A Thanksgiving

The day demanded Thankfulness
So counted I each blessing
Yet oft plagued with Forgetfulness
My short list was distressing

Then I remembered you, my friends
And thought of all you’ve done
Your kindly spirit never ends
To this unworthy one

So at this time that such requires
To friends who’s friendship never tires
As all your kindness I recall
I wish you joy. I love you all.


For years Jeri Massi has been cataloging the abusers and criminals who have plagued Baptist fundamentalism. She pulls no punches and takes no prisoners either on her blog on in her numerous books.

Her latest book, The Big Book of Bad Baptist Preachers: 100 Cases of Sex Abuse of Children and Exploitation of the Innocent, is a sort of rogues gallery of the worst of offenders from Ralph Lee Aaron to Franklin Wray.

Each entry is a couple pages long starting with a grid like this one:


It’s worth pointing out that Jeri not only keeps tabs on the legal sentence but also catalogs whether the accused was disciplined by his church and whether a public warning was put out to other churches about their crimes This chart is then followed by a narrative with background and details about their particular case.

I’d recommend that any Baptist church out there grab a copy of this and compare the names to the people who may be attending their conferences, running camps their kids attend, or (God forbid) teaching or preaching at their own church. If you’re an abuser, you can run across state lines to a new church but Jeri is trying hard to make sure that you won’t be able to hide the truth for long.

I did get a free copy of this book from Jeri for promotional purposes but the review is my own — so back off, FTC.

Bring Them In

In Sunday school many years ago, I heard the tales of the missionaries of olden days and my heart was awed by their bravery and their sacrifice. They suffered disease, famine, shipwreck, and death at very hands of the people they went to reach.

We were inspired. We were delighted. “Anywhere with Jesus,” we would sing, “I may safely go.”

Unless, of course, that place is Walmart in my hometown and I may see Syrian refugees there.

Here’s what confuses me to no end: when did American fundagelicals become so very timid in their faith that the prospect of importing an entire new mission field to evangelize in their own back yards is something to fear and dread? When did Bring them In turn to Please Keep them Out?

The Christian missionaries we revered went half a world away to reach these self-same souls. Perhaps the point all along was that these people were heroic in going out to save us the trouble of having the world come in instead.

Or darker yet, perhaps some people just aren’t considered to be worth saving.

Top 10 Reasons Donald Trump is the Perfect Fundamentalist Candidate

Donald Trump

10. He doesn’t like women very much.

9. Brown people bother him too.

8. He believes in suits so much he has his own line of them.

7. Wants to pay everybody the same way most fundies pay their staff.

6. He’s the undisputed king of the comb-over.

5. He loves to insult people.

4. …almost as much as he loves building new buildings to glorify himself.

3. And man, does he know how to pack a pew.

2. He’s also got a great TV outreach program. (And knows how to fudge the numbers on it.)

1. He’s a rich and powerful white Republican. I mean…do you really need another reason?

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