Being #1

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Finally, my alma mater has made it to #1.

No, it’s not top ranked for best graduate salaries…

It didn’t make first place for how well the staff and faculty are educated or compensated…

It certainly didn’t make it to the head of any list of sport achievements…

But they do have the very best…swimming pool.

So there’s that.


It’s never easy being a minority but being black and an Independent Baptist makes a person part of a kind of “super minority” that is fraught with strangeness.

Take the case here of the Titus family who were members of the Landmark Baptist Temple in the 90’s. (Don’t bother Googling it, it dissolved a few years after this story when the founding pastor died)

After attending Landmark for almost a decade, Bro. Titus received the call to preach and headed out to start his own church. Naturally, the folks at his home church decided to show him some appreciation for all his hard work and friendship over the years.

Of course you can’t show appreciation without a skit. And having few other minorities who could play the role of Bro. Titus, they apparently decided to do this…

“People are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” reads the sign. How ironic. How sadly true.

Thank You

To every one of you who gave, shared, sent words of encouragement, or just cheered on the entire crazy TWO DAYS it took to hit the goal and help us get a new family car: I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Today I’m feeling less anxiety than I have in a long time — not because there’s money in the bank but because I was reminded that there are friends who have my back in so many different ways.

I love you all.


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