Promotional Materials From 1958

A loyal SFL reader rescued this tract from a local business and passed it along to us. One can only imagine this church ordered 80,000 copies of this item half a century ago and are determined to use them until they run out.

After all, color printing and graphic design are how Satan draws people to those seeker-sensitive churches.

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    1. @Jordan
      I hadn’t thought of exactly that, but yeah, it did strike me as peculiar that they have “Members Expected” on their promotional material. Maybe it is an old church and half the town is on the church roll and they use it to remind old members that they are expected at church. Most Baptist churches I have been a part of never take anyone off the roll unless they ask for a transfer by letter. I guess every few years they go through and take off the names of dead people.

      1. I should have included a πŸ˜‰ with my question, but yeah. I have wondered what churches like that do with someone who leaves Fundyland and doesn’t bother getting a transfer of letter to the local Catholic, Orthodox, or whatever church. The church I grew up in prunes its roll at least once a year, giving rigorous attention to attendance records, so I guess the answer is that if the former Fundy misses enough services he’s stricken from the roll anyway.

        1. I have a feeling that’s what happened with me. I became a member of my IFB church in December 2005, but my membership was axed sometime earlier this year (not sure when, but it happened). I’m guessing its because I wasn’t attending the church as often as I used to. I used to always go to the morning service, then usually the Sunday evening or Wednesday night service. Then I stopped going to both night services regularly and only went rarely. And I stopped going to the Sunday morning service regularly and only went to the 10am sunday adult school class. It’s probably for the best, though… I’ve found a far better church here in town to go to.

      2. In the church I worked in we would move folks from the ‘active’ to the ‘inactive’ list but never totally remove them unless they died, joined another church, or became Scientologists.

        1. 3 months of inactivity and you got the bootat my old church. Unless you were military or you were of some use to the pastor, then you were given grace. We needed sheetrock finished in our new building. A previous member who quit coming because he got divorced and could no long uphold all the pharasee rules came back to do the sheetrock job and he was welcomed back as a sign of “good faith”. He quit a few months later. He was getting too friendly with some of the single landies and he was divorced, damaged goods you know. Used him and kicked him to the curb.

        2. I’m quite sure my name was stricken from the role when I divorced my MK husband. Definitely with black ink. Possibly excised with an exato blade.

    2. I’m fairly certain they are declaring once you become a member you are expected to be there every time the doors are open with few health & travel excuses. I’ve always wanted to see a church where you had to explain your absences. I wonder if we found one?

      1. The Phrase that pays around here is, “we expect you to be here when the doors are open unless you are providentially hindered.”…and we know gid would n-e-v-e-r hinder you from attending a sermon he wrestled with his self-anointed undershepherd to give him specially, for you may be the very one who needs to it! 😯

        1. Just so no one thinks I exaggerate I offer as evidence, from a local Fundie Motherchurch’s School application material, the following:

          My reason for selecting (school name redacted)is primarily to give my child a Christ centered education and to compliment the Christian
          teachings which the Bible sets forth for the Christian home and church.
          – My participation in is needed in lending practical help and prayer support in a mutual effort to train our children. Because of
          this, I will endeavor to attend parent-teacher meetings and planned parent-teacher conferences unless providentially hindered.***
          – I will be responsible to see that my child abides by the schoolÒ€ℒs standard of conduct and dress
          – I give my child permission to take part in all school activities, including sports, field trips, and will not hold the school liable to
          me or to my child because of any injury to my child at school or during any school activity.

          ***The Phrase that Pays! πŸ˜‰

      1. If the Taliban is considered the more redneck backwoods brand of Islamic Fundamentalism… then this area would be considered their IFB counterparts fer shur!

    1. I see they have bricked in the porch pictured on the tract. Very nice! Also interesting to read that Pastor Blalock is continuing his education at Fundamental Baptist Bible College! Didn’t know it existed until now, but I guess it was inevitable someone would take that name sooner or later.

