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jeffreymardisHave you ever wondered what the relationship was between the King James Bible and Aliens? Look no further than jeffreymardis.com, the “the domain of Sword-In-Hand Publishing, the King James-Only, end-times discernment publishing ministry of Christian author and self-publisher Jeffrey W. Mardis; and the online home of the Discernment Clearinghouse, a book and DVD resource center for Bible-believing Christains(sic).”

It appears that there ARE aliens in the Bible. The Bible DOES depict space travel. (I have a suspicion this is an attempt to witness by talking about angels and demons as ET beings but I’m not willing to shell out $8.95 to find out.)

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  1. Mark – that was a common theme taught in the church circle that I grew up in…basically the rapture was going to be portrayed as a mass alien invasion.

  2. Loren,

    I never heard that before LaHaye, but I’ve heard it a lot since from fundy friends. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention before.

  3. You know a book isn’t exactly a bestseller if it doesn’t even show up on WorldCat! (Yeah, I checked.)

    Ironically my parents were always against me reading or watching ANY books and movies depicting aliens, on the lines that they would “sow seeds of doubt.” (Gotta love how doubt is both forbidden and encouraged in fundamentalism!) Even C. S. Lewis’ space trilogy (!) was suspect. Somehow though books featuring kids with magic rings, talking animals, mythical creatures, witches, and Greek gods and goddesses were perfectly ok…

  4. The idea of UFO’s as demons is not unique to La Haye. Both Gary North, Unholy Spirits ( free here http://www.garynorth.com/freebooks/sidefrm2.htm) and Gary Bates, Alien Intrusion, advance the same idea.

    I read the pericope of the first chapter; I am not at all impressed. It merely avers that scientists have been spending a lot of time and money in a fruitless quest to discover ET life. Thank you, taxpayers!

    The site is a dud. This selection does not seem to be in the same league as the other choices. It is not quite as strident.

    The flashing neon is annoying, and its is the best thing about the site.

  5. I think I may have to enter the free book contest on this one!! 🙂

    And here’s a super great site through several links on there! I know we could all use this!…

    Yeah. Found some wacko stuff on there. Not to get totally off topic or anything. Haha

    And going off of what Amanda said. I still don’t get to this day, why some things were Ok, yet somethings not. Such as Harry Potter is sinful, vs. LOTR being all super and fun. Dontcha just love that contradiction

  6. LOTR was written by a faithful Catholic. JRR Tolkien was a Catholic convert and good friend of CS Lewis. Don’t tell that to the fundies.

    LOTR has been my favorite book for over 30 years. Whenever I re-read it I am so impressed by the story and the quality of the writing. Tolkien was a genius.

    Sorry for getting off topic!

  7. “multiple award-winning ad designer”… this guy has to be kidding, right? Awarded with that kind of web design? Eeek!

    Question: Why do fundamentalists think they are the only “Bible-Believing Christians” – as though they have a trademark on the term?

    I’m Catholic, and I believe the Bible. I just don’t interpret it the way they do.

  8. I totally just noticed the “Click Here and Win Contest” GIF…man. If that doesn’t give you a seizure, then I don’t know WHAT will!? So I totally agree on that one Lisa.

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