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There’s a general rule when it comes to fundy church websites: if the URL of the church website is the name of the pastor, run away!

This week’s pick jamesknox.com(also the home of THE BIBLE Baptist Church of DeLand, Florida) certainly fits the bill. Here you’ll find prominent displays of Bro. Knox’s self-proclaimed “classic sermons”, thoughts (on Tiger Woods: “Why anyone is surprised that a man who curses the name of Jesus Christ over a poorly hit golf ball would be unfaithful to his wife is a mystery to me.”), commentary, and radio broadcasts as well as the ubiquitous Bible school. As for that last please note that the school does not have “Banquets, dances, festivals and other thinly disguised observances of pagan holidays.” and “nothing in place to promote romance among our students.” So there. Bro. Knox evidently keeps busy.

Be sure to check out the pictures from the 2009 Bible conference which includes one shot of the preacher kissing (sniffing?, licking?) his Bible, some great examples of sign-holding evangelism, and more collared shirts than you can shake a stick at.

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  1. Two thoughts: 1) Someone needs to learn to white balance their camera. And 2) In the Bible makeout photo, check out the kid behind him in the choir. He seems to have the same opinion of the proceedings that I do.

  2. I’d bet that if one were crazy enough to go around to all of the fundy babtist websites and count the “Top 500/1,000/etc.” web “awards,” they’d come up with more than 500/1,000/etc.

    Just a guess.

  3. From the school page. Things they DON’T have:
    -Courses in Greek and Hebrew. We thank God for men expert in these languages who have translated, and preserved and defended God’s word for us. Now that we have a perfect English Bible, we devote our energy to the study thereof.”

    Good gosh, they think this kind of perspective will last 50 years? 100? 200? Do they know nothing of linguistic history? Do they really think language will stop evolving on their whim? How ethnocentric is this?

  4. I liked the tri-level witnessing with signs at the Daytona races, with the caption stating that “race fans can’t say they have never heard The Gospel!”

    Forget person to person conversations about Jesus when you can thrust signs in people’s faces Fred Phelp’s Style!

  5. Curiously, in one of his prophecy sermons he actually says that the Pope is NOT the Antichrist. Unusual, even heterodox for a fundy. I think this guy is in danger of being separated from.

  6. I think Jordan is right. Did you see those teenagers! For shame! How dare they wear untucked-name-brand polo shirts!

    “If you have been regularly attending our conference for the past several years, please consider yourself as having an open invitation; otherwise, please limit your participation to enjoying the photos and audio files on this web site. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

    Wow…how welcoming. I guess you could call this heterodox as Jordan said. Although there building is quite full I must say…

  7. @Jordan: I’ve heard some fundies opine the the Pope will not be the beast but rather the false prophet who helps deceive the nations.

    1. FYI James Knox is no longer welcome by many of what some would consider the “leaders” in Fundystan. While I don’t attend his church, God has used his preaching to help me break the hold of many IFB preferences (taught as doctrine), question my beliefs, and help me to have a real relationship with Christ rather than perform for a pastor. The signs used while street preaching are somewhat over the top, but his preaching is bible based, relevent, and down to earth. He’s not afraid to call out man worship when he see’s it either, hence the black balling.
      I know this thread is old, but the man is worth defending.

  8. I really like the photo of the woman holding up the scripture sign wearing black gloves with the lush, green Floridian backdrop. I wonder how cold it was. Maybe 65 or 60? Brrrr! Ah yes, enduring the hardness.

  9. This is where I attend church. We are pretty much like you, except we’re a bit more open-minded and tolerant of others. Keep trying, though.

  10. Whoa…I’ve been to conferences like this before.

    I always referred to them as “preacha-PREACHA shows”. Basically, each preacher gets up, and tries to “out preach” the last, for hours and HOURS.

    In fact, I’ve actually met some of the preachers in these photos (one of them used to be my Pastor). Many of them are genuine enough; unfortunately, as is true in ANY religious community, it is often difficult to interpret and communicate the true will of a truly “out of the box” God when operating within a box.

  11. @Corey – Have you really? If you knew anything at all about the BBC Bible Conference, you’d know that the preachers are limited to 40 minutes each and adhere very closely to that. Your ignorance and intolerance is showing.

  12. I see we have fundies commenting on this!

    “We’re a bit more open-minded and tolerant of others.”
    “Your ignorance and intolerance is showing.”

    Bashing people who don’t like them/their church or dare to say anything against it by accusing them of being close-minded, ignorant, and intolerant. How close-minded, ignorant, and intolerant of them!

    Anyway, what struck me about the site is that it seems to be more of shrine to the pastor. The church itself seems kind of secondary. I only hope that it isn’t like that at the church itself.

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