        1. Anyone notice the Dean of the “College” lives three hours away from the place? How do you operate?
          Let me offer my analysis.
          This place says it caters to those who can’t leave home for college because of work, etc. Ok, that’s legit. But there are plenty of real colleges out there that offer actual degrees through real distance learning programs. There’s no excuse for this kind of place. It is an institute, not a college. One of these days the government is going to crack down and force a change. These guys will cry religious discrimination, but when the public gets a look at what they call a college, we’ll all get painted with the same broad brush, and it will make the rest of Christendom seem foolish.

        2. Sorry, more rant just came to mind.
          Check out Shawnee Baptist “College” as an example. Kentucky won’t let them call themselves a college until they actually become a college. So, their materials say SBC, but the degree actually has the name of some Institute instead.
          Fundies argue that accrediting bodies or the government may make them teach things like evolution. But accreditation is all about making sure there is actually a college there, students have to do real work to get a degree, and the place has enough money to stay open.
          Want proof? Abeka Academy is REGIONALLY ACCREDITED! They don’t come much more fundy than that! SACS accredits a distance school that teaches creationism, salvation by none other than Jesus, etc.
          How about Liberty? SACS accredits them, and they’re creationist, they even hold a huge creationism seminar each year.
          I think some of these guys just don’t want to answer to anybody. The want to play the college game, but by their own rules.

        3. @alm517 Now you know the answer to that question. With GLB the motherchurch being in this area (and several contenders trying to compete to be the premiere IFB mega-church in the area), and BJU just over the state line to the south, Clown College to the West in Tn., and the multitude of Bible institutes in every church that has more than 30 members… not to mention AP’s beloved Alma Mater here in town… Wel-l-l-l… we are just ate slap up with Fundie around here. You know yourself the residual fundie atmosphere in this area covers the entire local culture like a sticky film of religious sediment. If fundies were zombies… well… we’d already be dead. 😯

        4. Okay, okay, point taken, but I still don’t have to like it! πŸ˜‰
          Also, I don’t think A.P. would refer to it as “beloved” anymore…

        5. Yeah, I know. They have prolly purged his name from their collective memory now that he’s gone *gasp* Calvinistic. πŸ™„ I just hate he had to start over from scratch since NO credits whatsoever are accepted by NC colleges from there. On the bright side, now he’s attending my Alma Mater (who are getting their butts kicked by Duke tonite btw).

        6. He’s not really upset by it anymore because it’s probably going to equal our ticket out of this quagmire of fundamentalism, and who could argue with that?!? I’m certainly not going to argue with it. As for the erasing him from their collective memories, you have no idea how accurate you are in that statement because he has actually lost friends because of the Calvinism and his blog. πŸ™„

          I’m sure the loss to Duke will be rather humiliating, but as a UNC fan I have no interest in watching Duke win period. πŸ˜€

        7. Oh my goodnessmesakesalive, DON!!!!!

          YOU WENT TO UNCG!!!!!

          Oh, honey, I went to Leon’s Beauty School before I went off to fundy u right on Acock Street.

          I used to live off Friendly Ave.

        8. My world just gets smaller and smaller. I was a townie from W-S so I drove by LBS M-W-F for 4 1/2 year (I was an underachiever so it took me longer)
          I never opaid for a parking sticker so I parked along the railroad tracks between Leons and UNC-G.

        9. I posted this down below AND I’m posting it here…

          AND, since we mentioned Winston, you owe me also a bbq plate from Mr. BarbequeÒ€¦. AND peach cobbler.

      1. his bio reads that he started college in 1998. Really? 13 years to get through school? What about the “hand to the plow” “run the race to win” and “don’t look back” As proverbs says, “a little sleep, a little slumber, and poverty will come upon yo like a bandit.”

      2. Pastor Blalock also once “received a scholarship to play small college football”
        What is the difference between small college football and big college football? Maybe the size of the balls.
        At least Pastor Blalock can walk up the stairs without getting winded.

