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  1. Is that Tony Hutson in the pic? He’s always been borderline charismatic plus on his churches website/facebook page they have pics of boys in shorts, gals in britches.

    Better than those instant potatoes huh Tony…

      1. Catholics run more orderly services. They’d never put up with a Mass distraction.

        I’m here all week; try the veal; tip your waitress.

  2. This is always so strange to me! My branch of the IFB was very staid and sedate and non-Southern. Pastors often quoted “let everything be done decently and in order” to prove that this sort of behavior (attributed to Pentecostals) was unseemly.

    1. Same here. Any hint of a raised hand, ecstatic verbal expression, or other “charismatic” behavior resulted in that individual being shamed into silence and, if that didn’t work, shamed out of the church.

      What I noticed, however, is that there a small handful of people to whom this rule did not apply. We had this older gentleman, for instance, who would repeatedly and loudly groan “aaaaaaaaaaaaaamen” during “special music” and no one had a problem with that. If I had done something like that, they probably would have suddenly decided that they believed in mental illness after all!!

  3. ♫Hold the fart for I am coming …
    The the ckicken’s made me ill
    wave the air to disburse it,
    O Lord it’s going to kill♫

  4. I remember when I moved into my current area. My wife and I were only a few years out from Bob Jones University. We were looking for a church.

    In something of a pre-moving plan we had come to the area, looked at housing, and visited some church pastors, unable to actually be there for a weekend to attend church. We visited one and agreed to come for church when we moved into the area.

    The pastor we had talked to was gone. Evidently his two-year-long affair with a church secretary had been discovered, and they had run off together.

    The church did have a new pastor. And maybe as a reaction or overreaction to the recent events, the church was full of Amens and Hallelujahs as the pastor ranted, raved, jumped on the pews, hit people sitting close to the aisles, shouted in peoples’ faces and such. My wife and I were so awestruck by the scene that we didn’t have much to say. Oh, I think we whispered to each other that such goings on were inappropriate.

    Evidently someone heard the whispered comment. When we returned for the evening service (we were determined to be polite), the preacher said, “**SOME** people might think what we do around here to be inappropriate ….” and we knew we were not going to be welcome. Not that we wanted to be in that atmosphere. We had given them a chance. It was rather eye-opening.

    There was a spirit about the place, but it was not the Holy Spirit!

    1. There’s a sweet sweet spirit in this place—and I know that it’s the Spirit of the Lord. There’s a sweet expression on each face……

      Not so much?

        1. As a kid going to Baptist churches, I really liked this song. But for some reason we mostly didn’t sing it. Maybe it was considered too charismatic?

  5. Re: hovertext. I really never understood why “waiving the answer back to heaven” consisted of waiving one’s Bible. According to the song, the answer that is being waived is “by thy grace we will.” Not exactly a Biblical text, not to mention the fact that the answer is us speaking to God and not God speaking to us.

    But, when you believe the Bible is God, then I suppose it works, on some level. As my Greek professor liked to say when someone in class gave a particularly mangled translation: “It makes more sense than something that makes no sense.”

  6. Are there any younguns here with good eyes who can tell me what that silver symbol is on the black thing to the right of the xian flag? It looks like an EGA. Please say it ain’t so.

    1. Lady Semp, If you want to get picky, I’m pretty sure you’re younger than I am, but I’ve got my reading glasses on and I saw the same thing. It does look like an eagle, globe, and anchor.

  7. I think I know that guy! I think the thinner fellow is an old USMC (note the EGA in the top right corner of the photo) friend of mine, Randy Hackman. Can anybody confirm or deny?

    1. yes it is. we attended this church and left once our eyes were open to the hidden world and rules of ifb-s. they like to say they are independent but are so entrenched in the trieber/chappell stream, they are blind to the damage and sin it has brought in their midst.

  8. I guarantee in this photo they are singing “Hold the Fort.” He picked up from his days as assistant pastor at Lighthouse Baptist in San Diego where they’ve been doing this for some time.
    The whole reason behind it is the whole “bible believer” concept, wherein holding the fort in large part means holding to the bible. Specifically the KJB.
    So this has a lot more to do with Ruckmanism than pentecostals and tongues.

  9. It’s too often that raw emotionalism is mistaken for God’s Spirit. Also, that “revival” is pre-planned/scheduled versus happening at God’s (sovereign) will.

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