GOH: He Owns the Cattle on a Thousand Hills

Did anybody else have 1 Corinthians 14:8 pop into their head about six measures into this?

On a side note, I’d bet a shiny nickle that the substitution of “God” for “He” in the title is an intentional effort to be anti-CCM.

For the uninitiated, one of the big complaints about contemporary songs is that they often use pronouns instead of names for God, leaving the object of the song ambiguous. As one person put it: “We could be just as easily be singing about Satan.”

And really, with all those drums and guitars and sliding tones it’s actually pretty likely that Satan is in the mix somewhere.

The Highest Priority

Ask any fundamentalist what the most important mission of the church should be and at least nine out of ten will tell you “winning the lost.” After all, in heaven’s eternal economy what could be more valuable than the saving of one soul which will live forever. Winning “souls” is the nominal focus of just about everything an IFB church does.

If you want to confuse a fundamentalist, however, you should then follow up with this question: “If souls are the most important thing, wouldn’t it be more effective to support any ministry that gives out the gospel regardless of whether they agree with you on things like standards, Bible versions, and politics rather than plant new churches and send out new missionaries as competition for them?”

About five seconds later you will learn that winning souls is actually NOT the highest priority. To a fundamental Baptist making people look like themselves will almost always outrank helping them look like Jesus.

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Congestive Coronary Heart Failure Signs Or Symptoms -- Shortness Of Breath Plus Much More

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