    2. Why ARE the crosses spinning like that?
      That only took about one second to give me a serious headache.

      Why are there two crosses, anyway? Wouldn’t you either have one (for Jesus), or three (the three crosses on Calvary)?

  1. I’m guessing this is early 80’s material. Probably not late 50’s. No proof, just a hunch.

    1. You’re probably right.

      In case you haven’t noticed part of the funny on this site is occasional exaggeration. πŸ˜‰

      1. I almost missed that. I don’t think churches were trumpeting the KJV in the 50’s. That’s a relatively new fundie tenet. One clue to the date would be whether the area code was included with the phone number. Back in the 70’s and early 80’s they weren’t used that often.

      2. darrel – this is great. you make a joke and we sit here turning it into an exegetical exercise πŸ˜›

  2. The fundy church I went to as a tennager used tracts very similar to these. They were copyrighted but they didn’t believe in copyrighting “God’s Word”. They began running them off on the copier to save money on ordering them. Then all of us Christian school kids got to fold them during class time.
    I love how they choose which laws are acceptable to break.

  3. AGH!!! I grew up literally 20 minutes from there! Walnut Cove is a T-I-N-Y little town, but the views of Hanging Rock are spectacular. I love going camping up there in the summer.

    But, Walnut Cove is also just down the road about 10-15 miles from the home of the Sword of the Lord Conference (Gospel Light Baptist Church). The local IFB churches in that area sort of stick to the GLBC protocol and rules.

    1. Oh wow, where are you from? I graduated from GLCS and was raised 20 minutes from Walnut Cove!! I only went to GLCS my Junior and Senior years, I spent the other years at a much smaller fundy school.

      1. Kville. When you’re from here, you know what that means. πŸ˜‰

        My links to GLBC and GLCS are many. I won’t go in detail just mainly to keep a level of anonymonity (sp?), but trust me. I grew up there and was groomed the proper fundy lady there… (lady being subjective) πŸ˜‰

        1. K’vegas! woo-hooo!
          Home of the Kerwin Conquerors! (now a defunct fundie school…had to paint over the “school” part on the Church sign)

        2. AND, since we mentioned Winston, you owe me also a bbq plate from Mr. Barbeque…. AND peach cobbler. πŸ˜‰

        3. Yes! K-ville! I worked for their Y after school at GLCS… I actually grew up and lived in Stokes County back then where I attended a little Christian school by the name of Calvary until my junior year and surprisingly GLCS was a breath of fresh air compared to that place! My dad and I went to GLBC for a while as well where I did bus ministry and worked in Spanish church.
          I get the anonymity which is why I I kept my area to my county, but if you’re from the area you know about Stokes County… πŸ™‚

        4. Hahahaha not the reaction I was expecting… πŸ™‚ I still live pretty near there unfortunately, and my Grandparents live near the area you mentioned in a previous post. There’s too many bad memories of growing up fundy for me to feel comfortable there anymore. I try to avoid going at all costs.

  4. “But after one year of failing grades and sinful living, I came home…”

    Ah! In other words, he couldn’t hack class. Bro. “Dirk Square-jaw” Blalock couldn’t hack real college, so he came home to attend the next best thing to Patriot University, Fundamental Baptist College.

  5. Back in the day before I discovered computers I did a lot of cut and paste to create brochures to mail out for our music/catering ministry. When I learned how to use computers and got a rather nice graphics program I was able to cobble up some decent looking promo material. We discovered that the more…uh…conservative churches did not respond to the well-crafted materials like they did the ol’cut & paste junk. So, for awhile, I kept a supply of amateur looking flyers to mail out to them.

    1. Kate,
      I suppose you found out who was and wasn’t raised with a modecum of propriety, huh? I’ve found that those who object to neatness, professionalism and….a sense of personal pride are those I usually don’t like to spend much time with or on because they are more in love with their idea of what something *should be* (+/- 1940’s )rather than something that shows thought and style.

