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  1. You can spot the fundie ladies in our small, rural town a mile away (with good eyesight) by their fabulous fashion sense. Their diverse and attractive fashion taste is demonstrated by their nearly universal choice of jean skirts and tennis shoes.

  2. I’ll never understand how those families can procreate so much when their women look & act like that.

  3. Years ago, my wife made an observation about how some of the fundy women dressed. She thought it to be quite hypocritical for a women to be in a dress but put on a blouse or sweater that would be so tight from being “blessed beyond all measure”. But as you know if the lady is in a dress, she’s fundy-approved.

  4. “Lots, Loose, and Long” was the way that girls were told to dress in my fundy high school. (Right before the list of 500,000 rules on what they could or could not wear.

    @Richard – I think that the worst thing is the potential hypocrisy. Girls in skirts or cullottes playing sports and falling down is not anywhere near modest, but apparently it is preferable for some reason that is beyond me.

  5. Although my wife and I were being diligent in keeping an eye out, my mother-in-law still managed to sneak a pair of cullottes into our daughter’s closet. Our daughter discovered them and they are now her favorite article of clothing! I’m waiting for her interest in them to wain, and then I’m going to make them disappear. On a related note our daughter also informed my wife that she likes the music of wmuu (we live in Greenville) more than daddy’s music. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that it appears that my daughter’s rebellion is being manifest in a desire to be a fundy.

  6. @Josh: tell me about it! Not only can I spot a fundy woman a mile away, I can sometimes even tell where she goes to church (mind you I spent my fundy years nowhere near where I am now, so that’s quite an accomplishment)! Men are a tougher call, but I can sometimes spot a fundy man, too. What is it with the striped polos and khakis or jeans (the same style of jeans, for that matter)?

  7. Quick to quote Proverbs, slow to quote Song of Solomon. It is ironic that Fundyland views them as opposites. My perception is that these books complement each other. Proverbs showing a healthy life, Song of Solomon a healthy love. I’m very glad my wife and children left Fundyland with me.

  8. @Amanda: Yikes, I’m dressing like a fundy and didn’t even know it! That’s pretty much my everyday attire for work and church, though if you catch me doing yard work in the summer, the shorts might give away my lack of true fundy-ness.

    So, on a related note, I can see why Darrell doesn’t talk so much about fundy men’s fashion: it can be rather hard to pin down.

  9. @Josh it’s hard to explain but there’s a certain look to it. Whether it’s a certain polo/pants combination or what (particular style? haircut? overall demeanor?), I don’t know, but there’s a distinctly fundy way of wearing them. All that to say that I might not peg you as a fundy if I saw you.

  10. When I joined the military I got put on the prayer list of my parents’ church because I was wearing pants and therefore out of the ‘will of God’.

  11. Tsk, tsk. So anti-Mormon, and yet they just don’t realizr how much they resemble each other.

  12. @MLR: LOVE IT! you could blown up or horribly disfigured, but the main concern was the pants 😀

    fundies are GREAT!!!

  13. Yes we must dress modestly so that men will not be overcome by their base urges and be tempted to look at us. This kind of thinking reduces women to being mere sex objects, excuse me, “help meets”.

  14. @Camille: I never did understand the pantyhose thing. You have no idea how glad I was when my alma mater decided to drop the pantyhose/sock rule middle of my freshman year!

  15. @Camille HAHAHAHAHA! You’d think if Pantyhose are good, that some kind of chastity belt would be better! 🙂

  16. I recall one fundy pastor saying that it was important that women dress like women so you could distinguish between who was a man and who was a woman.

    I guess we don’t want any embarassing mistakes to occur.

  17. Wow what a subject and edifying to the Lord, why don’t you worry more about getting prayer back in our schools, and stopping abortion! helping the orphans, and widows, instead of wasting your time putting down what other people where or believe that does not concern you. So you don’t dress the way they are convicted to wear, you don’t answer for them just yourself! Surly you have better things and battles to fight then worrying about fundamentalists and their standards there are bigger fish to fry!

    1. *browses old post with new message, sees this*


      Seriously? 😯

      Fundamentalists don’t give a rat’s behind about helping widows and orphans. (Trust me, I know from experience.) I’m not all that sure they give a real rip about being truly pro-life, for that matter. They prefer to spend their time bashing other women who don’t treat the denim jumper as a sacred garment, so why not go hop their case for a while? The way they go about it is worse than any humor we can get out of the issue.

  18. why don’t you worry more about getting prayer back in our schools, and stopping abortion! helping the orphans, and widows, instead of wasting your time putting down what other people where or believe that does not concern you.


  19. Now I’m more worried about getting grammar back in our schools.

    Whether it’s a certain polo/pants combination or what (particular style? haircut? overall demeanor?), I don’t know, but there’s a distinctly fundy way of wearing them.

    I’d say it has a lot to do with overall demeanor. Fundies never really look comfortable in anything they’re wearing, and I say this as a former sweatpants-wearing, sock-rolling, t-shirt tucking fundy kid. (None of these things was my parents fault, by the way–I was a dork.) I’m just glad I was raised in the South, so I always kept the bills of my baseball caps curved instead of flat.

  20. Classic!!! I had to wear a skirt over my snow pants so no one would have any doubt what sex I was. Most people probably had more doubts about my parents mental stability then what my gender was.

  21. For longest time I could not even bear to consider wearing gauchos because they resembled culottes so closely. Scarred for life! I finally caved in when I became pregnant because the gauchos were so comfortable.

  22. @Laura: I still can’t wear gauchos and I don’t know if I will ever be able to.

    @Jordan: yeah, it’s probably the demeanor, though I think all the other little things contribute to the overall effect.

  23. Oh yes, when I and my friends get together to talk about the Bible (each one of us bringing a massive KJV along), I always wear a knee length skirt, tie back my hair, have no food or drink as we converse, and sit bolt upright. It’s the only way to be comfortable.

  24. Lucinda, if what you are pointing out is valid, then surely you have better things to do than to patrol the Sutff Fundies Like website, rebuking people who laugh at the humor.

  25. I agree with Lucinda. We need to save those precious little unborn babies so that one day they too will know they joy of denim jumpers.

  26. @Lucinda: If what you believe in is so important, then why is there so much emphasis in fundie circles about maintaining the outward appearance? Shouldn’t you be focusing on more important things than women’s clothing? That, my dear, is one of the reasons SFL satarizes fundies.

  27. In Toledo, we have a thrift store, The Saving Station, where all the women wear ankle-length denim skirts. They’re all from the same church. They work at this place. They home-school their children. Everytime I walk in there, I feel like I’ve entered Gothardland. Scary.

  28. Since I’m much taller (and wider) than my wife, I consider it a blessing that my T-shirts double as a night gown for my wife. She saves a fortune on her nighttime wardrobe.

  29. What I was reading in the book link posted was far scarier than the picture on the front.

  30. In the Summer, I remember feeling so naked under those dresses, because I didn’t wear pantyhose, but just wore socks and tennis shoes or just sandals. There’s NOTHING on your legs.

  31. Hey, I know those ladies. Interestingly enough, the one on the left was excommunicated for re-marrying (even though her husband was the one who initially walked out).

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