Church Basement Bible Colleges

diploma2Have you ever run into a pastor who’s Doctor of Divinity diploma on the wall bears the name of “Baptist Bible Temple School of Fundamentalist Theology and Textus Receptus Studies”? Have you wondered where and why such a school might have started? You’re not alone.

The idea that fundamentalists are “anti-intellectual” is a myth. Fundies are very concerned with education provided that it is the right education. Therefore which college a person picks is a matter of paramount importance to their life and career in fundamentalist circles.

Why travel all the way to foreign locations like Greenville, South Carolina when you can stay right at home and learn all the theology you need from your very own pastor who is himself a graduate of a very fine college in a very large basement. There’s no need to be troubled with lots of reading and differing opinions about things like eschatology. There’s only one opinion that’s the right one and that’s all you need to know.

The basement Bible college also has an important second use: it can grant diplomas to all its own church staff and other people who are the pastor’s friends. An honorary doctorate in soul-winning costs so little but it’s a great return on investment in terms of prestige.

6 thoughts on “Church Basement Bible Colleges”

  1. I would like to order one of those from the “Stufffundieslike” college, please.

    I need a “Bachelors of Christian Homemaking” with a minor in Flannelgraphology.

    Thank you.

  2. A young theologian named “Fiddle”
    Refused to accept his degree,
    He said, “It’s hard enough being ‘Fiddle’
    Without being ‘Fiddle D.D.’!”

  3. Hey, that’s a diploma from Evangelical Theological College, now Dallas Theological Seminary. Not very basement.

  4. Dallas in 1933 was about as basement as it gets.

    One of Evangelical Theological College’s first degrees in 1924 was an honorary doctorate to its own founder.

    If that ain’t basement, ain’t nothin’ basement.

  5. I would have all of you know from my understanding of law in the United States. That if an Honorary Doctorate degree is awarded to an individual from a University, I.E. Seminary. And that person receives full “legal” ordination from that University, I.E. Seminary. That that individual has the same rights and privileges as any Attorney, Psychologist, or Priest in a court of law. Meaning privacy to counsel. Thus cannot be made to answer questions in a court of law. Nor be held in contempt of court for refusing to do so. Please note the word “legal” means a legal act. And once an individual has performed this legal act it cannot be removed. And that record will stay with you for the rest of your life! So choosing where you receive full legal ordination really matters. Because you do not want to be affiliated with those who do not hold to the basic tenants of your faith. There are many ministries I.E. belief systems that provide full legal ordination. Including Atheists, Homosexuals, beliefs all religions are the same, and even some that profess Jesus Christ! Though a true Christian will know them by their fruit. I.E. The doctrine which they proclaim. Remember that not everyone who professes Jesus Christ is a true follower. As a Christian you should already be aware of this. If you have spent time in God’s Word. So basically a full legal ordination is what one should seek. With the addition of an Honorary Doctorate Degree from where you receive your full legal ordination. Knowing that it has special legal privileges. Now as far as the debate you will hear over the internet about it being unjust using the name of Doctor when one has not actually earned a Degree. Is just pure nonsense, and jealousy, and pride coming from both sides of the isle, if you get my meaning. Meaning those who have earned Doctorates and those who do not. It is my personnel belief there is nothing wrong in seeking an Honorary Doctorate degree, and using the name of Doctor if you have received full legal ordination. I said all of this so you all will realize that not every site on the web offers full legal ordination. And the difference is the special legal privileges given to someone who has full legal ordination. Now as someone who has studied state and federal transportation laws in the United States for over 22 years with 20 years of pro se legal counsel experience in courts of law in the United States. I definitely understand the immense legal authority which is granted from such a legal act. However you fully need to understand the facts before you agree to perform such an act. And know what you are getting into. It is a worthy endeavor for certain. But not if you go about it the wrong way, or for the wrong reasons. Know this if you are not the type of individual who has the ability to conduct themselves as a professional at all times, or command the respect of others in a formal setting such as a court of law, or a congregation. I would not seek any of these things mentioned in this post. Specifically because improper use of these privileges could have some very serious legal consequences. Not to mention that the Lord himself knows every man’s heart and see’s everything. Including our thoughts! So I would ask myself why would an individual seek these things. If it is to be used for His purposes and you have sought His council then by all means go for it! But if you have not. Then I would strongly discourage you from doing so. Sincerely, Jasper G. Bates

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