  6. Hmmm,
    1.The schools accrediting agency is less than authentic (
    2.The school offers undergrad to postgrad “degrees”
    4. Who is on the review committe?
    5. Who do you defend your thesis to/against?
    6. If your thesis is contrary to the doctrinal statement and is proven out by study and evidences to show contrary to the doctrinal statement, is the candidate sunk?
    7. Will the thesis paper be available for public review?

    All of this said, is to ask the question: why would a church go through the charade of having a “college” and “grant degrees” when all they are doing is training guys to clone churches? No real thought is encouraged as well as the spirit of debate that engenders real thought.

    Sorry, this is a real sore spot with me.

    1. I agree with you that they are probably not encouraging a lot of independent thinking at this school, and that they probably do not hold up to standards of a normal college. But their intentions are probably good…to help men become better students of the Word and better pastors in their local churches. I am not saying that good intentions make everything okay. But for most of the people who attend these kinds of schools, they know what they are getting into and like it.

      1. @Chris,
        I understand what you are saying and trying to put the best spin on it; however, it’s very deceptive, for instance: I’m working my tail off for my REAL degree and will be entering a REAL Masters program….then, there’s some guy who says “hey y’all, I got me my degree too from my church/college”…good intentions doesn’t not a qualification make. Second instance, if you read the church’s leadership profiles, you will see Bro. Woollege working on his Ph.D. in theology…huh? Good intentions or not, they are not qualified to grant this “degree”…you have ONE Ph.D. (and who knows if he is even a “real” Ph.D.)who is on the faculty, not ONE authentic Masters degree holder or candidate….and after graduation, these students will not hesitate to address their resumes or refer to themselves as “Dr.” this or “Dr.” that. No thinking person would waste their time or money on something like this and I would even go as far as to say that no discerning person would attend church here because of said lies and deception.

        1. Right, I see what you are saying. I understand your degree takes a lot more work and is definitely not the same thing as their degree.

          In my area, I know of a church that has a “preacher’s school” where they hand out degrees to local preachers who finish their course work. These local preachers go into small local churches. I think most people would understand that the degree these local preachers are getting is very different than yours. I was just saying that what they are getting is fine for what they are doing. They are not trying to become professors of large colleges or command large salaries somewhere. They just want some education from some like-minded individuals to help them become better pastors.

          Good luck with your degree.

    2. Woah! According to this list

      The American Association of Christian Colleges and Seminaries is listed as a fake accrediting agency. This is the “parent” of TRACS. hmmm no wonder BJU/Northland and colleges in that ilk have such a hard time with their “degree.” I know I had no idea that accreditation was a problem when I went to BJU. Maybe it was naive but, I sincerely believed what I was told by BJU that it wasn’t a problem. Who would believe that BJU would lie to us? Now that BJU is nationally “accredited” by TRACS, more recent grads are having a harder time, especially education grads. More and more people who have graduated long ago, and have recently lost their jobs due to the economy, are finding out that their degree is a hiderance as well.

      1. You are factually incorrect. AACS is not the parent of TRACS. TRACS has all the proper pedigrees from the government. I’m interested to find out where you got your information.
        TRACS really isn’t the greatest thing out there, but if you got a degree from a completely unaccredited college, TRACS is a big step in the right direction. Although, it will probably be another 70 years before they go for regional accreditation.

        1. BJU has have covered this kind of thing for YEARS! BJU was a founding member of BOTH TRACS and AACCS. So, yeah, BJU can and does split all the hairs it wants. The school continues to deceive. Nothing new! The dean of administration from BJU is on the commission of TRACS. Nothing to see here, just move along folks.

        2. BJU was not a founding member of TRACS, which has been around since 1971. TRACS is not a part of AACCS. And administrative employees and employees of member schools always serve on the accrediting commisions. That’s how accreditation works.

