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  1. Funny!

    I suspect that fundy churches read the Word of God aloud together just to make sure that everyone is in possession of a King James Bible.

  2. Lisa, that actually is the case. In Bible college I heard a pastor preach that pastors should have the congregation read the Bible out loud together, in order to ensure that everyone uses the KJV. Nothing like using peer pressure and fear of man to force your congregation to follow suit! (In my non-fundy church, we have our unison reading printed in the bulletin, as the pastors and elders have no desire to force a single translation on everyone.)

  3. I went to a fundy church once because I was curious, and I had to stifle my laughter at the congregation’s attempts to pronounce archaic, unfamiliar words in the KJB.

    I have to say that the people were very nice and friendly to me… probably because I was the first visitor they had in years. 🙂

    In small fundy churches (less than 25 people), visitors really stick out. Especially if they are women wearing pants!

  4. I agree Amanda, that was too funny. If you boil down what they believe it would sound exactly like that creed.

  5. Lisa – I imagine you did stand out. And they were friendly because they knew you were a sinner destined for hell. Had to be if you were wearing pants. LOL.

  6. I agree with big sis on the Creed. Haha! And the Sermon Hymn was ALL too familiar. (yes i’m stuck in an IFB church…) But I lost it when I read that part.
    The Uncomfortable Words in the Holy Altar Call. Too funny!
    And in actuality, provided the fact that I’m still stuck in an IFB church, I can vouch for that most of this is actually true…kinda sad really. I shall surely laugh this Sunday!

  7. “I suspect that fundy churches read the Word of God aloud together just to make sure that everyone is in possession of a King James Bible.”

    Imagine one person out of a church of 50 reading from his ESV while everyone else read the KJV. Yup, I’m not afraid to be awkward at all. 🙂

  8. That was glorious! The Creed! I about had to change my britches (Baptist for “pants”) after reading that! (Sorry to be commenting on old posts- I’ve just recently been introduced to this site by my help-meat. We’re both recovering fundies and both converts to Orthodoxy (Eastern, not Presbyterian) so we’ve been laughing ourselves silly at these old posts.) I once wrote “The Order of the Sacrament of Holy Potluck”. I’ll have to dig that up and give it a read.

  9. Reader Mo, good to know there are other former fundies, now Orthodox out there…I’m currently in a catechism class. so thankful for God’s leading in my life!

  10. Sarah, That’s awesome! If you ever have any questions feel free to drop me an email. It’s readermoses at ymail dot com. It might get forwarded to my wife, er, help-meet, cause she’s really articulate and wise, whereas I still struggle with the fundy impulse to present the truth by yelling 😀

  11. Even “anti-liturgy” people have liturgies! Who’da thunk or thought it?

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