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Tonight I’d like to preach to you on the topic “Sinful Sinners are Bound to Be Barbecued”, don’t you just love that?

There are so many sinners in this country, don’t you think that’s great? They’re growing and multiplying and waxing worse and worse, can you affirm that with me? Why it seems like every day they think of some new and creative way to sin, c’mon and say that you give your blessing to that right there.

We’ve got whores and whoremongers everywhere, let it be so!

We’ve got people smoking dope and sniffing dope and shooting dope and who knows what all else ways they’re taking it, let it be so!

We’ve got filth being peddled from every screen in your house twenty-four hours every day, let it be so!

Now I know what some of you are thinking, that preacher is fat, don’t you affirm it? And you think that gluttony is just as bad a sin as being a murderer, don’t you agree? But I’m here to tell you that I’ll answer to God for my sins someday but as your pastor I’ll answer to him for your sins too and I’m just unselfish enough to worry about you more than I do myself, now say that you’re glad that’s the way it is.

Amen: the word that doesn’t mean what you think it means.