Fear of Punishment

I flinched and waited for the blow descending from above
for the Bible tells me so that punishment is love.
What I had done I was not sure, but sin is everywhere —
each step and breath deserve the lash; the paddle shows His care.
When ‘be ye perfect’ is the creed what hope have mortals here?
Can yokes be easy, burdens light when weighted down with fear?
I cowered there a minute more but only silence fell
so I trudged on a weary mile. Some grace feels much like hell.


First check out this article by Paul Chappell: Which Kind of Parent Are You?

Now take a quick peek for comparison at this article by Chip Ingram at Focus on the Family: Effective Child Discipline.

Permissive. Neglectful. Authoritarian. Authoritative….

Perhaps Chappell was loath to cite his source because the research was done by a sociologist and former Mormon missionary?

Would this kind of borrowing be enough to get a student expelled from West Coast Baptist College? I’ll leave it to you to decide.

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