40 thoughts on “Traveling Singing Groups: Crown College Style”

  1. “I’ll have a NEW BODY!!!”
    That’s soooo annoying. Excuse me whilst I go and put cotton balls in my bleeding ears. 🙂 Oh, I’m kiddin.

  2. This song gave me horrid flashbacks. I kept hearing the PCC Ensemble version of this with Chris Martin as the tenor. Ugh!

  3. Man, these guys act like their necks don’t work–when they turn their heads, their shoulders move, too, stiffly. Because, you know, moving your head with your neck is too close to looking like head-bopping, and that would be an appearance of evil.

  4. Great four-part harmony, but guys… if your heaven-bound, could you at least smile? So serious…maybe they were being graded on this performance.

  5. Tell me there’s an IFB Crown College and this isn’t the Christian Missionary Alliance Crown College in Minnesota!

  6. “(Note the .com domain name)”

    Good catch. Also note the “the” in the URL. Out of the dozens of college and university websites I’ve seen, I don’t recall any others have “the” in them.

  7. One of the last Christian college ministry teams I saw had added an interlude during which they introduced themselves mouseketeer or Miss-America-pageant style. “Hi! I’m Billy Jones from [hometown, homestate]; and I’m a [class year] studying [major]!” All done with a voice bubbling with a little too much enthusiasm.

      1. All the schools’ teams do that. I have heard groups from BJU, MBBC, NBBC, ABC, and PCC. They all did it.

    1. I kept wondering if they’re completely paralyzed except for their mouths and vocal chords.

      I’m not sure these guys would know what to do with a new body.

  8. Man. Okay, I’ve been there a few times and know some of their grads and…wow. Not what I was expecting. It’s been my experience they have a little more fun over there than that. Sure they weren’t just cardboard cutouts and a CD player?

  9. yeah…..It just isn’t the same with out Chris Martin…and as absurd and funny as it came out at PCC…It sounded better than this rendition.

  10. Dang, what did they do swallow a bag of lemons prior to singing? They look pained to be up there. A good dose of salts is what this group needs even the singing is a bit constipated… let it out boys just let it out… if you don’t, the back-up is going to hurt you bad!
    Man that version convinces me, that at least, there is a need for a new body…

  11. so i know two of these guys. and wow three piece suits, Crown sure has moved up in the world.

  12. I don’t know about bodies, but I can certainly understand why they would want a new life.

    It always cracks me up to hear college students sing about going to Heaven. I went to a church college, and I remember praying “Oh Lord, please don’t rapture us before I get the chance to experience marital relations.”

    1. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I too didn’t want Christ to return until I’d gotten married.

      God has truly blessed us in America that unlike past generations we don’t look to heaven with desperate longing because we already have abundant physical blessings right now – safety, good food, lovely homes with abundant entertainment, easy connections with loved ones around the globe via texting or skype. I can imagine singing with a whole lot more longing for heaven if I were faced with death or imprisonment for believing in Christ, or my children were at risk of being removed from my home and raised in a state school because I told them about Jesus. Our many blessings can become a detriment when they take our focus from the true meaning of life. I really DO want to be laying up treasure in heaven, not being distracted by this life.

  13. Hey, my old stomping grounds! I can’t comment on the quality of the singing, but they were all great dudes to hang out with.

  14. Epic… I’m an old crownie. My parents are fundies and I love them so I’m still at a fundie college, but at least a BJ I can get a decent Bible education.

    I HATED this song…

  15. Now, I’m so glad I didn’t make the final cut for my FU’s traveling singing group. I almost did though and at the time was SO disappointed that I didn’t.

    Whew… dodged that bullet.

    (Although a pic of my big-haired, fundy-clothed, goofy-smiling self was on the front of the brochure that the singing group gave out that year as well as a HUGE version on the fold-out for conferences)

    My mom still has a copy. Ugh.

  16. I don’t know… I think that piano is a little too contemporary.

    Is the guy on the left real?

  17. I used to work with the Mexican looking tenor guy at Burger King. He has more personality than this song leads you to believe. I think the rule is you have to temporarily lay aside any distinctive personality features you own when you participate in a singing group.

    1. I believe a certain someone here who had to sing at a certain fundy camp (nudges Tony Mel) can identify with this statement.

      But yeah, even in church so many people who i know can sing beautifully often just bury their noses into a hymnal and don’t return until the dirge is over.

  18. What gets me is the style of piano-playing: very fakely cheery and too involved. As a pianist, it annoys me and is the main reason I have never played piano in front of my mother-in-law (who is the wife of an IFB pastor and a music teacher, both BJU-grads). I think my style is too simple for her (though my husband assures me that she’d be happy to give me lessons 🙄 )

  19. I realize that not everyone likes gospel quartet/ensemble type music, but I really didn’t have a problem with this video. 🙂 Then again, my brain has forever been seared with the image of PCC ensembles. These guys seemed a little… tense… but at least they weren’t wearing plastic smiles or raising their hands at carefully timed intervals. At PCC, I always felt bad for the ensemble singers because they had no choice but to be fake like that, and quitting ensemble was… frowned upon by the administration. 👿

  20. Haha I remember this group! Oh and by the way good news the second guy from the left does have a new body! He lost like 100 pounds (no exaggeration). I wonder if this video encouraged him to convert his body to a temple instead of a mosque.

  21. Love it! Praise the LORD for MY college! Thanks for posting! From a 2006 graduate. God is SO GOOD!

  22. It is a bit too chirpy and bouncy, but actually this is rather enjoyable; reminds me of that old classic “Turn Your Radio On.” 🙂
    Now I’m seeing these guys singing “I’ll Have A New Body” as an ad for a gym. 😀

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