Friday Challenge (On a Thursday): “Idea Day”

I will give them props for their attention to design. This new generation has learned a few things about presentation.

This past Tuesday a PCC grad hosted “Idea Day” at his church with the mission for pastors to brainstorm ideas for improving the Baptist churches they run. There are videos if you’re so inclined.

From the day’s notes (PDF) we can see such ideas as:

– Lottery ticket style “scratchers” for special day promotion

– During giving campaigns have staff and deacons give their giving commitments to Pastor and then make them public to inspire others to give

– Give $5 Starbucks cards to first-time guests to thank them for coming.

All of which are lovely ideas…and all of which miss the point about why people are fleeing these types of churches. So I thought that perhaps we should have our own Idea Day — not that any of the people from the first day will give it any heed.

So here’s the question: what would these pastors best serve their people by changing?

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