        3. You started this conversation by insisting BJU was a founding entity of TRACS. Now you’re talking about BJU’s changing attitude towards accreditation. Based on your own arguments, it appears you think BJU started TRACS, but wasn’t accredited by it until about 15 years after it was founded, and only did so because the state was clamping down. Friend, I’m sorry, but you know not of what you speak. It appears you are mixing up several events and organizations.
          Bottom line, BJU did not found TRACS, and had no hand in starting it. Neither did AACCS. Not even close.

      2. BJu most certainly was a founding member of TRACS and AACCS.

        By them saying they were not, is just about as credible as BJU still telling people that Harvard is not accredited. BJU did that back in the 1980’s when I first went to BJU. BJU team came to a Christian School for recruitment and STILL say this. I raised my hand and informed the man student taking questions and answers about this mis0information, and was told *I* was mistaken. Informed him, no, Harvard has been accredited since the 1920’s, he should check it out and not just give the “sales pitch” that BJU told him. He gave me the dear in the headlights look.

        1. Well, BJU was not a founding member of TRACS. It simply wasn’t. Go to the TRACS website and check it out for yourself.

          I also think you were confusing AACCS with ICR. TRACS was founded by ICR.

          BTW, the President of Louisiana State University is the chair of SACS. The President of Mount Holyoke College chairs NEACS. Do you think that makes those schools disreputable?

          As for the false claim about Harvard not being accredited, that’s true. So you are batting about .250 πŸ™‚

        2. No! I am just no longer blinded by what BJU says as being truth anymore. Liars lose credibility after about the 100th lie one catches them in. Go ahead and believe that BJU was not involved in the founding of TRACS. I am not going to convice you anyway. I have spent months tracking down old financial and legal forms. How about you, what research have you really done, other than clicking through a few websites and taking what BJU says as truth/

          Now, I am getting down off my soapbox for now. This is a very sore spot for me. Not only was I fooled for a long time, but I was one of those folks who defended the school because I too was duped.

        3. It wouldn’t matter if BJU was a founding member of TRACS. It simply isn’t true. There is nothing to hide if it was true. But it isn’t.

          I don’t think you understand how accreditation works. Harvard and Yale were founding members of NEACS. The University of Florida was a founding member of SACS. That’s how accreditation works.

          If BJU was a founding member of TRACS, they’d brag about it. They wouldn’t lie or dupe anyone or cover it up. There’d be nothing to cover up. That’s how accreditation works.

          I’ve served on committees dealing with SACS accreditation for more than a decade. I’ve been observing TRACS and AACCS professionally since the late 80s. I can tell you BJU’s changing attitude toward accreditation since Panama City. So that’s where I’m coming from.

          I don’t care much to defend BJU; it has plenty of its own problems. But TRACS accreditation, while not the best, is a very good first move to make.

        4. I’m not sure why you’re insisting on something that is so obviously and provably untrue. It is very similar to the mindset of a certain sect of Christianity.
          The Institute for Creation Research and Henry Morris started it. BJ was nowhere near it. It was not connected in any way, shape or form. I think you are getting some acronyms mixed up. BJ only became accredited in 2005 (or 2006?) TRACS was around a long time before that. I’m basing that on info from TRACS, not BJ, so its not a question of BJ’s credibility.
          It’s not a big deal, it just irritates the crap out of me when people insist on something being right when it so obviously is wrong.

        5. BJU’s “changing attitude” about accredidation came about as a result of the state of SC state legislature in 1992 amended the State law from 1977.

          “In 1977, legislation was adopted requiring the Commission on Higher Education to license private degree-granting institutions established in the state since 1953, except for theological schools. Authority to license proprietary institutions, which do not award degrees, and to carry out approval functions required by the Veterans Administration was transferred from the State Board of Education to the Commission on Higher Education in 1991. In 1992, the General Assembly passed comprehensive licensing legislation that replaced both existing statutes; this legislation clarifies and expands the commission’s authority to license institutions and to grant agent permits, allows it to set reasonable fees and provides student tuition protection.”

