24 thoughts on “Reader Submitted Photo: A Story in Signs”

  1. The old church must be more spiritual – they have an extra Bible study and prayer meeting.

  2. This sign reminds me what we have up here in Canada. In 1925 the Methodists, Congregationalists, and Presbyterians joined together to form the United Church of Canada. There were many Presbyterians who resisted this and separated keeping the Presbyterian name. So all over the place you’ll see ‘Soggy Bottom Presbyterian Church” and RIGHT across the road you’ll have ‘Soggy Bottom United Church’.
    It’s actually funny to see two church’s side by side with the same basic name but with two separate signs. (and sometimes even the same graveyard)

  3. Could the new one just be a church plant of the “old” one several miles away? If it’s in the South, one could be a “white” church, and the other a “black” church.

  4. How about this newfound gem. “Welfare Baptist Church.” I actually saw this church sign and took a picture. It is in Anderson, SC.

  5. I guess you can’t make a “joyful noise” at the New Mount Calvary. Maybe that’s the reason for the split.

  6. I think this would even be more hilarious if the pastor’s name at Old Calvary was I.M.A. Putter.

  7. This is definately a church split as evidenced by the missing arrow on the left sign. D. L. Driver’s faction is a little on the vandalistic side!

  8. I wonder why???? Music? Deacon board/pastor? Movies? Carpet color? Instruments? Need to replace church sign? Calvinism? KJV only? Not enough soul-winning Saturdays? Women’s britches? Not enough topical preaching?

  9. The reason for the church split is so obvious! The new church doesn’t believe in using “Reverend” as the title for the man behind the pulpit.

  10. Obviously they split because Old Mt. Calvary was making too much joyful noise, and D. L. Driver is more in the “sobriety and shamefacedness” camp.

  11. I find it disappointing that one of them isn’t claiming to be offering grace. passive-agressively implying the other one obviously isn’t and pretending to take the high ground. 🙂

  12. @RobM: Yeah or saying a chuch that loves such in such a city and is offering the city of so and so new hope.

  13. No, no, no, you all have it wrong.
    “Old” Mt Calvary is for those over the age of 40.
    “New” Mt. Calvary is for the youngin’s under 40.

    On your 40th birthday you have to pack up and move down the rod to “Old” Mt. Calvary… of course you hve to leave your spouse and children behind, but that’s the way they holy-roll in fundyland.

  14. Among Black churches in many places the South (painting with broad strokes here), it’s a tradition that in a church split, the larger group in the split retains the church name with the appleation “Greater.”

    As in when Mt. Zion Baptist Church splits, the smaller group keeps the original name and the larger group is now “Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church.”

    Well, in one town in Florida, the larger group took the name “Greater Corinthian Baptist Church,” and the smaller group took the name “Greatest Corinthian Baptist Church.”

  15. I’m waiting for the Newer Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, and the Newest Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, followed by the Reformed Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, and then Mt. Calvary Baptist Temple, then Mt. Calvary Baptist Assembly, and finally just Mt. Calvary Community Church. Each church will have 5 members.

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