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  1. At about 1:03 in the video Schaap states: “I don’t answer to a board. I don’t answer to a committee. I don’t answer to the deacons. I don’t answer to anybody except Jesus Christ.”

    This belief is a recipe for disaster. I’d hate to be in his shoes when he goes before God.

    1. Judging from the way his life has panned out, I have my doubts about being accountable to Jesus Christ

  2. It’s so cute when they mistake Western culture for gospel truth. Does he really think that Moses or Abraham ever ranted and raved about women wearing pants?

  3. I remember being shocked the first time I found out what Proverbs 22:28 was actually taking about. Actual, literal landmarks being moved. Not a set of standards passed on down generations. Who says Fundamentalists follow a literal hermaneutic?

  4. What saddens me about this is that there are thousands of good people who sit under this kind of verbal abuse and think it’s preaching.

  5. Is that “no britches” or “no b*tches?”

    sorry, its early!

  6. When one has been programmed with this junk all their lives it takes a supernatural intervention from a sovereign God to snap them out of it. Up until a couple of years ago I would have probably said, “Amen, Preach it…” Now I hang my head in shame that this fecal matter is what passes for Christianity. But for the grace of God I would still be smack in the middle of the same type of religion.
    Once out of the Bunker and fresh air hits your lungs and real light illumens your eyes and truth fills your soul… you look back and like the story of Plato’s cave you want to run back in and tell everyone it is all shadows and false images… and they turn on you and despise you for your worldly liberalism. “Foolish Galatians” and pharisaic Vipers if you are not in camp with them… you are either a liberal heretic, a back-slidden worldly Christian (as opposed to being a supersaint in their bunker) or you are a devil.
    What a stench, a putrid, foul oder we must raise to heaven as we wallow in our ignorance and pride. (aside: Ignorance is a good thing, in fact in the IFB/IFBX movement one’s godliness is in direct proportion to one’s ignorance…)

    1. Very, very well stated, Don. The video has been removed but I am sure it was disgusting and twitch inducing.

      1. I remember that video. Jack was all about keeping women in their place and the whole Doctrine of Women’s Dress there in Hammond. *blech!* But the rest of the rant is still how I feel. I believe there are sincere believers in IFB churches who are blind to the error, idolatry of KJVO, and bondage to legalistic extra-biblical standards. The traditions of religion keep them blinded. That is why it takes a God’s grace to open blinded eyes and melt stone cold hearts. I know because I was once one of them, and my reality was watching the shadows on the wall just like they do.

  7. Meanwhile…those who are actually born-again in churches such as FBC Hammond never mature out of the “milk” phase of the faith because of the absolute theological bankruptcy that exists in these pulpits. Rather than systematic exposition of the Scripture (which actually feeds the flock and keeps them from real theological error), churches such as this set out to protect their “movement”, the “I’m a much more devout Christian than you because I…” movement.

    “Shepherds” such as this ought to be afraid of facing Christ on that day.

  8. I’m glad to see good ol’ Brother Jack is still the same as when I first met him in 1995. I was tempted not to wash my right hand after he shook it (you known, being Jack Hyles son-in-law) but I soon had to because Peter Ruckman came to my church and I most certainly didn’t want to give him any Hyles cooties.

  9. Yeah, I was thinking this was ugly but not too unusual until the last five seconds, when all that ranting came to a head with the “ancient landmarks” thing. That non sequitur turned my brain inside out.

  10. I had no idea Ozzy Osbourne had shaved his hair and become a preacher.

    Anybody else notice the guy sitting behind him in the dark suit at :54 – :55? The look on his face of abject terror his priceless.

  11. I think these guys would have women in burkhas if they could. It’s just a way of keeping women in their place.

    Ignorance breeds ignorance. Jack Schaap is a prime example. I listen to the IFB sermons at from a local church for entertainment value. The preacher is really – to put it kindly – not the sharpest tool in the shed. His flock must not be either, to put up with his rambling nonsense.

  12. Chris,
    The sad part is in isolation chambers like this they are not getting the sincere milk of the word, so there is nothing for them to mature on. The are being filled with the ear candy of their bunker’s falvor du jour.

  13. The big older fellow with white hair and glasses behind Jack was in my pastors wedding 30+ years ago.

  14. @J Leslie

    Wow that is the worst thing I think I have ever heard. Unbelievable. Make such a wild and bigoted assertion and then pretend to hide behind scripture. It is sickening.

  15. about the link J. Leslie posted:

    That is just so highly offensive. However, being a woman, I almost had to laugh. . .I think I could easily correct him on a lot of his warped and twisted Theology. 😉

  16. No offense to the women who visit here, but the worst part about J. Leslie’s link is that midway through he says he won’t allow men to correct him on his “theology” either. So, if you aren’t teachable by man or by woman doesn’t that disqualify you for the position of a pastor? Nope, in the IFB movement they take people that are this arrogant and put them in charge of everything.

  17. Why are IFB’ers so obsessed with women wearing pants? Is it because they have a problem with controlling their lust? There have got to be some psychological issues here at work.

  18. Come on, Morgan – that’s easy; pants create crotches. Crotches naturally draw the eye. That’s why men prefer trees, what with all of those crotches. Women wear pants, create crotches, and cause men to sin. Reminds of The Onion article about the Catholic Church forgiving all of those nubile young boys for tempting priests; perhaps the same thing should happen here regarding brazen temptresses and their lust-inducing, crotch-creating britches.

  19. This is a perfect example of preaching opinion and not bible. I grew up as an evangelists’ son, our family traveled for eight years and sang in hundreds of churches, all of which were BBF churches. i don’t know how many times I had to sit there and listen to this bullvine scatography!!!! These confused preachers better wake up, is it hour job to preach on salvation and what lies ahead without it, or do we continue to rant and rave about women wearing pants, or a man wearing his sideburns to long! It is absolutely rediculous.

  20. Alison said that was the same message he preached at her HS graduation in 1990. Looks like he has it memorized pretty well. LOL.

  21. @JimE- You hit the nail on the head about why I distrust IBCs. There is no accountability, consequently plenty of opportunity for corruption and abuse. Yeah, yeah, I know, the pastor is “accountable” to the congregation who called him but IME an abusive or biblically ignorant pastor is almost never taken to task. Any time anyone, male or female, dares to say a word the rest of the congregation will come screaming down on them telling them not to abuse the “Lord’s anointed”. Which is why I’ve seen preachers in pulpits for 20 years in the same church. No one had the nerve to suggest that they be voted out.

  22. I know that this is an old post (it was the “random post” at the top of the page), but reading these comments reminds me of a sermon I heard from a visiting preacher during chapel my freshman year at my IFB college. He used that one verse, pulled completely out of context, to say how CCM, Christian Rock, new music, women wearing pants, etc., was bad for the cause of Christ and that you would fail as a soul-winner if you gave into them. The really sad thing was, this man was Mexican, pastored a church in Mexico, and did not speak any English. His son, who was a student at the time, had to translate the whole sermon for him! He preached for 2 days on the same verse. Later in the semester, I was reading for my Bible class and came across that verse. I was really upset when I found what that verse was really saying! I have to say, he was part of the reason I decided to take a break from FundyU that next year.
    (Ironically, the second semester after I went back, I had is son, the one that translated, for my Elementary Spanish class.)

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