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  1. Since it’s a tee-shirt we can assume with a high degree of probability that the coaching staff is male.
    I so hope that in the silhouette the “girls” are wearing long shorts and not skirts. oh yeah I forgot, IFB… so they could be “Skorts.”

  2. I like that they went out of their way to make sure the one girl’s “glory” is displayed (albeit in a pony tail). I’m kind of surprised pony tails are allowed as the hair is covering less of their head that way, which I would’ve thought to be anathema, but the liberals at HA apparently hadn’t thought that one through. I can’t imagine @Don is right that those are skorts. No chance Schaap would fall for that slippery slope leading directly to women prancing around in britches, would he? Even w/ his lack of intellect, I assume he can sniff that conspiracy out! 🙂 Nice find, Darrell!

  3. I would just like you to know that I got my motorcycle licence wearing culottes. ( No seriously I did.) Can you say “parachute”?! I do not want to entertain any fragile male minds with the visual to this so I will just stop here.
    I did eventually trade in my Suzuki Savage 650 for a piano, apparently riding a motorcycle wasn’t too meek and quiet. ( Plus I didn’t like to stop at stop signs or red lights…)

  4. On moving day a piano requires one pizza per man per hour…and no Little Caesars WONT do apparently.
    I defintely got better mileage out of the motorcycle.

  5. As a guy, both within fundie-land and without, playing the piano certainly does not get one any cool points. Motorcycles, however, do serve adequately for that purpose, but evidently only for guys.

  6. Oh I love the women’s track coach tee. LOL! The weightlifting and watersport sounds pretty funny too.

  7. For those fond of “skorts” & “culottes”:


    My wife brought home some empty boxes last week. One of them was a box for adult disposable briefs. On the the side in French – “Culottes”. Culottes originally meant under garments. Have a fundy ponder that one for a while, especially all the ones that pride themselves on “modesty”.

  8. RobM, HAC does not allow women to play team sports. I found pictures of real atheletic women, made them silhouettes, and then thickened them up in places to make them look more like awkward HAC girls, and then filled in the skirts.

    When I first posted them on the FFF, and this was years ago—I’m thinking 4 or 5 years, I started off by saying on the FFF that I had heard a rumor about women’s sports being allowed at HAC. A lot of the HAC grads got into it then: they’re so fragile. And then when I posted the t-shirt pictures, they got really mad, but a lot of people thought it was funny. I ended up sending one of the t-shirts to Marty Braemer. He used to always write about me, complaining and accusing me, and doubled readership at my blog. Since then he’s committed adultery, been kicked out of the ministry, and gone back in. There really ought to be a HAC Men’s Boomerang Team T-shirt.

  9. Argh. How did I figure they wouldn’t allow women to play team sports? Who would send their daughters to that monstrosity of a place? I know some girls don’t like to play sports, but still. I don’t even wanna know what they say is wrong w/ women playing sports.

  10. Who would send their daughters to HAC? That’s a great question! If you read their student handbook, as I did, you will see that they are proud of the fact that they teach women how to be submissive wives.

    How very sad. How many lives are wrecked from the Schaap/HAC/cult mindset?

  11. They would HATE my “sport” of choice: cycling. If there’s anything sports-related that fundies hate, it’s spandex. On women.

    I’m not sure how they expect women to exercise. Maybe in a locked, windowless room with no males allowed within 200 feet? That’s probably why most fundy women are overweight. . . .

  12. Mmm…cycling. You might be a fundy if you don’t blink when a 70-year-old woman in a skirt rides past you on a bike.

  13. Forgot to add the emoticon to my post. 🙂 You know, BASSENCO, you might consider using your considerable talent to designing Fundy emoticons….

  14. Thank you, Staci! I appreciate your kind words. I don’t know how to design emoticons, or perhaps I would. I designed the t-shirts during a period of unemployment.

  15. At my FU, we had a cheerleading squad and yours truly was on it. Of course, our culottes (cheerleading skirts) went to our knees and we had to pin our shells to our bra straps so the boys wouldn’t see our cleavage for the .0000056 second that we leaned over. We also had to wear shorts underneath, although they were tight bike shorts.

    The boys would still sit behind us to watch our “skirts” fly up to see our thighs. OH FOR SHAME!!!

    I thought it was funny, because at first I was wondering why all these guys chose to sit in a cluster behind the cheerleading squad when they really couldn’t see the game well. ;op

      1. Aren’t we though? And as women, we made all those boys think bad thoughts.

        That’s always the cause when bad thoughts happen.

        1. You know even Jimmy Buffett concluded,
          “Some people claim there’s a wo-man to blame,
          but I know, (da, da, da-da-da) it’s my own durn* fault.”

          *Durn is a last minute substitution. He is a great utility player and has really produced from the bench.

        2. Durn is about the best utility infielder in the league, and everyone knows you can’t win a championship without at least one of those guys on your roster! Bravo durn, bravo!

        3. As a (now former) Pittsburgh Pirates partial season ticket holder, I can say that I’ve see stinkin’ play at every position, and I still show up & enjoy watching!

        4. Then, I must tell you… whether you believe me or not… ask my husband and he’ll tell you… I predicted this year’s World Series. No joke. I was all for the Rangers and then when it got to the World Series, I told my husband that something’s telling me that the Rangers are not going to win. I just can’t say they’re going to win. I said that the Giants will win the first two games, something will happen in the 3rd or 4th and then they’ll take it in the 5th. And, that’s how it happened, and I was shocked.

          Maybe I got one of those messages like the fundies get.

        5. I’m a Cubs fan, but the Giants were one of several teams I was following all year long. I came nowhere near predicting it that well, but was so nice to see some non-east coast teams playing baseball as well as it can be played.

        6. Oh, Rob, don’t you know that only true, fundamental, Bible-believing, separated, 1611-KJV, soul-winning, Welch’s drinking, tract-passing, Coc-cola-drinking, non-denim-wearing, Bible-belt Christians love only the Atlanta Braves? I mean, that’s GOD’s team!


          (seriouly though, I do love my Braves.)

        7. I’m very curious if they are gonna re-sign Derek Lee, and still irritated that they basically stole Dan Uggla off the Marlins. Cubs could use Uggs.

        8. Husband is a Dodger fan. We went to go see LA play at Turner Field. He wore FULL Dodger regalia. I wore FULL Braves regalia. We were a funny-looking couple.

          It was a fun game.

  16. I love Jimmy Buffett. 😎

    My FU was in Florida. It didn’t make me a better fundy, living down there made me a Parrothead.

    I was at the beach more than the Administration would like to know (or did know — Those sunburns were hard to cover… BELIEVE ME)

        1. Cheerleading lasted exactly 2 years when I was there. It didn’t make a comeback after that. They tried to get it together again after I graduated, and I was actually asked to come back and coach, but happily and graciously declined. I was leaving the IFB movement and was distancing myself from TBC (this was long before Gray was arrested and all the suits and stuff — The 1997 thing was so miniscule and covered and done over a holiday that I had no idea that it happened — I didn’t know anything about anything until Gray was arrestsed and that rocked everything I believed in. That was the final fundy straw, and I never darkened a fundy door after that… and never will again.

          And, I don’t advertise that I went to that school. The leaders that I trusted betrayed all of us and nothing was done about it and it STILL makes me angry…. and always will.

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