Daniel Webster is running for Speaker of the House and if that doesn’t terrify you it probably should. You see, Webster is a long-time Gothard man who has ties to the Christian Reconstruction movement. As Down with Tyranny blog reports:

Daniel Webster’s intimate, over three decade long involvement with evangelist Bill Gothard appears similar to a classic guru-disciple or mentor-pupil relationship and has included speaking multiple times at Gothard’s conferences, traveling with Gothard to Korea in 1996, using Bill Gothard’s material to homeschool his six children, making an instructional video for Gothard’s Institute For Basic Life Principles, and, when Webster became speaker of the Florida legislature in 1996, hiring four of Gothard’s IBLP employees as high-level Florida State House staffers.

I actually heard this man give a speech from the platform at PCC. At the time my young Republican heart was inspired by this upright and forthright man battling against the powers of Democrat darkness. That was a long, long time ago.

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