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Witnessing Tactics

If you’ve never actually read the Sword of the Lord publication, here is your chance to get a slight taste for its style. Fundamentalist pastors are not particularly known for being stellar writers, so most of the columns consist of transcripts of (often highly edited) sermons. The result is the same kind of long-winded storytelling style of presentation full of rabbit trails and war stories like this one from Curtis Hutson…

If at first you don’t succeed…keep badgering them and making the decision process involve less and less effort until they give in.

It’s worth noting on this July 8th edition of The Sword all three of the cover articles are by past or present SOTL editors John. R. Rice, Curtis Hutson, and Shelton Smith — two of whom have been dead for a decade or two. It’s a good indicator that their focus is firmly planted in the past.