37 thoughts on “In the Beginning was the Word”

  1. BUSTED!!!!!
    Going to movies is almost an unpardonable sin. He and those 57 ‘likes’ have obviously seen the movie Rock of Ages. Tom Cruise’s monkey’s name was Hay-Man.
    I’m sure they are going to say it means something else, but we all know the truth.

  2. so what exactly are 56 people liking about this? If it is poking fun at the “Amen” of the baptist preacher–shouldn’t it be Haymen? I am lost.

  3. Maybe it’s an inside joke – the comments are “He says GRAAAACE!” and “Hep! Hep!” …

    1. Accepting any and all love gifts for my trip to Michigan…could use the $25K…give the car to Darrell…only 2 mega churches?? Roll Tide!

  4. As usual, the faithful hang on their mannogawd’s every word – even if it makes little sense.

  5. Sammy Allen is famous for saying Amen “HAYMAN”. With heavy aspiration on the H.
    One who is familiar with the original can see evidence of his influence in such imitators as T. Hutson et al.

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