FWOTW: johnnythebaptist.org

johnny Johnny the Baptist is a self-proclaimed “serminator” and “Born Again Devils Fighter.”

His pitch for his services as revivalist extraordinaire is made thus:

Why have fire cracker revivals when you can have Dynamite! How are you going to have a Hot Revival using Preachers that are as cold as a cast iron commode and you wonder why people don’t want to sit through fives nites. Call Bro Johnny

Be sure to check out his book “Revival Sermons That Will Fire You Up or Get You Fired” and his theme song.

(Warning, turn down your speakers when you click for they will be overtaken by a very strange voice intro).

15 thoughts on “FWOTW: johnnythebaptist.org”

  1. ACK! Forgot to turn the speaker off! People like this self-promoting nutcase really give me the creeps.

  2. A few thoughts:

    1. I find it ironic that his “Born Again Devil Fighters School” (http://johnnythebaptist.com/BADFSchool.html) has on its sign “To God’s Frozen Chosen.” At least in my neck of the woods, the term “frozen chosen” refers to Presbyterians. Somehow I doubt that is a group that “Johnny the Baptist” would love to be associated with (or vice versa).

    2. Another irony: on the main page, he states that one of the site’s purposes is “To expose those who are fleecing the flock and misrepresenting my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” A mere two paragraphs down he goes on to say, “I thank my friends who have kept this ministry alive through their prayers and sacrificial gifts.” Interesting…

    3. Don’t get me started on the whole idea that revivals are the work of people, not the Holy Spirit (though God does use men and women to accomplish that)! Granted this idea is not unique to IFBs – after all, Finney was hardly a Baptist – but all the same, it’s definitely a predominant assumption among most (but thankfully not all) IFBs. Last I checked, it is God who saves (Ephesians 2:4-10, Romans 9:16, John 6:44).

    4. Serminator? Really? And IFBs accuse evangelicals of being gimmicky and appealing to the world (in this case, movies) to “win souls!”

  3. Just the sheer man/self-worship of it all is ridiculous. He has that intro about himself, he’s named himself the “Sermonator”, he has a theme song and poem about himself, and he basically claims that “revival” can’t come unless he’s doing the preaching. Sheesh! Where is Christ? Is He lifted up?!

    And Amanda, regarding your #3… I listened to the sermon he has linked on the home page and he says “Truth changes nothing. Truth changes not one thing. It’s what YOU do with the truth.” Then he goes on to say, “There’s something here tonight more powerful than the Holy Ghost… listen to me, there’s something in this congregation that’s more powerful than the Holy Ghost! And that is the power of choice!” Ok, so we are more powerful than the Spirit?

    1. Isn’t is surprising that is a resurrection of a 5th century heresy that johnnythebaptist.org is proclaiming?

    2. Oh, that just makes me sick. Our choice, our feeble little will is more powerful than the Holy Ghost?! How blasphemous. 😯 Even more evidence that the IFB doesn’t truly believe in a trinity – would any of them every say our will is more important than Jesus or God the Father? But it’s ok to say that about the Holy Spirit… 🙄

  4. I would hate to know that the health of a church depended on a man with witty quotes and slogans to bring his version of revival. When a man makes the statements about himself, it is obvious he does not carry the same authority as the Apostle Paul or Timothy. I feel in my Spirit that this man is not to be revered as someone who has spiritual authority to “bring revival” to my church; rather, it seems he would conforming Christ’s people into his image, as he reveres himself as a fireball preacher.

  5. This IS a joke, right? The whole site looks like a satire, especially the “How to know If you are an Independent, Fundamental, Baptist” link. It’s freakin’ hilarious!

  6. I hope its satire. But I wouldn’t doubt its real.

    To ditto the other comments…wow is this guy stuck on himself. Did you hear in his song where he has some little kids or girls singing background saying “my hero” about Johnny the Baptist preacher? wow *shaking head*

  7. 2/3 the way down his home page is a annimated link showing Johnny running away from all those “evil” Bible versions to the KJB. You have to click on that and listen to the Fundy cover for “Johnny B Goode” re written as “Go, Go, Johnny the Baptist.” I bout wet my pants laughing at that one.

    On the “Born Again Devil Fighters of Yesterday and today” Audio page it say: (and I quote)


    What an innuendo! Artifical INSERMONATION?? (I better not finish my thought about that here)

  8. His theme song cracks me up! I did download this thing and played it like ten time in a row one evening! I wonder if he plans on making it into a music video anytime soon?

  9. I think I used to get email updates from him, but I SWEAR, I have no idea when or how I signed up for them. Really.

  10. Wow, this man is one of those self-parodying fundies! I wonder if it will ever occur to him that people being entertained by this circus performance he calls preaching isn’t actually “revival”. 🙄

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