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  1. My grandma totally makes tons of little crosses out of that plastic grid stuff and yarn. All colors. And then she puts them in Xmas and birthday cards for me. She also makes little miniature tissue boxes for the purse-sized tissue packets.

  2. But not just Fundies who like those, my grandma is a Catholic and she has lots of old lady Catholic friends who do plastic grid projects. I saw more plastic grid art in the Catholic church than I did as a fundy.

  3. Yeah, I’d say this is common among elderly religious ladies. They like to do cute crafty things, especially for their church. Nothing wrong with it, in my opinion. 🙂

    For some reason, though, this picture makes me think of some stuffy old church with only 5 elderly people attending, or something. lol

  4. LOL There’s a lady at my church who makes these! She makes nametags for the classroom doors at the school where she teaches, too. 🙂

  5. I think MPT @ JesusNeedsNewPR probably making the point of people in generaly trying to “Christianize” everything. On here it reminds me of just trying to elevate the regular manipulative rollercoasters fundys get sent to to get them to the altar and keep them subservient to the “man-o-gawd”. Treating poeple as if they are best when they are penitent wrecks at the altar, and deserve to be there constantly is a staple of fundyism.

  6. Both my grandmas loved doing plastic canvas, and I always felt vaguely guilty that I disliked it so strongly!

    A good tissue box cover I’ve seen is the plastic canvas church, complete with tiny metal bell in the steeple. No church should be without one. (JK)

  7. I get it. The cross is there on the tissues to remind us that it covers even our mucus production which we have as a result of mans fall through the original sin. Amen.

  8. This is so not fundy! Any good fundy knows that the cross represents the death of Jesus. And any good fundy would never be caught wearing a cross or crucifx necklace. Fundies worship only a risen savior, so instead of a cross, it should be an empty tomb.

  9. @Kat You said just what I was thinking. These crafty tissue boxes always take me back to the smell of my grandparents’ church. A mixture of cleaning solution, Avon perfume, and slow decay. I still have good memories of going to their church, though. It meant there would be pie after lunch. 🙂

  10. At the BJU Clinic, one of the nurses crochets stirrup covers. With different colors for different seasons. It’s another take on the need to craft, but I must admit that it is rather thoughtful. . . .

  11. I used to do plastic canvas but inevitably I’d work hard on something only to have the plastic break and it was impossible to fix that. 😥 Hard work all down the drain. 😥

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