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Parody Albums

During my tenure at Pensacola Christian College there was a group of anonymous students who produced an album of parody songs about all things PCC. Now from the dusty archives of last decade I’d like to make these songs available to you:

1 – Intro
2 – Date Me
3 – Your Body is a No-No Land
4 – A Home for You
5 – Ode to Bob Jones
6 – We all Read from the KJV
7 – I Got 150 Demerits (‘Cause I Said Amen in Church)
8 – Dr. Mutsch Where Did You Go?
9 – I Don’t Like the NIV
10 – Chaperon’d Again
11 – The NASB Song
12 – Touch Not the Unclean Thing

For those of you who didn’t go to PCC much of the background here involves the video series that PCC released called “The Leaven in Fundamentalism” which in so many words accused Bob Jones University of being a liberal tool of Satan for teaching that modern Bible versions are actually not that bad.

Ballard South (BS) is a wing of the oldest dorm on campus. The intro track also references Coberly (where I spent 3 years of my college career) which is the second oldest dorm.

150 demerits (enough to get you expelled) is the penalty for any kind of disruption of a public meeting, including saying “Amen” out loud during a church service.

Dr. Mutsch was a college VP who suddenly disappeared one day without any warning or explanation.

Touch Not the Unclean Thing was a book written by PCC graduate David Sorensen that became required reading all ministerial students.