ability to sell a good product is not influenced by his personal preferences. I think his mistake, though was in mixing his profession (he actually refers clients to his FB page) with his personal FB material.

      I’ve had to caution my teachers the same way. I’ve got TONS of stories about people drawing the wrong conclusions from Facebook.

  26. Wow, you talkin’ about me, Darrell? 😆

    This weekend has been a pretty bad one as far as me posting “controversil” posts and getting defriended (occasionally along with a nastygram). 20/20 started it. But then on Sunday I went to BJU’s film, Milltown Pride, which is all about how you can’t be saved and moderately drink alcohol (and also, if you take just one sip, you’ll automatically turn into an alcoholic). I posted a picture of me drinking a beer and said that Milltown Pride drove me to drink. 😈

    Maybe not the brightest idea I’ve ever had, but it sure got people’s blood boiling! One person even messaged me saying he had to “shake the dust” off his feet concerning me. 🙄

    However, amid all the nastiness, not one single person told me I was wrong to post the picture or even asked me to take it down. They just attacked my spirituality and soberiety.

    Most people got the joke and just thought it was funny, but the naysayers are always louder.

    Oh yeah, and my husband got a nasty message from someone, telling him that I’m a terrible wife because I don’t submit. That my posting that drinking picture was evidence that my husband couldn’t control me.

    1. Couldn’t control you??? What are you, a truck?

      I’d tell my wife I need to “control” her, except I’m afraid she’d bust a gut laughing.

      1. POTD. I read this 10 minutes ago and am still laughing. Also, I will be stealing that line very soon.

  27. I noticed today that some friends are joining a group called “I love my Independant Fundemental Baptist Parents and Friends!!!” Is that some kind of reactionary group from 20/20?

  28. I have to say that I still behave myself on FB. It seems to be the only way my family stays in touch anymore. My husband and I are getting more brave as we get older about posting pictures with alcohol or speaking our minds, though. I almost hate to unfriend some of the mislead people I know and love. They are true fundies, but they are still close to my heart. I just have to ignore them occasionally when they get on their soapbox.

    Now on the flipside, I did have a friend receive a letter from BJU requesting that take down pictures or be denied access to campus. He chose to be denied access. The pictures were extremely crass, just like him, so I don’t keep up with him anymore, but I agree with the spying point. He had BJU listed as his education, so they wanted to “protect” themselves, I guess.

    Whatever, I enjoy FB and its unique additions to our already uninteresting lives 🙂

  29. I’m confuse. What is a fundy? It sounds Brittish….I am American…Is this site American?? ❓ ❓ ❓ 😯 Ihope I have not offinded anyone. 😳

    1. oh wow so many spelling mistakes!!! 😳 😳 😳 I meant to say “I’m confused. What is a “Fundy”? It sounds British. I am American. Is this site American?” I hope I have not offended anyone!” I was in a hurry and wasn’t payinf attention 😀

    2. “Fundy” is short for fundamentalist. On this blog, it refers to Independent Fundamental Baptists usually. I self-identify as a fundamentalist when it comes to the fundamentals of the faith – that Jesus is God’s Son who died and rose again to forgive us our sins, etc. But over the years, fundamentalism has added man’s preferences and traditions to those Biblical basics and often questioned whether Christians who didn’t share their exact standards were even saved. It is those additions and attitudes that we discuss here. There are readers from many different areas of the globe, but I’d say the majority of us are American.

  30. If Jesus was on Facebook, what sort of friends would he have. (I know at least one guy, who is sorta-Fundy who was horrified at the thought that I would suggest that Jesus would EVER be on FACEBOOK.! To him that was Blasphemy!!)

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