23 thoughts on “Combining Patriotism and Jesus”

  1. In the words of my english lit professor, “Sometimes a rose is just a goddamn rose.”

    Maybe there’s really no significance — just makes it look pretty. *Shrugs.* :/

  2. But of course you know that America (really 1950’s America) is God’s chosen nation and 17th century english is God’s chosen language. I believe the 14 stars stands for the #14 car of Tony Stewart.

  3. That’s easy. 7 is the number of perfection. We are one nation under God (7) and under Jesus (another 7), 7 plus 7 equals 14. We are not under the Holy Spirit because everyone knows that fundys don’t worship the Holy Spirit only the charismatics do that. The holy Trinity of a devout fundy is God the Father, God the Son, and the KJV. This flag pulls all of that together. America, God’s chosen nation, the number 14 to represent the perfection of God plus Jesus, and a verse that shows the preeminence of the the Bible. This is full of win for any fundy.

  4. Looks like a teen is trying to get “ministry points” for their fundy youth group. Look at the roof and shutter condition. It kind of matches the decor of the house. Sing “Won’t you be my neighbor?” (Mr Rogers for you youngsters)

  5. I’m not nearly as sensitive as all that, Morgan. I dish it out plenty on this site, I can take it too. 🙂

  6. What would fundies do if they found out the early church wasn’t full of democracy loving capitalists?!

  7. But JimE! Those fancy new Larmco windows don’t seem to fit the Mr. Rogers theme! 🙂

    From a political perspective, could the 14 Stars possibly stand for 14 Republican states at one time in U.S. history? I don’t know when however…but it’s a chance!

  8. I was thinking it could’ve been for the number of southern states in (as many down here in SC refer to it) the War of Northern Agression (11) plus Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri (border states) for a total of 14!
    More than likely, though, it just means that the last time the country was great was when we had just fourteen states, which was back in 1791, when Vermont was made a state (sorry for all of the historical data, took too many history classes in school).

  9. *NEW* from the makers of “Tracts for Calvinists”; “Tracts for Communists” because the only way to see Missions in China flourish is to make them Americans first!

  10. Isn’t this a separation of church and state issue? I’m thinking someone will get annoyed over the sign (like the next door neighbor) and this will end up going to court, etc. I remember the “old days” when I used to drive around with my magnetic scripture signs on the back of my car and a few people would give me a one-fingered salute. Of course back then, I couldn’t wait until testimony time to tell the congregation of my “persecution”.

  11. @Stephen, that’s because while everyone knows what the 50 stars stand for, no one really knows what the strips stand for these days.

  12. Obviously, the 6 stripes represent the wounds Jesus received on the cross – 2 in the feet, 2 in the hands, 1 in the side, and 1 collective wound on the head from the crown of thorns.

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