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Christian Womanhood

We’ve given a fair amount of time to the insanity of Jack Schaap, “pastor” of First Baptist Church, Hammond, Indiana. Today, however, we’re giving some equal time to the machinations of his wife Cindy who serves as editor for the publication “Christian Womanhood.”

The March 2010 edition shown above, for example, contains the following:

– A winner to the “Why My Pastor Is The Best” contest (the winner writes a thrilling story about how her three year old knows that the pastor loves her).

– A recommendation from Mrs. Schaap that families give the father a standing ovation when he comes home from work. (One can only assume that if mom comes home from work the correct action is to hand her one of Mrs. Schaap’s books on being a stay-at-home mom)

– A worshipful letter from Jack Schaap’s daughter praising her dad to the skies.

– Instructions to careful with His Name, His Money, His Children, and His Home. No the “His” doesn’t refer to God, silly. It refers to the Man Of The House.

– Even MORE love for Jack Schaap being the most awesomest preacher ever ever ever.

And so on for 27 pages.

I would say “enjoy” but I’m pretty sure you won’t.