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Introducing: A Beka Church

From the creative minds who brought you A Beka Book, A Beka Academy, and the Four Winds Carpet Color Scheme, now comes the new and exciting A Beka Church program that will spiritually enrich your family or small home gathering. A Beka Church is the perfect solution for a world full of doubt and indecision caused by years of liberal education and free thought. With so many apostate churches in the world, why take a chance on having to listen to differing points of view or hear non-inspired words being read from inferior Bible translations?

The A Beka Church concept makes being a strong Christian so easy. Each week you’ll receive a set of DVDs of songs, sermons, and proof texts crafted by master preachers from Pensacola Christian College and Pensacola Theological Seminary. Each sermon is painstakingly checked for accuracy and grammar usage by a team of spiritual giants headed by none other than the co-founder and campus spiritual leader Beka Horton. Your Christian life is all but guaranteed!

At a traditional church you could spent thousands of dollars in overhead costs to pay a pastor and maintain a building but with A Beka Church there’s only small monthly fee of 39.99 (+S&H) in addition to one-tenth of your income for the rest of your life. You can even use the same video equipment that your children already use for their school work!

Listen to these thrilling testimonials

Since leaving PCC, I just haven’t been able to find a church that gives the feelings of guilt and inadequacy that I crave. I’m so thankful that A Beka Church was there to put be back in my place.” ~ Danny in Ft. Worth, Texas.

I just haven’t been able to find any church who’s standards I completely agree with. No more having to spend time on Sunday morning with pants-wearing hussies! I love A Beka Church!” ~ Esther in Greenwood, Delaware.

A Beka Church is the greatest innovation in spiritual thought this world has seen since you-know-who.” ~ St. Paul

After receiving your membership questionnaire (please use black pen only), your bank draft authorization for automatic tithe withdrawal, and your notarized oath of allegiance, you’ll receive an A Beka Church starters kit containing:

– 1 Copy of The Leaven in Fundamentalism on Video Cassette
– 2 King James Award Bibles (18.99 value!)
– 1 Dr. Joel Mullenix replica hairpiece.
– An exclusive phone number to the pastor’s office which will be working once we actually get a pastor again.

A Beka Church: Get to Heaven From Your Living Room.