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  1. Oh my word! “Don’t check out what I say w/ Scripture”. . hmm. . sounds more like a cult.

  2. “You’ve never heard me teach the Bible.”

    Your not going to change the world with me.”

    “This is not a sermon it’s a declaration”


    1. I’m pretty sure nobody has ever heard Jack Schaap teach the Bible.
      Instead, what comes out every time he opens his mouth is what you hear in this clip: Schaap going on about how great Schaap is, and how everyone should obey Schaap unquestioningly.

  3. I went to Hyles Anderson for a brief time. None of this surprises me. These people are cold hearted human beings. They do not care about the students, but what the students can do for them and their numbers. It has taken me years to get over what they did to me.

  4. Wow, this is so whacked.

    Schaap is going to take the student’s phones and break them if they are caught texting their pastors about what he is teaching?!

    Sounds like he has “had problems” with students questioning him to their pastors before. 🙄

    No questioning the mannogid allowed…no sireee.

    And adults are to fill out applications, and get his approval, to date?

    What a control freak! 👿

    This just screams CULT.

    I feel badly for those students who have been pressured by their parents to attend this indoctrination camp.

  5. I can only imagine the challenge technology has made for Schaap’s control issues! In my day, when he was just a dweeb being led around by Cindy Hyles, we did not have the Internet, laptops, cell phones, etc. Jack Hyles had a far easier time exercising control. Technology has made it imperative that an even more rabid mad man be at the helm. How delightful it will be when the Schaap skeletons are all out of the closet. That is when this current generation of brainwashed HAC zombies will get a chance at the light. 🙄

    1. I agree.

      Fundies, especially Fundy U’s, have lost their ability to control information. Sure they keep trying to batten down the hatches, but this battle has already been lost to technology.

      Now prospective students can google info about the school and pastor to find out what to really expect before they arrive. Students can walk into a McDonalds or Starbucks and post the crap they are being taught and unreasonable rules on facebook or a message board/forum…and they can do so anonymously.

      So to Schaap and others like him:
      Your dirty teaching and deeds will no longer be kept a secret.

      To Schaap:
      I look forward to the day when someone on your poor staff has the nads to record your swearing sessions and post it on youtube for the whole world to see.

      1. Oh, and Jack? You were a phony in the dorms, you were a phony on faculty, and the years have only layered corruption on you till you are gross with it. Think of this, too, Jackie: the kids coming to HAC now? Mental, many of them. Because having access to the truth, they come anyway. In many cases, it is in order to go where they can practice their perversions. The number of naive innocents nowadays is far, far exceeded by perverts and oddballs. 35 tears go, we came because we did not know. Now, they know. Hoard it up now, Jack. It won’t be long before it’s all gone. You are on that downhill slide.

  6. So, if you aren’t able to work out a compromise between your job and the “Christian service” they require you to do (compromise, in this case, means that you ditch your job and do what the church wants you to do), you don’t know God well enough? 🙄

    “Your not gonna change the world with me.” Someone has a very inflated view of himself.

    Dating only by application?? What is it about fundy colleges who think they know what is best for several hundred/thousand ADULT students, most of whom they don’t know personally and will likely never know personally? Even if I believed that the church or parents should be the matchmakers (and I don’t), that would be ridiculous! I really hope they rejected his recommendation!

  7. I am pretty sure it’s not a recommendation. When a fundy preacher makes up a new rule and declares it from the pulpit, it becomes added to their scripture, becomes law to be followed to a tee.

    1. Sims dear, why are you so shocked? This snippet of Jack is not nearly as bad as my previous cult leader.

  8. I guess maybe because it has been so long since I have heard it said out loud. Maybe because I now have kids the age I was when I was under that kind of oppression, and can’t imagine them being in that place. Not sure why it shocked me, but honestly, I can’t believe we ever fell for that crap and voluntarily agreed to be treated like that. I can’t believe the people hollering and cheering that they are being oppressed. Their JOBS were the things that paid their TUITION and that “OVERTIME” was the only thing that kept some of them from starving to death. But heaven forbid that they miss the golden words that fall from the m-o-g’s mouth. Even though they are all required to be in chapel and classes each day, but those Sunday night and Wednesday night services are SOOOO GOSH DARN IMPORTANT that they are going to get berated for missing them. And if someone were to take my son’s phone away from him and break it simply because he was using it to text so someone (possibly sane) about things he was being taught, I would have a holy hissy fit the likes of which they would NEVER hear the end of. And WHAT THE HEY? No dating first semester??? ANd only by application? This guy is certifiable.

  9. Sims dear, calm down, breath in….out..slowly…in through your nose…out your mouth. Feel better now? Okay, back to what we were talking about. 😀

    Back when we were there, every service was mandatory, was it different for the guys who had a job (they could miss service if they had to work?) And did young ladies past their freshmen year have an off campus job? I didn’t think us girls were allowed to work off campus, we weren’t even allowed off campus except on guided bus tours to the store (which I never got to go) My only venture out of that place was working at the High school. Oh but we were let loose unchaperoned and unguarded on Chicago streets now that makes a whole lot of sense. Jack is sick in this control freak video of his, but I’ll tell you the last IFB preacher I had is worse than Jack Hyles himself and he is a Hyle-Anderson graduate. I pulled up his churches web site, you can now listen to his sermons on the computer I guess during his sermon times. I guess none of what Jack spewed in this video doesn’t surprise me.

    1. When I was there the guys could miss stuff if they had to work. And yeah, the girls could NEVER leave campus. I know there was a bus to the mall occasionally (I think I only went once) and the first year there was a bus to the laundromat and then after that someone generously provided washers and driers so the girls didn’t need to even leave for that. It was so creepy when you think about it. Almost like we were willing hostages/slaves.

  10. When one has been programmed with this junk all their lives it takes a supernatural intervention from a sovereign God to snap them out of it. Up until a couple of years ago I would have probably said, “Amen, Preach it…” Now I hang my head in shame that this fecal matter is what passes for Christianity. But for the grace of God I would still be smack in the middle of the same type of religion.
    Once out of the Bunker and fresh air hits your lungs and real light illumens your eyes and truth fills your soul… you look back and like the story of Plato’s cave you want to run back in and tell everyone it is all shadows and false images… and they turn on you and despise you for your worldly liberalism. “Foolish Galatians” and pharisaic Vipers if you are not in camp with them… you are either a liberal heretic, a back-slidden worldly Christian (as opposed to being a supersaint in their bunker) or you are a devil.
    What a stench, a putrid, foul oder we must raise to heaven as we wallow in our ignorance and pride. (aside: Ignorance is a good thing, in fact in the IFB/IFBX movement one’s godliness is in direct proportion to one’s ignorance…)

  11. Whenever JS would have those type of chapels, he wouldn’t have it recorded. People weren’t supposed to videotape it, though someone always did undercover. I wonder why.

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