Undermining Morale


I’ve seen a lot of this type of post recently wherein a fundy (or fundy-lite) pastor bemoans that church just isn’t like it used to be because people just aren’t showing up, helping out, and showering him with compliments.

The real issue with these types of posts is that the underlying assumption for each accusation of shortcoming is “and you’re not doing enough because you suck” — which is a pretty disheartening place to start if you’re trying to motivate people.

Hershey famously said “give them quality; that’s the best advertising in the world.” And weirdly enough nobody has to be guilted into eating a Hershey’s bar or doing anything else they enjoy. Maybe instead of yelling for more participation it’s time to figure out why people just aren’t enjoying your church anymore.

How about this, fundy pastors…

Maybe if people aren’t following you consider that you’re leading them in the wrong direction?

Maybe if people aren’t volunteering it’s because the jobs you’ve got open are pointless and thankless?

Maybe if people aren’t excited about your outreach programs it’s because the programs are horrible, antiquated, and ineffective?

Maybe if people aren’t showing up at church it’s because you’ve created a place they’d rather not be?

And if they’re not complimenting your sermons? Well….I’ll leave that up to your imagination to figure out why.

Perhaps a few more pastors NEED to get discouraged. Encouraging them to continue the same failed system isn’t really helping.

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Buckle up, folks, we’ve got a live one today. Don Boys (Ph.D) is a fundamental Baptist preacher who was also elected to the Indiana House of Representatives, and was identified by the media as the ”most conservative member of the General Assembly.” And with good reason.

His articles include telling us why Jesus Wouldn’t Raise the Minimum Wage and a treatise on whether or not animals go to heaven.

He also runs websites muslimfact.com and TheGodHaters.com.

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