          It took about 2 years for the state to fully implement the new law. Then once the state did that part, the State of SC gave college’s like BJU 8 years to fully comply with the new law from the time the law was passed.

          TRACS is one of the three (3) national accreditation bodies approved by that state for “Non-Public” colleges or universities.

        6. Found the year this amended law was ratified 2002 and was further amended and ratified in 2007. Knew I had it somewhere.

        7. You started this conversation by insisting BJU was a founding entity of TRACS. Now youÒ€ℒre talking about BJUÒ€ℒs changing attitude towards accreditation. Based on your own arguments, it appears you think BJU started TRACS, but wasnÒ€ℒt accredited by it until about 15 years after it was founded, and only did so because the state was clamping down. Friend, IÒ€ℒm sorry, but you know not of what you speak. It appears you are mixing up several events and organizations.
          Bottom line, BJU did not found TRACS, and had no hand in starting it. Neither did AACCS. Not even close.

        8. Aaaahhh. I see now. You have a bone to pick with BJ over their national accreditation, so you went on a rant.
          Well, that’s an interesting discussion indeed.
          In the old days, you knew you were going to an unaccredited school. You knew you were taking your chances. But today, they’re accredited-but by a national accreditor, not a regional one. So, do students really know what that means? Good question.
          But, again, on your original point, BJ was in no way associated with TRACS before it was accredited. That’s simply false.

  7. I like this school. πŸ˜‰ Under their KJV only statement, they mention several “great” men who failed to use the KJV exclusively. One of these men was Clarence Larkin. I don’t know all that Clarence Larkin did, but I am pretty sure he makes the list of “erring men we still consider great” because he is the one who gave us those wonderful end times charts.

    At least, the people at this college can still appreciate some people with whom they disagree. I think we have all heard someone at some point say I cannot listen to or read that person’s work because they are wrong on “x.” πŸ™

  8. I’m a little suspicious of this church. I’ve never seen Romans 5:12 as part of the Romans Road. It seems like they are adding a little bit to salvation by putting this verse in there. Are you sure they aren’t Southern Baptist? My dad carried tracts with him all the time. We even got him a little silver carrying case for them so he wouldn’t leave them in his pocket and then have them turn to fuzzies in the washer. It was Mother’s idea. Pastor Backlow recently switched tract companies to a company that uses a new version of Microsoft Publisher. They also use a sturdier paper that is not likely to fall apart if it gets rained on when it’s left under a windshield wiper. I thought it was a great idea!

    1. Dang girl, won’t that new and sturdier paper catch on the Pastor’s polyester sport coat’s inside pocket? Maybe the congregation should take up an offering for one of those slick silver carring cases, you know, to match the flask that’s in his other pocket.

    2. I totally agree, Romans 5:12 doesn’t even mention Hell. This clearly should not be used in a tract or any kind of evangelism. Excellent find, CMG!

    3. I mention Romans 5:12 whenever I’ve used/preached from the “Romans Road.” IMHO, billions have been down the “Romans Road,” who’ve never been on the Heavenly Highway!

      1. I assume you are referring to “John 9:4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” See what happens when you use one of those new age (per)versions of God’s Word. It leads you to justify going out at night when the Authorized Version says to work during the day.

        1. I’m not sure which is worse, a church that tricks kids into riding buses by having “free cheeseburger” day, thereby bringing in twice as many bus kids as congregants, or a church that totally ignores a children’s ministry altogether. The particular fundy church I was exposed to for over 20 years started at one end of the spectrum and is now at the other.

        2. 12SEF,

          Churches that completely ignore children’s ministry generally fulfill their own prophecy. Most parents won’t stay long if the children’s ministry is lacking. Unfortunately, some stay far too long if the children’s ministry is active but spiritually abusive.

