E-mails from Fundies: Depression Diagnosed

I have been humbled and touched by the outpouring of positive responses I have received from my recent post about my struggle with depression.

On the other hand, I also received this from “Brian.”

You’re depressed? I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. You mock God and you wonder why? Actually, I am sure there are some IFB churches as you describe and other denominations messed up in other ways, as NO ONE person is perfect and ALL churches are made up of those imperfect people. So? I hear people like you talking about the “angry fundies” and all I can do is scratch my head. I’ve been saved since December 1985, and I have served in 6 different churches, and, although I am sure there are SOME “angry people” in those churches, as there are in all groups of people in society, I have found ALL of those churches to be the exact opposite of what you describe. In fact, these churches have contained some of the happiest, joyful and most well-rounded people I have ever met. Check out my current church’s website. http://www.heritagebaptistnashua.com/ Look around it and see if you detect any unhappiness, anger or unacceptance of people from any walk of life. You won’t find it. Like all the churches I’ve been in, it is a place of grace and love. I am sorry you’ve had bad experiences, perhaps in “churches” like the Westboro Baptists, but My almost 30 years experience has demonstrated, across the board, the exact opposite of what this site represents. It’s seems perhaps YOU are the one with the narrow-minded view and cannot see past your bias? Just remember, God is not mocked,and you are mocking His people. BTW, I’m not angry. LOL

Thanks, Brian! You’ve helped me remember why I continue to do what I do.

Forward we go.

The Word

The entire message of Christianity — and what makes it distinct from other major world religions — is that its foundation is not merely the words of a book but the Word made flesh.

The Word who came from heaven to be just another screaming baby born into bad circumstances in a poor family.

The Word who laughed. The Word who wept.

The Word who was hungry and cold and felt pain.

The Word who touched people and was touched by them.

The Christian faith is personal with a divinity who is one with humanity. Emmanuel has calloused feet in dusty shoes.

Beware a Christian who prefers and promotes the impersonal Scripture over the image of a very human Savior. Without empathy, nothing else matters.

A silly blog dedicated to Independent Fundamental Baptists, their standards, their beliefs, and their craziness.

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