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The following invitation showed up in my e-mail this week.

30 day Boot Camp for men 18 and over who want training for the times we live in, plus the power of GOD in their ministry and life. To be held at SABC Camp Grounds in Conroe, Texas on FM 1485 and Brown Rd. All men teaching and preaching will be approved by Pastor Danny Farley.

1 Must be at least 18

2 Must have permission from your pastor to attended

3 Cost 400.00 dollars per person

4 Space is limited

Included was a link that led me to this page:

Which features this very, very scary application.

This all leads me to wonder, what exactly goes on at this “boot camp”? Why is the website so completely devoid of any information? And why would anybody in their right mind attend it?

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  1. Here’s a question for all you internet tough guys. would you be willing to stand up and fight for what you believe in? It’s really simple to sit and hide behind a screen dogging on the church, but can you lay all the typing aside and stand up for your words? Probably not that’s why you hide inside the internet chat rooms. even useless coward muslims will fight for themselves and against anyone they deem unfit for their islamic beliefs. Therefore you are all worse off than the scum that comes out of the middle east.

    1. So, Mr. Ivey–some of us on this site have lost family and friends due to leaving a Fundamental church. Others continue to try to exist in a Fundamental church, with all the inherent conflict in their homes and friendships, wondering when they should act or speak on their true beliefs. So, yes, I would say most people on this site have stood up for their beliefs and suffered for it.

      In my case, I was fortunate enough to leave my Fundamental church before it had too big an affect on me. The reason I left was because of the negative interactions my family had with these people when I invited them to a service, or when they did “visitation” in my home. They were not presented with giving their life to Jesus-it was all about cards, pants on women, drinking, etc. I can’t find any verse in the Bible that says you need to give those up before coming to faith, and they certainly aren’t listed as part of the Christian “lifestyle.” (Don’t worry, I know all those verses and arguments).

      As to my personal beliefs, I am passionate about Jesus-15 years as a missionary, and still a “missionary” to the Spanish congregation in my church. I am fairly conservative in lifestyle, but not because I adopted a set of beliefs dictated from a line of preachers, however sincere they may be. It’s because of careful study of Scripture, the people I minister to, and tendencies in my family that are not healthy in terms of lifestyle. However, my convictions may not apply to everyone else in the areas where Scripture is not specific, and I do not force my lifestyle other believers.

      Read the posts, and you will feel the agony of people who have suffered under an oppressive religious (not Jesus-following) lifestyle. I think much of the shame of Fundamentalism is exhibited in these posts, and I pray that you can see all that is not right in your part of the world.

    2. “Useless coward Muslims” Wow. There is Christian love personified. You sir are the reason decent thinking people despise Fundies. By the way, what on earth do you mean by “the church” That is a vague statement. The Body of Christ? That’s how the Bible uses that word. Somehow I doubt you even think about what you say. Typical Fundy speak. “It means what I say it means because reasons.” I see plenty of scum coming out of the West. You know that verse in the Bible? The one about beams and motes? Try it on for size, buddy. I will, and do, stand openly against Fundamentalism. I don’t just throw useless nasty words and meaningless phrases around, either. I know that once I was one of those judgmental people who did not examine myself, who saw anyone who disagreed with me as wrong. Many of us here at SFL know you because we were you. We are not going to be dogs going back to our vomit.

  2. You guy’s are so shallow. You need to come out to the Boot Camp and get a touch of God on yourself? Oh, I forgot, you probably are born again.

    If I had a website like this I would be worried about spammers, hackers, or hosting problems. I don’t think I should have warned you….

      1. Me, too. They are so effective, you know. Makes you want to quit everything and follow them and trust them!

        Heh. I have had it with such cultists.

    1. Oh, we know about guys like you. “In the last time there will be mockers, following after their own ungodly lusts.”

      Yes, you.

      The difference here is that we are pointing out where the so-called “faithful” aren’t, and that they are following their ungodly lusts while pretending to follow the Lord. It isn’t pretty. A lot of people have been hurt by these filthy dreamers. A lot of people have been corrupted by their false doctrine.

      So yes, we expect people like you. You aren’t anything new.

      Now, on the other hand, if you decide to have a modicum of respect, ask questions and find out who we are and why we take the positions we do (and we have a wide variety of opinions here!), you would be welcome. But as a person who has lowered his psyche to the level of a pest? We are human beings here.

      You chose.

  3. One more thing, passion never saved a persons soul, conviction is what will do it. You have to just let everything go and believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for you. Then you can open your heart and have a new life and stop this useless blog.

    1. Nearly all of us can tell you a very genuine “salvation” experience. Most of us still trust Jesus as our Savior.

      We do not trust the IFB. And we do not trust people who tell us just to let everything go, empty our minds and follow blindly the message some self-inflated “Man of God” tries to give us. That is a cult mentality.

      Paul never told people they should disregard everything to believe his message. Rather, he reasoned with them on the basis of what they already knew! In fact, that kind of thinking is NEVER taught in the Bible.

      It seems to me you don’t know your Bible very well. Time to do some more study!

      You see, your message is the kind of error we talk about here at SFL. You want to control how we think and what we know.

      So thank you for more material. Maybe you can be a featured example someday if you work hard enough at low-level thought and self-centered ministry.

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