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  1. Yes, Gene Howard’s presentation is very red, white and blue. This guy used to come to my church as himself when I was a kid. Back then he sold “Genie” Boards, which is basically the same thing as a white marker board nowadays. He sold books that taught you how to draw pictures his way to illustrate Sunday School lessons. Back then, he threw in John Wayne imitations for free.

  2. Personally, I like John Wayne and most of his movies, but I don’t get some fundies’ fascination with him. My home church had a John Wayne imitation contest once during the annual rouund-up Sunday. The contest wasn’t nearly as fun for me as a kid than rustlers holding up the church bus and then getting rescued by the pastor or black powder shooting.
    Fundies are mostly responsible for the myth that Wayne never kissed a girl in a movie. Well, I’ve got more than one movie in my DVD cabinet that proves that myth wrong.

  3. Wal Pilgrim, it’s strange that you should mention this. Our Fundie church in Texas was all about John Wayne. Every adult man seemed to work a John Wayne impression into every conversation. So weird. A Fundie connection? Who knew??

  4. The real John Wayne was a liberal Democrat, hated horses, loved modern art, said he had to remind himself to say “ain’t,” and died a Roman Catholic. I often wonder if some of the people who idolize him now know all or any of that.

    1. Ha! I’ve talked to semi fundy board members before who love the duke, acknowledge most or all that (I’m not up on my wayne trivia). Anyway this one just acks an undefined reason to love/enjoy the duke. I think most fans enjoy the idealized fantasy version of the american spirit, mixed with a good dose of their own youths and you have the acceptance in spite of all dissuasive reasons.

    2. I shouldn’t be that surprised, but it’s sad when one’s bubble gets popped. 🙁 😕
      One case where the image will probably outlive the truth of the man.

  5. John Wayne’s Tribute to America,

    (movie you can find it on Netflix or http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=7425083)

    and his Album, “America, Why I Love Her” are patriotic staples.


    I used this recitation as a prelude to a presentation in 9th grade. It still chokes me up. I knew then that I would one day serve in the Armed Forces upon giving that presentation in Class. I have the Album and I would listen and get all choked up… and when I listen now I still get that familiar lump in my throat.

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