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Turning Victims into “Victims”

This video from Mike Ames, former BMOC at PCC, highlights one of the hallmarks of conservatism in general and fundamentalism in specific: the word “victim” is most frequently used as a slur. Mike has a hard time using the word “victim” when talking about being used, abused, and ultimately ostracized. I think he dislikes the term because we were taught that victims are just whiners. They are weak. They have an agenda that involves trying to profit from lies.

The fundamentalist stance towards victims is often thus: if they hurt you it’s because you let them. If you suffered it’s your fault. If you admit that you were emotionally and spiritually bludgeoned then you’re most likely just bitter.

Because nothing helps a person who has been hurt like victimizing them all over again with shame and guilt.

For more videos and discussion check out soulation.org

Blaming the Victim – BJU Style

In a way I’m hesitant to keep beating this drum for fear that this blog will turn into “stories about IFB rape vicims.” That’s not my intention for this site and there are already several other writers who are undertaking the task. However, in light of my post about “Destroying the Innocent,” I feel compelled to post this follow up to demonstrate that this kind of behavior is not an isolated incident but rather the result of a carefully constructed philosophy propagated by some of the bastions of fundamentalism.

Here, in sermon at Bob Jones University, Dr. Rand Hummel Demonstrates How To Blame The Victim and make her apologize to her rapist. Notice that nowhere in his story does he say that he contacted any law enforcement or even spoke to the gir’s parents. Even if he did, he doesn’t consider it important to making his main point that the real problem here is the girl’s attitude.

The real meat of the story begins about 2:30 in.

You can view or listen to the the full sermon here.

Blaming The Victim

Fundamentalists shine brightest when they are ministering to the pain of hurting people. For there is no greater moment than when a Christian with a heart full of love and compassion, gently leans over a wounded soul and informs them that everything that has happened to them is their own fault.

Indeed if that brazen hussy had not been wearing that provocative pair of jeans she would not have inspired men to lust and might not have been assaulted. (As a point of inquiry, if a man is sexually assaulted by another man can we also blame the victim’s provocative clothing or is that reserved only for women?) Every car crash, house fire, murder, or robbery that happens  outside the gates that protect the holy provides a perfect time to moralize about the sins that inspired the event.

Yes, victims of the world, what you all really need is light and salt — rubbed directly into your wounds. Think ye that these were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? Yup. Pretty much.