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  1. I wanted to dress up as a Fundy evangelist for Halloween, but I can’t get my hair to pouf up enough.

  2. It really cracks me up that fundies still believe that is what the devil and his demons look like…. haha

  3. “The practice of bobbing for apples at a Halloween party comes form our Pagan ancestors, who highly valued apple magick.” (RavenWolf, Silver. Teen Witch, p. 42)

    Apple Magick, brought to you by Silver RavenWolf. Really? According to the repository of all human knowledge, Wikipedia, this is actually Jenine E. Trayer, a neo-pagan. You have to wonder about taking seriously anything said by someone who prefers to go by a WoW nickname over a real name.

    How much you want to bet that these same people are cool with “Fall/Harvest Festivals” or all-night sit-ins at their church with their kids dressed up as Bible characters? Because, you know, even if it’s a pagan holiday you’ve got to celebrate it somehow, since it’s a holiday and all.

  4. lol, I wonder, have you done anything yet with D&D and fundies? I grew up taught that it was of the devil, just like Halloween, but when I went to Bible College of all places I found a surprising number of Christians, Fundamental Christians who played. I was really conflicted at the time, and I still have never actually played it.

  5. I have the problems with Halloween too, so I have to be careful here. I do not like Halloween at all. I think it’s an excuse for people to do whatever they want, be as gross as they want, and get away with it. I’m not going to protest what they do or anything, but it makes me ill.

    From the Devil? Probably at some point in history (maybe not all of the aspects talked about on the website), but whatever one thinks about it, I think we can all agree that there isn’t much good that comes out of the holiday.

  6. You know Melody, if you move the ‘n’ in Santa three places to the right you have satan! That one always cracks me up. What will they think of next ?????
    A good post would be the crazy reasoning of fundies.

  7. Well, if you completely ignore things like context you *could* twist Zechariah 2:6 (KJV) to say the Bible talks about Santa: “Ho, ho, come forth, and flee from the land of the north.”

  8. @Dan Your arguments, though, are based on what you see people doing right now. If folks in your part of the world use Halloween as a time for debauchery then sure, it may not be something in which you wish to participate. In other places it’s just a time to put on a costume and score free candy. Context is very important here.

    However, rather than using a simple, cogent argument like you just made, some fundies instead build these elaborate cases based on associations from hundreds or thousands of years ago using overblown hyperbole. That’s just plain silly.

  9. Why are fundys always looking for an angle??

    At the bottom of that site…

    The frightful night of Halloween can be a fruitful night for Bible believing churches! Parents are looking for a safe alternative to Halloween. Have a real “Fall Harvest”! Advertise it; build it up; put some time and prayer into it! Encourage kids to dress up as “Bible characters.” Have games and goodies for the kids. And here?s the harvest part: Provide some tables and refreshments for the parents. Have some covert “soul winners” quietly mingle among the parents to converse and tell them of the wonderful Lord Jesus!

    I love the “covert” suggestion. Looks like this guy only wants to TRICK people into saying a prayer.

  10. Do they really think that people who don’t already go to the IFB church in question will actually show up with children in tow to the “Fall Harvest”?

  11. Sandra you said “You know Melody, if you move the ‘n’ in Santa three places to the right you have satan! That one always cracks me up. What will they think of next ?????”

    That is a perfect use of “biblical” numerology. 3 is the number of the trinity, here by having 3 spaces between satan and santa(same creature) you have the evil one taking a holy number, and twisting it for his own evil demonic soul destroying purposes. He (santa) is using the holiest of numbers in the most sly and evil of ways to destroy what is good. blah blah blah if I had the time to waste i would work the 3 or 7 or some other into halloween to show something else.

  12. I think we should discourage bobbing for apples simply because sticking your head into a pail of lukewarm water a bunch of kids have already drooled/snotted into is a great way to catch swine flu and die. Let’s be practical.

    Unless, of course, that’s Satan’s sneaky way of getting us …


    IT’S THE DEVIL!!!!111!!!

  13. Happy All Saints Day! haha
    See. Old Christian holiday (holy day) now corrupted into being thought of as something terrible.

  14. Hurrah for the “appearance of evil” in the very first paragraph!

    Stuff fundies like: genetic fallacy. Virtually every argument against halloween that I’ve heard falls back on an argument about its origins–and the same for rock music, “new age” Bible translations, and this, that, and the other. All of which I find odd, since Christians, of all people, should realize that origins aren’t what matters, but redemption.

  15. i like their page on christian rock…they have a stryper pic. Really? Stryper…when did they write this? 1991…that was like 3 years before the internet

  16. Hey, look! It’s Skeletor! I wonder if Hordak is on their page pretending to be something Halloweeny or Satanic–I’m afraid to look though. I might be scarred for life.

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