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  1. That’s some good preaching on your vaca! You on some kind of whirlwind preaching marathon post Honorary Doctorate? I dare any preacher in the land to keep up w/ @Darrell’s fiery rhetoric, and ability to misuse Dueteronomy or Numbers! 🙂

  2. I like the guy who alternates between “AMEN!” and “Yup!” and “Uh huh!” If you’re going to talk in church, it’s nice to have a variety of things to say. I also enjoyed how everybody got so excited when he was talking about preachers “preaching until their veins pop out.” That’s a nice picture. Sheesh.

  3. LOL I read the title as Adjective Noun (preachers who cheerlead), not Verb Noun (preachers who are cheered on by their congregations).

    SFL: preachers who “preach” but don’t actually say anything.

  4. ah yes. congregational tourettes.

    my faves:
    “come on, preacher!” – the preacher has just hit on this guy’s most hated sin, and he would like the preacher to stay on that topic.
    “oh me!” – this is a penetential acknowledgement that the congregant has, in fact, struggled with the sin being preached on.
    “that’ll preach!” – no idea what this means.

    and my all-time favorite:

    five-second pause, followed by sole “amen!”, followed by many “amen!”‘s – this happens when the preacher says something really fundy, like “i tell you what, if i see one more woman in britches, i’m fittin’ ta stone that jez’bel ta death!”. everybody wants to “amen”, but nobody is quite sure if it’s ok, until the pious fat guy in the back bravely bellows his approval.

  5. Let’s see… smoking, drinking, soul winning, bus ministry, sex, KJV onlyism, proof texting, lack of exegetical method, disregard of context, baptism by immersion, Baptist elitism… looks like he hit everything. Wait… no Rock and Roll! Liberal!

  6. The height and design of the pulpit look Presbyterian or Methodist. That should definitely be changed in a fundy church. Also, what’s with the construction worker vest?

  7. Eric: Also, what’s with the construction worker vest?

    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. A red vest and a black turtleneck? He’s obviously young. When he matures, he will wear a suit and tie. And a white shirt.

  8. Good old fashioned preachin’. Fundy style. Tony Hutson is really gettin his genes around. Amen?

  9. @Jordan P: I think it’s more that fundies don’t feel the need to acoustically treat a room. That or run sound properly. Doesn’t help when you use an old gymnasium for your main meeting place (as what it so seems to me!)

    @Daniel. I beat you. Could only take 1 minute before the amens made me flinch. 😛 Ok I’m kidding. I listened until 2 minutes then wanted to scream. Or maybe stab my ear drums.

    “There’s a difference between rippin’ and lovin’. You can do it together and that’s the way God wants it.”
    Am I the only one to whom that didn’t make sense?

    And someone…whistled?

  10. I didn’t ever listen to the “sermon”. (didn’t want to wake or offend my kids) let me guess. hell, fire, brimstone, and jeans.

  11. Thats a nice vest. Anyone like the movie Back to the Future? Hey kid. Whacha do? Jump ship.

  12. @ Daniel and Nathan : I think beat both of you as soon as he stareted talking about praising like a trumpet. I looked and saw that the video was ten minuets. The ni just came to the comments section. No way I’m going to spend ten minuets listening to that.

  13. This preacher boy is preachin’ about preachin’

    “Wimmen! be silent! we get to say the Amens!”

    God save us from HAC preacher boys.

  14. With the pulpit and the crazy, non-fundy attire, I thought that was James for a minute.

  15. (9:00) “Jesus and the Bible–they’re the same, and if you can’t change Jesus…you can’t change the bible, so you need to have the King James Bible.” Proof: John 1:1

    So the KJB has been since the beginning, is God and has never changed???

    (9:20) “America needs preachers. Guys who will actually get up, rip, snort–do what they have to do to get preachin’.”

    What are they snortin’? Haha!

  16. “Darrell there’s a part two…. and three ” – Ooohh nooo. and you listened to all of that? You brave soul.

  17. Which prophet is he reading from/ I want to say Isaiah, Ezekiel, and maybe Jeremiah .
    Ugh that vest. I usually like vests with suit paint that orange on black is just awful.
    Hey kid stop quoting/citing Whitfield to justify ranting

    How does America always make it a sermon? OK matbe sometimes but all the time?

    Did he just say soulwinning is going and getting someone top trust Jesus on the spot? Ever hear of plating and watering?

    I wish those Amen people would be quiet! Every other word is just excessive

    This kid preached for thirty minuets? !

  18. Curiosity got the best of me and I did some searching. I believe this is Gospel Light Baptist Church in Utica, NY. I thought for sure this was somewhere below the Mason-Dixon Line, but is actually far north of it. I don’t think they have a website, but from what I read they bought an old church building which explains the pulpit and poor acoustics.

