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  1. “I can’t enjoy anything unless everybody is. If one guy is starving someplace, that puts a crimp in my evening”
    If one person is unsaved.. fun is prohibited, unless it’s of the pirate puppet variety

    1. Margarine was much more popular in the 50s, haymen? Old paths! Merica! None of that Frenchy butter for me!

  2. Notice how the hiker is fleeing Fundy trail. Perhaps because she wore jeans instead of sporty culottes for hiking.

  3. Fun’s forsworn with fundy forcefulness.
    Fun is filth in fundy fadness.
    Fun found failing foregone foundations
    Flies fitfully forth forever forsaken.

    Facades of folly flail fitfully
    Following fun’s fruitless finality.
    Fine the forsaking of flatulent ******
    For the fulfillment of faithful fruitfulness.

    Flatness follows fun’s futility
    Finding fun’s fatal finale.
    Forward fare faultless fellowship!
    Friendship feeds on feeling fanaticism!

      1. F U 2 !

        ( those letters can stand for “Fundy University” or “Fundy Underwear” or “Fundy Untermenschen” … use you imagination

  4. Notice the disembodied head, no hands, no feet. Surely that’s symbolic.

    1. The missing right arm is a mere flesh wound!

      Actually that is a picture Phil Kidd’s wife after she had to have her arm amputated after additional complications from the accident. But PRAISE GOD his hair, suit coat and Mont Blanc pen are exactly where they’re supposed to be.

  5. Come hike the fundy trail.
    It begins at the Romans road….do you know you are a sinner deserving Hell? Repent and say a prayer–confessing your sin and confessing Jesus as Lord.
    Appropriate hiking clothes will be made available shortly after you enter the hiking trail.
    On this trail you will see the beauty of God’s Creation–made in 6 days–but listen to the MoG trail guide or your eyes may wander and you could begin lusting over some of God’s creation…beware little eyes what you see….
    Along the way your trusty MoG trail guide will keep you from the dangerous cliffs of compromise–warning you of the dangers of inappropriate clothing, inappropriate work for women, homosexuality, socialism, holly wood and other evils. Make sure you follow closely to the MoG assigned to you, less you fall into progressiveness, liberalism, or any type of creative thinking.
    The beauty of this fundy trail is you don’t have to think for yourself and the deeper you go on the trail the harder it will be to get off the trail.

  6. Hey! I live in New Brunswick and I’ve been on the Fundy trail more than once. We have the Bay of Fundy, the whole Fundy region, the Fundy Royal riding. I guess it never struck me that SFL readers would get a kick out of it.

    Trivia time: Fundy comes from the French word “fendu” meaning split or divided. Is there any irony in fundies being known for splitting and dividing?

    1. Dear Joel Hoyt:

      The Almanites are coming for you. You didn’t mention Fundy National Park. For the uninitiated, Fundy Park is in Alma, N.B.

      Christian Socialist

      PS: Several aeons ago, I lived in NB and plan to return there in a week or so to visit friends and some family that settled there. I also knew several Hoyts, but they were Wesleyan, not Fundy.

      1. hey, I’m also in NB and I’ll buy you an adult beverage when you get here if you want to share Fundy trail memories .

  7. Did you know that the Bay of Fundy has something called a Tidal Bore? How appropriate is that!

  8. “And the sign said, ‘Long-haired freaky people need not apply’…”

    1. No facial hair or tattoos permitted either. I can’t go…. sob, sob….

  9. So the fellow in the picture is hiking along in the opposite direction of the arrow, and he’s carrying a staff, or maybe a “Witness Stick.” Is there another message here?

    1. I don’t think it’s a witness stick. I think it’s a polished shaft.

  10. Notice how the image of the hiker is marching in the opposite direction of the arrow. He’s truly separate, going against the evil world system.
    Fundy trail indeed.

  11. I live about an hour from this trail and the beauty of the area bears no similarity to the ugliness of the Fundy trail that I experienced in my life.

    1. Why a Fundy that’s true will all fun eschew,
      So the answer would be, “None!”

      Yeah, that’s painting with a broad brush.

  12. A fundy’s fun is like no other
    Going door-knocking with a brother
    Preaching on a major street
    Dining out–“all you can eat”
    Listening to Patch and friends
    The joy of fundies hath no end
    Scaring sinners out of hell
    Running down the sawdust trail
    Yelling, “Amen!” on a dime
    Never looking at the time
    Sporting 60 dollar suits
    Gala in jumpers… ain’t that cute?
    Giving tithes of all you own
    Faith promise, love offerings. bus ministry, building fund, pastor’s birthday, pastor’s anniversary, pastor’s car, pastor’s books, pastor’s home pastor’s health insurance, pastor’s life insurance, pastor’s phone
    And the list goes on and on
    Fundy life is, O! So fun
    If you’re the pastor or his son!

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