  9. If this were 1950s, the text would come from a typewriter.
    You should correct the title or at least indicate in the main post that you are exaggerating…

    1. Because there were no printing presses away back then πŸ˜‰

      Dude. Relax. I’m not writing an encyclopedia here.

      1. I’m relaxed! πŸ™‚
        The trenchant critique of IFB that your site is good at rests on the fact that your posts seem parody but are actually the god-honest sincere truth of the matter. Fake news and exaggerations water that down, IMO. Just my take, it’s your blog, carry on… πŸ™‚

    1. For a while when I was strung out on the kool-aid I used to deliver our church’s weekly sermon tape to Ron Baity’s WPIP radio station for our “on air radio ministry.”

      1. Okay, I’m convinced that we can all trace links to each other. My uncle is VERY good friends with Baity. I grew up with him being a family friend.

  10. Oh my goodness! I’m originally from the area and I know that church! I don’t think they’re on WPIP any more. It’s been a few years since I’ve lived there, but I believe the pastor is Gary Blalock! (sp?) The statement in ridicule is a common one in our area and I have no problem with it.

        1. Rob scores major thread points for bringing up Mookie Blaylock. One of my favorite sports names of all time.

  11. The thing that irks me about that tract is the last line.

    If you believe that Christ died for you and are willing to confess Him before God and men, sign below and send it to us for further help

    Why is there any other “step” after believe?? They are essentially saying “Okay, you are ready to be saved, but now you have to come and stand up the front respond to an invitation publicly and then God will save you and I will have a number”.

    1. It’s definitely implying that, but was pretty common for tracts, and also for televangelists do that all the time too (or used to back when I watched them). I think the Rejoice broadcast did that as well write them for a packet or something.

    2. In their defense, a new believer does need to be discipled and helped along. I like it better, though, when that part of the tract says to contact a Bible-believing church, not just pointing to one particular church.

  12. I don’t know why anyone would find this tract appealing, other than other IFBs. Seems to me they’re preaching to the choir.

  13. Blalock’s name was whited-out on the original.
    Also on the original there is no street number for the address. Walnut Cove is a small community so I figure if you just address your signed tract it to the church they will get it.

    1. OOPS! That last message was ment to go to a different forum! not sure how that happened….

  14. Seriously, after reading several pages on this site what is the Biblical reason (Scripture verse) for all the hate against a group of Christians? All I read is opinions and preferences.
    “1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

    1. Get over yourself, Sport.

      Just because people voice their opinions, and you don’t happen to like their opinions…that’s not hatred.

      If you think that what you read on this site is hatred, I hope you never get out into the REAL world. Because you won’t last five minutes.

      1. @MSK GROW UP! So the opinions represented on this website does not represent hatred? an opinion cannot be hatred?
        Webster’s 1828
        HATE, – To dislike greatly; to have a great aversion to. Oh you don’t like my opinion!!!

        1. Sigh.

          So much anger and hatred in your post. Just stop all the hate already. How you grieve the Holy Spirit with all your hatred!

          What makes your opinions and preferences superior to all the others on this site?

          Physician, heal thyself.

        2. MKS Really calm down, 😯 at least you now agree an opinion can be hatred.
          “What makes your opinions and preferences superior to all the others on this site?” Now that’s your problem and assumption not mine. NEXT πŸ™„

  15. Chris,

    Knock it off.

    Pathetic, you are. Rolling eyes and all.

    If you don’t like what people post on this site, don’t come here.

    I never said an opinion cannot be hatred. I said that if you think the opinions stated here are hatred, you have never seen true hatred. You made assumptions. Ignorant assumptions. Assumptions that demonstrate a lack of reading comprehension.

    I was calm before, but you are more than a little annoying. I was teasing you for doing the very thing you accuse us of doing, and you took it for agreement. You really are dense. You are the one who came on here with your assumptions about whether we hated other people, and now you accuse me of assuming stuff about you. Oy.

    Silly little person.

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