  19. I read the title like Amanda did and was waiting for the guy to pull out pom-poms

  20. I’m disappointed that this guy wasn’t more of what he was preaching about. I would have liked to have seen him rip off that vest and throw it. Or wave it like a matador.

  21. @Reader Mo

    “my faves:
    “come on, preacher!” – the preacher has just hit on this guy’s most hated sin, and he would like the preacher to stay on that topic.
    “oh me!” – this is a penetential acknowledgement that the congregant has, in fact, struggled with the sin being preached on.
    “that’ll preach!” – no idea what this means.”

    Another I’ve heard, but have yet to figure out what it means is “shake that bush.” Which, coincidentally enough, got a mention in the post on Hand Raising (http://www.stufffundieslike.com/2008/12/hand-raising/) Good stuff

  22. I’m sure Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield would be thrilled to find out they are being touted as examples of loud, rip-snorting preaching! One word for this harangue: PUKE!

  23. About as exhorting as a laxative – at least that does something for you but this?

    Surgeon General’s Warning: A steady diet of this kind of “preaching” leads to irreversible brain damage.

  24. “I think it was Jonathan Edwards or George Whitfield, I’m not sure which…” Um, this is the internet age: google it moron!
    For someone who was “preaching” about rip-snortin’, fire ‘n brimstone, red-in-the-face preachin’, this guy sure was nervous, stilted, and mechanical. Seemed like he was just reading his “sermon.” The congregation was far more riled up and excited than he was. He was kind of cute though; a different hairstyle would do wonders for him…

  25. For a nanosecond I thought the church looked like a mainline church, with the pulpit and the non-fundy attire. I guess they’re not too worried about avoiding the appearance of evil. Then again, an acute observer would realize that only fundy men have haircuts that make them look like they walked out of a 1950s photo in a Reminisce magazine.

  26. Preaching like this will hasten the acceptance of the Teleprompter in the pulpit…. better choreographed preachertainment is what his country needs…

  27. Soulwinner must use the KJV!

    So, if my friend who got saved in the Marines from a buddy who gave him a Message Bible is going to hell, then we all must be doomed.

  28. Insisting a soul-winner must use a particular version to me is an affront to the power of God. My mind is still reeling as I try to process how so much preaching I heard growing up was NOT TRUE in so many areas.

  29. Part 2.

    “When’s the last time you were up at 5am?”

    “When’s the last time you went to bed when you were tired?”

    “The Bible says if you don’t take out the garbage when you’re supposed too…”

    This is rich.

  30. I really, really do not feel at all bad about not regularly going to church.

  31. Interesting when he defines soul winning. You have to save the person “on the spot.” Nothing else counts as soul winning and apparently witnessing is out of the question. Then he quotes one verse as proof that Jesus was a soul winner. Well yea he came to save “souls,” but I don’t think his method was as rigid as your suppose, but then if you actually used more than a handful of verses from your Bible you’d know that.

    Of course the final absurdity was at the very end when he finally got into the KJV only side of things. No proof, just a verse about incorruptible seed and somehow we are supposed to know that the KJV represents that “incorruptible seed” to the exclusion of all others. That works if you are in a church with people who already agree with you, but it won’t cut the mustard outside those church walls.

  32. I would imagine that this is a preacher-boy preaching his first sermon home on summer-vacation. Trying to impress the folks…

  33. Much to my shame, I preached a sermon like this once. There weren’t as many amens (my apm were about 1 or 2, compared to the 20 in this video. APM = amens per minute), but I also don’t live in the US of A. And I knew what would get amens, and I knew what sins people hated. I even added in a few I knew they didn’t (software and dvd piracy), because I was the man of God that evening….

    I hate every sermon that came out of my mouth in the 7 years I was in the IFB church. I probably did some good ones when I first gave a short sermon, because I actually studied and read my Bible for those. Later ones were me trying to imitate Greg Locke or some other preacher I liked at the time, so I “took a verse and took a fit”, which I think is the terminology.

    Thank God for His great mercy, longsuffering and forgiveness. And also for I thank him for my wife who was “stubborn” (lol, my pastor at the time said I didn’t have her in line, or something like that) enough not to give in to my stupid IFB demands, but love me until I saw the truth (and not leave me!)

  34. I’m fairly certain I went to college with this guy. If not, he’s got a twin brother out there somewhere, bright vest and all. 🙂

  35. Follow-up: Nope, the guy I’m thinking of is not named “Robert Lundy” (I just checked.) So he must have a doppelganger in the GSBC circles.

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