Fundy College Week

We’re going back to school this week with a series of posts dedicated to the oddities of fundamentalist institutions of “higher” “learning.”

As most of you know, I graduated from PCC so those of you who went to the other colleges will have to let me know how well my perspective lines up with your experience. We’ll begin shortly…

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  1. No way; every time I visited a Fundy college week, I always ended up in the gay dorm.

  2. @Morgan I don’t know that much about campus life, but I can’t imagine PCC can compare w/ HAC based solely on the products they put out.

  3. So is the target for this week things like walking on different sidewalks, riding different elevators, etc?

  4. There’s a grad of HAC, a pastor, who’s related to people in my church. After he visited my church a number of times one of my children asked me, “Dad, how come that guy never smiles?”

  5. yes, please explain the “gay” dorm. I wasn’t aware they existed and how did they all end up together?

  6. @Gabriel So you are a WCBC grad? Maybe we should swap some war stories. I knew a guy who ran into a female co-worker of his at It’s a Grind, sat down with her for about a minute and then introduced her to some of the WCBC students there. But because he sat down at the same table as her he was accused by the dean of sleeping with her, going out drinking with her and going to movies with her. (He was almost in tears when he told me about his meeting with the dean) But because the college could not “prove” that he was doing all those things they only gave him 30 demerits for an unauthroized date.

  7. My younger sister went to PCC about the same time my brother joined the Army. When we came home for christmas, I snuck a look at his training manual and her student handbook. My brother had a soft ride, IMO.

  8. Whoa. I had no idea this subculture even exists. Now I’m even more thankful I grew up Catholic!

  9. @Bernadette – “subculture” is not the word. “a galaxy far far away” is more appropriate.

  10. I’d love to know, when did you go to PCC? My husband and I were there in the early 90’s.

  11. I graduated HAC less than a year ago, so I’m looking forward to this week’s posts.

  12. @Jason
    The place got nuttier and nuttier as the years went by. When I first went there it was a good ole’ small baptist college where we were treated like adults for the most part but now it is like highschool part 2. Above all else they cannot tolerate any independent thought that does not agree with them.

  13. I always wondered how PCC handled the tech changes. We were there before the internet and cell phones. How in the world did they keep the don’t talk to the the opposite sex after 7 rule?

  14. Don’t neglect Baptist College of Ministry in Menomenee Falls, WI. Sleeper pick for worst Christian college.

  15. @Gabriel
    You are so right. It took me six years to get through college so I got to see many of the changes firsthand.

    One year they tried to ban students from going anywhere that had WiFi but thankfully they changed their minds at the last minute.

  16. I attended Tennessee Temple University in the late 1970’s. I try not to remember anything. The dorms had 4 people in a room designed for 3. It was saturated with southern culture BS. The food was not fit for animals. The temperature in most buildings was set so low that after an hour my hands were numb. (I grew up in a place that -40 degrees was common in the winter.) When I joined the Army, I viewed basic training as very enjoyable. Basic Training had about the same control level, same mentality, but more sleep, much better food, better facilities, and much more professional personnel.

  17. Do you guys remember the co-ed naked tee shirts. My freshman year at PCC my serior roommate and I came up with one. “Co-ed naked chapel, don’t get caught by the organ.”

  18. @JimE–my parents sent me to a camp that Tennessee Temple owned when I was about 12. Same story there. Terrible food, filthy cabins, and questionable preaching. I knew even at 12 that you didn’t have to “get saved” every night of camp. The final straw was when one of my cabin mates turned to me during the 10th verse of the invitation and said “Let’s go say we got saved. At least get the attention.” I didn’t go. Then, on the last day of camp, all the kids who “got saved” were baptized without their parents’ permission or presence into membership in Highland Park. My parents asked how camp was…when I told them about the services and baptism, Dad was furious, and I never had to go back to that place.

  19. My daughter currently attends P.C.C. I attended there for one year back in the early 90’s. I told her to treat Bible college like a buffet…take what you want and need, leave the rest. She is a nursing student doing very well and will have an excellent job upon graduation (even if PCC isn’t accredited). The top real estate agent in sales in my city is a business degree grad from PCC so be careful not to throw the baby (PCC) out w/ the bath water.

    On a lighter note, my year at PCC was fun. My best friend was a town student and they can get away with murder. I hung with him and never got caught. Pensacola beach was great, off campus after hours was great, wearing jeans to the mall was great, missing a few fine arts and vespers was great, etc. He and I even went over to Ruckman’s church one time to say we went…it was hilarious amusement.

    1. “wearing jeans to the mall was great”
      normal people do this on a daily basis and thing nothing of it. it really grinds my gears when fundies get a thrill out of something deemed “off limits” that is perfectly appropriate and acceptable in the real world…..

  20. When I was at BJU 93-96, I was involved with Student Legistlature. We were talking to the guys from the Citadel one night. After comparing all of the rules from both places, we all agreed that they had it easier. They got relief on the weekends. We weren’t supposed to, but I did anyway. That’s why it isn’t 93-97.

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